Packing for Europe with Only a Carry-On! | Minimalist Packing Tips | Travel Capsule Wardrobe

Packing for Europe with Only a Carry-On! | Minimalist Packing Tips | Travel Capsule Wardrobe

hi everyone and welcome back to faith
and flour if you’re new here my name is Robin and in today’s video I’m going to
show you how I pack for a 10 day European vacation with just carry-on
luggage for those of you that may be new to my channel you may not know that we
live in the Austin Texas area and all of my family and my husband’s family either
lives on the east coast of the United States or in Switzerland so that has
given us the opportunity to travel quite a lot and I have picked up some tips
and tricks on how to do that very efficiently one of the best ways to
simplify your travel and make it much more enjoyable is to avoid check-in
luggage if at all possible we have experienced lost luggage and also lots
of time wasted in the baggage claim area plus when we travel to Europe lots of
times we are going from city to city and we would like to be able to use public
transportation things like trains subways buses and trams are a lot harder
to negotiate when you are carrying big bulky luggage and so we have found if
each family member just has their own carry-on luggage this process is so much
easier and when you are running from place to place you don’t have to be
encumbered with a lot of extra luggage that you don’t necessarily need and so
I’m going to show you how to be much more efficient with your packing and
take just what you need these are the items that I will pack in my suitcase
and my strategy is not to have ten different outfits but to have different
items that I can mix and match to create ten different outfits for the time that
I’m going to be away so basically what you want to do is create a capsule
wardrobe that will suit the trip that you’re planning this concept is
something that I do in my daily life so it’s very easily adapted to travel and
if you’d like more information about my ten item wardrobe I will have all of my
videos linked in the description box below
I’m a big fan of packing cubes and I have these in my Amazon store and the
link for that is in the description box below if you guys are interested but in
this one I have 10 days worth of underwear and camisoles for my trip and
the other cube contains all of my socks and bras I’m packing one pair of
comfortable sneakers and a pair of ballet flats and I’m also taking a pair
of boots and those I will wear on the plane I’m also bringing five different
blouses and these are great because they’re somewhat lightweight so they can
be worn alone if the weather is on the warmer side or layered with camisoles
undershirts and sweaters if it’s colder I’m taking two sets of pajamas and again
using that layering concept I’ll be comfortable whether our hotel room is
cold or warm I’m also taking along one Thinsulate shirt which is basically very
thin long underwear again for very cold days I can layer that under my blouses
or sweaters I’m taking three lightweight but very warm sweaters that I can layer
over my blouses or wear alone with a camisole because they are not very bulky
I won’t have any trouble getting them in my carry-on for bottoms I’m going to be
taking two pairs of jeans one I will wear on the plane the other I will pack
this Navy skirt and a nice pair of black dress pants and now I will show you how
I get all of this into my carry-on bag and starting with my shoes I like to
pack them in some sort of bag you can use plastic grocery bags or these little
cotton bags I’ve saved from other items that I’ve bought they are perfect for
this they protect my shoes and they also protect my clothes from dirty shoes and
they make it a little bit more compact and this one’s rather large so if I have
extra dirty clothes or things like that I can throw those in there on my trip
home I’m using another packing cube for my
blouses and pajamas and I love these because they not only keep my suitcase
organized when I’m packing but when we are moving from city to city it keeps my
suitcase from becoming a jumbled mess and I can find everything I need with
ease I will be packing all of this in my new away carry-on
today’s video is not sponsored by away but they were kind enough to gift me
this suitcase so that I could demonstrate and review it for you in
today’s video the way luggage is known for designing suitcases that are very
high-quality very durable stylish and loaded with great features some of the
features that I love are the tsa approved locks and the ejectable battery
which will keep my phone charged up to five times on my trip the batteries are
TSA approved to be carried in the cabin so in the event that you needed to check
your luggage you can easily eject it carry it on board and there would be no
issue with checking your bag the inside has two main compartments this side is
great for clothes and other items that can be compressed and then the other
zipper side is great for your toiletries shoes and other items it even comes with a small laundry bag
which will be perfect for stowing away socks and underwear and when you are not
using it it rolls up nicely into this little bag on the side and takes up no
extra room at all it’s water-resistant and washable so when you get home you
can throw everything including the laundry bag into the wash this piece is used to compress your
clothes but it also has an interior pocket and a way includes all of the
chargers and adapters that you need for various countries for charging the
battery there is a luggage tag and even a small magic eraser for cleaning up
your suitcase after your trip I’m going to use this pocket to store my
Thinsulate shirt it would also be a great place to keep accessories like
scarves and then on this side that is meant for clothes I’m going to put in my
packing cube I will layer my pants and the sweaters on top of that this rigid
compression board really does help maximize the space by compressing my
clothes on this side of the suitcase the other side has plenty of room for my
underwear camisoles socks bras and shoes the way travel also offers a lifetime
guarantee on their luggage so if you are in the market for a new suitcase I will
have a link in the description box below now I will show you all of the things
that I include in my personal piece that I can carry on and stow under the seat
in front of me I have one pouch that contains all of my makeup in this other pouch I have blister pads
because we do a lot of walking shower cap small mirror my razor
toothpaste some earplugs and some Hotel soaps to satisfy the TSA requirement I
have all of my liquids in three ounce or lower containers in a quart size ziplock
bag and so that’s things like shampoo conditioner sunscreen and moisturizers
now I will show you how I get all of this into my bag this bag I found on
Amazon and I will have it in my Amazon store in case you’re interested this bag
has a padded sleeve for my laptop I also have an extra protective cover there to
keep everything safe but I love that it takes up minimal space and it is easily
accessible because that is another thing along with your liquids that you often
have to remove when going through security check I have my curling iron
which I pack in the bottom and I actually keep this small bag of various
things when I travel like hair accessories nail files things like that
and so there are some interior pockets where I can easily tuck those away
there’s a large zipper compartment and I like to put my brushes and comes in here at the bottom of the bag next to my
curling iron I’m packing my rechargeable electric toothbrush and then in go the
two pouches and the liquids the small pouch included with my away suitcase
will carry all of my Chargers and courts some disposable makeup removing wipes
which are great because they don’t need water and I use this small pouch for
keeping all of my jewelry I also like to include a small crossbody bag that I can
use during the day that is large enough to carry my phone and wallet a large
wool scarf or shawl that will be great as a blanket on the plane and can also
be used as an accessory for my outfits and I have a little spare room in there
for my camera there are two exterior pockets and this side I’m going to put
in my water bottle the other side I will use for sunglasses and then this front
compartment has two pockets one that is perfect for your passport and the other
I will use for my phone there’s also a cord for securing your
keys and there is plenty of extra space for small items that you want easy
access to in the front of your bag the pocket on the back can be used to
store extra items or it can be unzipped so that you can slide it over the handle
of your carry-on bag I am dressed for the plane in my extra
pair of jeans my boots because they are the bulkiest item a t-shirt and cardigan
which can be removed if I get hot I also have my scarf in case I get cold and I
like to go without a belt if possible to make getting through security easier
I’ll be taking my coat on the plane as well it has a hood is water-resistant
and very warm so I’ll be prepared for any type of weather I hope you enjoyed
today’s video if you did make sure to give me a thumbs up that really helps
out my channel and I hope that you got some tips and tricks from my experience
traveling that will help you on your next vacation if you are new to faith
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you have a great week and I’ll see you in the next video

77 thoughts on “Packing for Europe with Only a Carry-On! | Minimalist Packing Tips | Travel Capsule Wardrobe

  1. Hi Robin – I am playing hooky from water aerobics this morning and was happy to see this video. Oh my, such beautiful packing. I worked for a large chemical company for 31 years before I retired and did lots of business travel and I had my packing job refined too but not near like yours. I could have sure used those packing cubes and that luggage back then. I never thought of it but I did do a capsule wardrobe when I traveled for business but just didn’t call it that. This video brought all those work memories back and all I have to say is retirement is the best jig I have ever had. Blessings, friend.

  2. Hi 👋 Robin ❤️❤️I hope you enjoy your time in Europe …. I am thinking about going for a long weekend away to Disney in France 🇫🇷 and I also need a new case and I am going to get one like yours when we are a couple of months away from my date of going away ❤️❤️ xx great video as always

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  4. Hello Faith,
    I wish I would had seen this video twenty years ago on my vacations to Europe. I was one hot mess I took so many clothes, shoes and handbags. I was on a bus tour and Practically every other day I had to packed and unpacked. The bags were overstuffed and so heavy. I will always have fond memories of my vacations, but next year when I travel to Portugal definitely going to use your method. One last thing, don’t you think wearing slip on shoes would make it easier going thru the airport security? If possible please post your outfits of the day. Have a safe and wonderful vacation 🌸

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  8. Thank you for the great tips and ideas! I just recently traveled with my two young kids packing all of our clothes for the three of us in one carry on. (I did have to do laundry a couple of times, but it was great not having more than one suitcase!) Now if we can just work on all the other stuff (toys, etc) we think we need to travel with! I know your boys are older now but any suggestions on traveling with young kids? 😉

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    Have a great trip!! ✈️

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    We recently did a 8 day trip to NZ with carry-on luggage only. It was manageable and a lot quicker going through the airport. We are off to LA and then cruising from San Diego to Vancouver then flying back down to LA (about 2 weeks). We are very tempted to do carry-on only but it might be one large suitcase with carryon. We have a 4yo so there’s always a need to pack some toys and inevitably we buy some things when we are overseas (I live in Australia).

  26. Would love to know what eyeshadow quad and blush you are packing? I’m a similar colouring and find it hard to find a good blush particularly. Are the eyeshadows all matte?

  27. Well done you! 🙂 I, too, am a member of the carry-on only "tribe"–whether two days or ten. I use cubes, as well. The other thing I do is use the space between the suitcase handle rods inside the case. I use my PJs for this–unzip the liner and put the bottoms (usually) in between the rods and the top (folded lengthwise) along side. I've also made use of the other side of the rod using tights and underwear. Of course, the disadvantage of this is that those items are not in cubes, but that's something I can live with. I appreciate the padding this provides and what I think is maximizing the interior of the suitcase. P.S. First visit to your channel. You're lovely…beautiful big eyes, luminous skin, sweet smile. 🙂

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