Packing Skills: Tools for Traveling Light in Europe

Packing Skills: Tools for Traveling Light in Europe

Let’s get started with some of our tools,
shall we. First of all, my most important tool in
this endeavor is going to be my scale. This is a little product you can get at
a bunch of different places, I think Amazon carries it, and this is something that you take, and
after you’ve packed your bag fully, you take it and you strap it to the top
handle, you latch it on like so, and then you pick it up, and then that’s going to
tell you exactly how much it weighs. And like I said, most airlines, they say
the max is eight kilo or more or less sixteen pounds, okay. That may not be the weight that you
need to pack to, because here is my personal suggestion for you, don’t pay
attention to that 16 pounds, make that your maximum, but every person in this
audience can lift a different amount. I’m six foot two and not a small girl, I
can easily live 16 pounds without a problem. A lot of you in this audience may not be
able to do that. Consider the fact that when you get on the airplane, what’s the first thing you have to do
with your carry-on? You have to do this. Can all of you do that? Can you hold it
like this for five minutes while somebody jockeys around all the
other luggage in the overhead compartment? Can you do that? That’s the question. So
that is the number one question you need to ask yourself. Don’t wait and say, “oh it’s 16 pounds, I
can manage it.” Pack it, pack everything that you need, and then lift it over your
head and see if that’s even a possibility. If it’s not a possibility to
lift it over your head, then you know you need to reduce. One of
the tactics I like to do, is to pack my bag about, oh I don’t know, two or three weeks ahead
of time, this is how specific I am, and then I have my best girlfriend come
over a few days later, and we go through everything. We take out every piece of
clothing, every toiletry item, everything. And she critiques it, and she
says, “you don’t need that, you don’t need that, you don’t need that.” So, that means that even somebody who’s
been doing this professionally for half of their life, still can take stuff out
of their bag. So that’s a tip for you, that there’s
always room for you to take things out of your bag and keep the weight light.

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  1. Love Sarah and her tips never thought I would weigh my cloths or in particular buy things that aren't too heavy but now that's how I shop the lighter the better thanks for your tips love ❤️ from Australia🇦🇺🌹

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