PAINTING WITH MY DOG! (Summer Edition) 🌤️

PAINTING WITH MY DOG! (Summer Edition) 🌤️

Milo likes to come out during the day and sit right here. Alright, come on, let’s go! We’re gonna go paint. Ready!? I’ll meet you inside! Hey guys, welcome to another episode of Ross Draws. And today, we’re drawing a personal painting! Since summer is around the corner I thought we could draw something fresh, vibrant to help us get into that mood! And maybe Milo could help us too! Right buddy? [Milo] I’ll think about it.
[Ross] Right. [Milo] Ross Draws! [Ross] Something summery. Since I’ve been drawing a lot of portrait style paintings on my channel. I thought we could do something like a landscape. I’m going for a summery vibe. I’ve always wanted to paint something half underwater and then half outside of water. I see bunch of photos of it and it looks so cool, but it looks really hard. But maybe Milo can do one of these thumbnails. What do you think buddy? Awesome. We’re gonna clear this and let Milo draw. All right, Milo, you know the brief? The brief is something chill, something fun and vibrant to help get us in the summer mood. Milo? What are you drawing?! [Milo] I’m drawing a big dinosaur. And there’s gonna be some buildings And hot, hot, fire! And of course, the cars are gonna explode. [Ross] Can you explain to everybody what you drew? What is this? [Milo] Well, this is a dream I had of a dinosaur destroying a city. [Ross] Okay, but where’s the fun and vibrancy?
[Milo] It’s the fire, the fire’s the vibrancy. [Ross] How is this summer?
[Milo] Here I’ll draw you a tree. [Ross] Well, uh, thank you for your contribution Milo.
[Milo] No problem. [Ross] We have this surfing girl on a surfboard, half in the water and half outside. We have this girl having a moment with the fishes. And we have Milo’s drawing. It’s like a big dinosaur with exploding cars and a palm tree. Which actually really pops out from these screens. But, I have a really cool idea in mind to do this one. So trust me. I’m gonna make it awesome. Sorry Milo And we’re just gonna try to redraw this a little more accurately. Yeah, so this is what we started with, a quick impactful thumbnail sketch that we can read from a distance. And then we started drawing and refining it. And now we have a direction of where we’re going. Hey, Milo, what do you think?
[Milo] I think it needs more dinosaurs. [Ross] Hey! And now I’m going to try to add some color. So I make a new layer and set it to multiply. This is what we had before, and this is what we have now. You can really tell that the color is really starting to take a shape. This looks really promising so far. So I’m just gonna keep working on it, and I’ll check back soon Welcome back and this is the progress. We started with this thumbnail sketch. We gave it some polish, carved out some features. Added a nice color impact. And then, this is where we are. Hey Milo, what do you think so far?
[Milo] I think it needs more dinosaurs. [Ross] I think a dinosaur might be a little too big for this. Let’s compromise and uh, how about a cat? [Milo] Ugh, fine. [Ross] You can draw it. Ok! Cat time! Wow buddy, you’re so good. [Laughter] Wow Milo, look at your cat. So I’m going to show you a design fundamental that could help you with your future painting. It’s on how to add subjects in an organic way. So we have these awesome birds here. And you want to place them in an organic matter and you don’t want it to look robotic. So you add two close together and then one far apart. Let’s add one here. One here. Then one here. Ooo that’s kinda cool. You can also do shapes too. Like this one’s a little smaller than this one. Ooh. Nice. So it looks a lot more organic. And let’s do it with the fishes here, too. She’s starting to look like a zookeeper with all these animals. [Laughter] Our summer piece is looking pretty good so far. So I’m just gonna try to wrap it up and I’ll check back soon. Yo guys! It’s color dodge time! Ooo! Milo! Look out! Let’s call them. [Dialing sound] It’s me. My shirt’s wet. Raichu, go! Snowball, go! Crank up the power. No! Hey guys, welcome back and I hope you enjoyed the video. I just wanted to create something fresh and vibrant to help us get in the summer mood. And Milo got a new summer harness. You look so good buddy. But let’s be honest, he looks good in everything. We just launched the revamp of our Patreon. You guys can vote for videos you want me to make and characters you want me to draw. And patreon also came over and shot a creator tour video. Anyone who’s signed this month, I’m sending them an exclusive Milo Pin. This is a thank you for all you guys, so I hope you guys check out the revamp, If you want a chance to win one of these prints, this videos question is… What are you guys looking forward to for the summer? Maybe it’s staying in, drawing and eating your butts out. Maybe a family vacation to Mars. Or maybe, visiting us at Anime Expo. Let me know in the comments below and we’ll choose a lucky subscriber. It’s gonna be an awesome summer! I am drawing The Incredibles next. Don’t forget to subscribe, and remember, every day is a color dodge day.

100 thoughts on “PAINTING WITH MY DOG! (Summer Edition) 🌤️

  1. I'm looking forward to the opportunity to catch up on drawing and painting now that school is out I have enough time to practice and further my skills in art. I also look forward to staying up all night watching people draw on you tube (*cough*cough Ross Draws * cough)

  2. During my summer , I'm excited because I can
    Playing more Osu!
    Read a lot of Light Novel :v
    And see more of your video I missing :c

  3. I'm looking forward to not having some freezing cold canadian winter weather this summer <3 😀

  4. When you realise how untalented you are when you see this..

    i don't even have money to buy my own drawing tablet ;-;

    so i'm stuck with my Mac and Medibang paint pro….life is hard..

  5. hey ross can I use this as my facebook cover? I mean I posted it already and tweaked some a bit… but I still want to ask for your permission else I'll remove it from my fb.. also I used one of your art as my profile pic.

  6. I hope you could read this post. I stumbled upon your videos, and it caught my attention. btw, I'm 24 years old still newbie in drawing. I am not actually good at coloring.I wish I can be good as you.

  7. How did you make the water and the sand beneath it look so realistic and beautiful o.o I always mess up while painting anything underwater. Could you perhaps give some tips? ^-^

  8. I love your art, but I would like to see more realistic proportions or chubbier characters and if you are any good at drawing men I just want a little varieties in what you draw

  9. can u draw, bOoIIiiISe? lol (boy's.. if u didn't know…) that would be cool cuz i can only draw girls, on paper, with pencil, and a big eraser lol that would be cool tho

  10. you never show us how you sketch first,your sketches are always ready,why dont you? i feel that is we need to learn first,then paint

  11. Watching u with Milo has made me emotional because of the memories I've had with my old puppy before he died.😫😞😟😭

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