Pack with Me – Carry on Only (for one week of travel)

Pack with Me – Carry on Only  (for one week of travel)

hey guys it’s Kaitlyn and today I’m
doing a pack with me carry-on only Edition because all I do is take a
carry-on and a personal item for my trips so I want to show you guys how I
pack for that so stay tuned so this is my brain dump notebook and I use this to
plan what I’m taking in my personal item and my carry-on the first thing we’re
packing is bottoms so I fold these in small rectangles and you’ll see that as
a common theme for all of my clothes I packed shorts and leggings I’m going
to Missouri so it’s going to be pretty warm but I wanted to also have some
comfortable clothes and that’s why I’m taking the leggings as well for the cold
rainy days I’m bringing a couple pairs of jeans and in case I go out later in
the evening when it’s chilly outside so shorts I have four pairs leggings two
pairs and jeans two pairs stack those next I’m packing my tops and I packed I
think eight tops most of them are cropped because it will be in the 80s when I’m
in Missouri so I just wanted to have a lot of choices for when it’s nice and
warm outside I’m only going for five days but like I said I like to have a
lot choices because I’m pretty picky with my outfits and I like to change
them a lot I’m folding these in small rectangles and trying to make them all
the same size I like to fold them so all of the round
edges are on the same side and I can see each shirt individually next I’m packing
a couple long-sleeve shirts just for when it’s chilly out like I said we also
are going out so I wanted some nicer shirts and I have an interview so I
thought that one of these would be nice for the interview that I have online
this shirt is really gross I didn’t realize that it was stained so I didn’t
end up wearing this at all on my trip but it could just be a lounging shirt so
I have eight tees total and three long sleeves and like I said it’s a five-day
trip so that is plenty of shirts to choose from
next I’m packing a windbreaker because it is going to be rainy when I’m there
and I’m going to have another rain jacket as well but this is just in case
I want to look cute and it’s raining next I’m bringing a bathing suit because
we will be swimming and pajamas I only bring one pair of pajamas because
I really don’t need a lot or I just sleep with this basically every night next I have a bag for my underwear and
my socks then I have a bag of glossier makeup in the iconic glossier bag and
next is accessories I’m bringing this bandana and then a couple belts for
going out and then a couple hair ties as well and next I’m bringing a couple pair
of shoes that can get dirty and then here’s my airport outfit I’m folding it
up nice for the next day because I will be putting this on in the morning and I
just wanted to have it all ready so I have my nike pants I have my Nike
Jester’s and then I have a white long-sleeve tee it is going to be hot
when I get there but I just want to be prepared for the rainy cold weather in
Michigan when I leave and the cold plane as well so this is my airport outfit
next I’m packing my bag and once you have everything folded into rectangles
it’s pretty easy I did pack a lot as you saw way more than I needed for a
five-day trip but it all still fit really well in this carry-on size
suitcase I did measure the bag to make sure it was carry-on size for Delta and
it worked out really well it was the perfect dimensions so I could pack a
little better and a little more smart but this is all that I do and it’s
pretty simple once you have the rectangles it just fits really nicely
into the bag and I did end up moving the big pink bag into the front because I
had liquids in it and I read the TSA guidelines and it said to have your bag
with liquids in the front of your suitcase so that’s what I did next we’re
packing my personal item and I’m using my school backpack to do this usually I
have a smaller one but that one broke so I’m using this one I’m packing my laptop
my brain dump notebook because I literally take that everywhere with me
same goes for my art journal I always get inspiration when I’m on the road so
I had to bring this as well I hate when I don’t have my art journal and I get
inspired next are all of my Chargers and then my air pods as well because I need
those for the plane definitely and I just throw these in the bag I put them
in the side pocket but for the sake of this video I just threw them in next I
bring my tombow dual brush pens and that’s for the art journaling and the
brain dump notebook then I have a pen a pencil and then my iphone stylus because
I use procreate on my phone next I have my glossy a bong calm then my wallet and
my passport because I don’t have a license so I need to bring my passport
to the airport even though it’s a domestic flight I also packed my gorilla
tripod for my iPhone when I’m vlogging I just didn’t put that in the bag at this
point and my water bottle forgot those two things but you get the idea and now
we’re all set thank you guys so much for watching I really really appreciate it
and stay tuned for Missouri vlogs and summer vlogs I will see you guys next
week in another video bye guys thanks for watching

100 thoughts on “Pack with Me – Carry on Only (for one week of travel)

  1. This video was so helpful! I'm about to fly home to Nebraska in the next day and a half and so this helped me pack a little better

  2. Kaitlyn: So I'm bringing these big shirts because it will be cold
    Also Kaitlyn: I'm also bringing my bathing suit because we will be swimming

  3. I love u so much i think your videos are the best you can really make a good videos and i think you will be a good person in your Life🌼🌼🌼

  4. LOVE this video!❤️ Though I can only dream of travel rn. I have exams tomorrow lol.

    P.S. Any small YouTubers wanting to support each other?💕

  5. I definitely think you over pack i am going for 2 months in a carry on I packed way less but good video

  6. I’m going to Missouri to the lake of they ozarks is literally 2 days!!! Just getting some tips!!!

  7. am I the only one who loves watching ''pack with me'' videos even when I am not about to go on a trip?

    ~small YouTuber (always interested in collabing)

  8. Rolling tightly and neatly into cubes and ziplock bags to prevent creasing and you can fit more into the case x

  9. Every year I go down Jersey shore for one month in August from Arizona but not this year but I'm not sure yet that in September I'll be taken a road trip with my dad and my sister to Pa to help a friend move so this amount this video might work for me this time

  10. I’m watching this so I can pack to go up to Houghton MI for a summer camp at Michigan Tech so when you said you were traveling from Michigan and I was like:
    “Yas a fellow Mitten sister!”

  11. SOOO overpacked, as for me. I usually take less clothes and other items even for three-four weeks 🤔 However, the video is very light and nice 🙃 thaanks for sharing 🙂

  12. Nice to see that even when you overpack you can still use a carry on. The folding hurt my eyes but I think the method of the squares is very efficient in space saving and way easier to see than the rolling method

  13. …I went to Missouri the second week of May and it was crazy hot (at least in the StL/Southeast part). If you escaped that, congrats!!

  14. Love this video, Not may videos I see also pack there pajamas, I go every summer for one month to New Jersey from Arizona of August get up 120 so we go to Jersey get away from the heat and spend time at family Jersey Shore house, what your thought for packing I just lounge round the house take boat ride and walk up the beach for the day and on weekend I wait for my aunt take me shopping next Summer I am packing matching set Pajamas with short and come with Tank top I get them at Kohls do I try pack for two weeks, I want to style up from being tank top and shorts, what your thoughts for 31 year old, I buy them at walmart so i can leave it for next trip. Sorry one comment is long

  15. I will never understand how people pack their shoes right next to their clean clothes without even wrapping it in bags or whatever

  16. Love the video you one of few people will tell us on how many clothes to bring, sorry for long comment Every summer i go to New Jersey from Arizona get away from heat of August it get up 120 so we see our family down the Jersey shore and my uncle live near by i can do laundry with my aunt clothes and I fold them I want pack less for next Summer if i get to go. if i do go what your thoughts? we pretty much lounge the house and walk up to the beach and i wait on weekend to go shopping with my Aunt after her work so I get more clothes then, do you think 2 weeks worth? and Jersey weather it like Missouri get up in 80s in Summer

  17. So I’m 15 and this is my first time flying and I’m not sure if I need to get an ID or passport😂🤦🏼‍♀️

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