Papanasam Full Tour | Tirunelveli | Places clicks

Papanasam Full Tour | Tirunelveli | Places clicks

hi viewers in this video we are going to see about papanasam in tirunelveli district so many of you have already visited papanasam temple for pushkara vizha Let us see in detail about other places to visit in papanasam subscribe to my channel and also press the bell icon mundanthurai check post is 500m from papanasam temple here you have to register your vehicle details and the officers will completely check your vehicle the condition of the road is really good you can go by your own vehicle after crossing two s-bends there will be a view point before agasthiyar falls now it is looking fair but during flood this place appears pretty good during flood it will be like this if you just look above the view point the spotted area is kalyana theertham and kodilingeswarar temple below the view point there is a river you will feel refreshed while hearing river sound and also the fresh air alters your mood this place will definitely impress you this road will take you to karaiyar dam so to reach agasthiyar falls make a left turn still we have to travel 1km to reach agasthiyar falls here comes the first papanasam hydro electric power station the water collected in lower camp flows through the gaint pipes to produce electricity using turbines and the current produced is being used by local mill after travelling 2.5 km from check post here comes the agasthiyar falls you have to walk a little to reach waterfalls and also beaware of monkeys this way will take you to kalyana theertham let us first see the agasthiyar falls agasthiyar falls is also known as 365 days falls since water is flowing throughout the year in falls there will be a partition for gents and ladies for ladies dress changing facilities will also be there so no problem dont take bath on unknown areas as you can see the hieght of falls is short so taking bath in this falls will give immense benifits it will cure your body heat problems and eye defects the water crosses several medicinal plants before it is falling this water is the purest and healthiest raw water you can drink it directly nowdays we are using filter to drink water but here you can consume it directly you will feel the sweet taste once again dont take baths on unknown areas due to this 21 have died the local people of papanasam used to bath there but as a new visitor dont take risk life is once so dont take risk after crossing 75 steps there will be a perfect place for photoshoot places in and around kalyana theertham is good for photography so dont forget to take snaps so dont take bath in this area im suggesting this place only for photography after climbing another 75 steps you will reach sakthi temple to reach kalyana theertham you have to climb another 50 steps the safety pillars are in worst condition so take care especially while you are going with your child here also you are not permitted to take bath just make visit this place for sight seeing only kalyana theertham is not the source for thambirabarani river the source is banatheertham falls which is in karaiyar dam the sculptures,carvings and the handwritten letters prooves this place is a old one please dont take bath on kalyana theertham here only lot of peoples have lost their lives so just viewing and taking snaps at this place is safe then comes the agasthiyar temple see the statue is damaged but people never forget to workship this god behind the agasthiyar temple kodilingeswarar temple is there the temple pooja is held at early morning but you can workship at any time beside this there is loganayagi amman temple make a visit and stay blessed after crossing agasthiyar falls here comes the lower camp here you can see the different variety of monkeys as i have already said from lower camp dam only water is being used for hydro electric power station in lower camp you can visit two temples kaliamman temple the pooja timings for this temple is early morning and late evening the temple is not closed one so you can visit at any time vanapechi amman temple is 500m from kaliamman temple this temple is so powerful and also it is popular in the month of april this temple is closed one and i dont know about the exact timings of this temple next comes the check post you have to pay per heads and also for your vehicle after crossing check post here comes the steel bridge this is the place where water from servalar dam runs through and joins with the water coming from karaiyar dam so for the purpose of crossing this river only this bridge was constructed as of now the water level is too low after crossing steel bridge and a right turn makes a way for servalar dam you will really attracted by these greenaries while you are travelling with your own bike or car on the way to servalar dam rarely you can see the crossing of tiger but im not the lucky one so if you are lucky you get a chance to visit tiger if you are going with your family go by car if you are going alone or with your friends go by bike mostly you cannot see a tiger in morning but there is a chance take your right to reach dam first left will take you to the upper view of dam and straight route will take you to the dam front view here also there is one more hydro electric power station but entry is prohobited you can take good snaps at dam front view now we are in upper view of dam see the features of dam here we are permitted only at view point they dont even allow to walk over the bridge so only attraction here is the view point the water has been drained off for maintainence so only the water level is too low definitely there is a need for boating,park or other attraction for visitors so that they can leisure and also travel other places without being tired just seeing and watching at this view point will not attract touristers so there is a need for attractions seriously the government can promote boating at this place which will attract lot of touristors here also there is a lot of natural sceneries so these changes will promote tourism after visiting servalar dam ride back to the same road here comes the division the left turn will take you to sorimuthuayyanar temple,straight way will take take you to karaiyar dam this temple is so old and the popular one there will we a huge crowd at this temple in the mid of july other than that the crowd will be normal now you are watching pattavarayan temple this temple is so powerful this god will vanish all hurdles in your life with his support you can achieve anything you want if you have no time to visit dont worry just pray while watching this video other than that temple there are also so many other temples if your are the one dont know about your kula god take pattavarayan as your kula god and stay blessed the speciality of papanasam is it contains rivers,dams,falls and temples this place is definitely a family entertainer you can even satisfy your new generation kids as well as your old parents you will satisfy all your family members by visiting this place atleast for two days you can visit all this place in one day only if you have skipped agasthiyar falls othherwise you cannot cover within one day so weekends will be a better chice for visiting this place another speciality of papanasam is thr river is flowing all over the places you visit so take bath at your own risk so the final destination is karaiyar dam or papanasam dam which is the death end vehicles are not permitted close to dam so make a little walk for 10 to 15 minutes you will reach karaiyar dam in karaiyar dam there is a falls called banatheertham which is starting point of thamirabarani river so the source water for thamirabarani comes from podigai malai then it first fall through the banatheertham falls and falls second through banatheertham agasthiyar falls from agasthiyar falls it flow as papanasam river and flows till tirunelveli during my childhood boating is available for banatheertham falls whatever we visited during childhood will not be recovered so i planned to visit this place particularly for boating now they have banned boating due to several reasons there are several reasons for banning the boat ride which reason is true i dont know whatever may be the reason the forest officials and government must take alternative steps for boating in future if there is a possibility the officials must implement boating in any of these two dams atleast officials can pave a way to promote boating in servalar dam this place is worth to visit without boating but if there are some attraction means we can enjoy happily i hope you like my video and dont forget to share video with your friends keep subscribe places clicks for more videos thanks for watching

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  1. மிக்க நன்றி
    முன்னோர் வாழ்ந்த இடம். ஆனால் பல தலைமுறை பிரிந்து பல இடங்களுக்கு போயாச்சு.
    சொரிமுத்து அய்யனார் குலதெய்வம் பல குடும்பங்களுக்கு

  2. enga Amma poranthanga intha oorla nanum inga tan oruthadava vantha ungalukku thirumba manasu varathu malaikal marankal vanavilangukal kottum aruvi Pala andugalayum mavusu kuraiyatha tourism kavalaka kathunirukum ayanar endrum engal Ooru perumaiya Pala peruku theriya vachathukku nandri

  3. Boss, supreme court has banned boating in papanasam dam.

    Tamilnadu la urupadiya odura orae river idhu than… Karaiyar dam ku public allow pannanga'na marina beach madhri ayidum 🤭😂 boating venum na manimutharu dam ku ponga…ipo anga boating start panna poranga.

  4. My son and me also were visited that place. Ur video are memorable video for me. Thanks for ur video.

  5. வாழ்த்துக்கள் தம்பி நன்றாக உள்ளது.
    குடும்பத்துடன் செல்லும் மக்களின் வசதிக்காக மிக செலவுகள் இல்லாமல் சுற்றுலா சேவைகள் செய்தாலே நம் தமிழக அழகு சந்தோஷமாக அனுபவிக்க முடியும். பின்னணி இசை தேவை இல்லை என்று நினைக்கிறேன். ஏனெனில் நீங்கள் வழங்கும் விதம் ‌நன்றாக உள்ளது

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  7. 8 year's munnadi en thirunelvely frnds veettku ponapo ingalam koottititu ponanga semma andha orea azhagutha….!!!

  8. En bro boating boating nu solranga crocodile irukunraanga aprm edhuku tevaladha riskuh ana nalla review pannirukinga awsm

  9. வற்றாத ஜீவ நதி சில சமூக விரோதிகலால் பாதிக்கப்படுது

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  12. boating first undu ipothan illa..paana theertha aruvi poganum na boat la than ponum..some issues nala ban panitanga..

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  14. Video romba Nalla irukku.ungalukku sariya Tamil pesa varatha? Athigama English pesuringa.ketpatharkku oru mathiriya irukku.when you make video please use one language.tq

  15. Your explanation about papanasam area was super and beautiful. You explained about dams , koil , power house and falls.. it is super place . .all 365 days , water is coming in agasthiyar falls. 👍

  16. People spoil the dam I have been there for 6month and don documentary. Please protect Forest . Please think if I come inside your house making sounds and putting unwanted things in house will disturb you r not. This is what people do to the forest.

  17. சுத்தம் என்றால் என்ன என்று தெரியாத உங்கள் நட்டு மக்களுக்கு

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  20. நன்பா பேருந்தில் சுற்றுலா வந்தால் இந்த அனைத்து இடங்களையும் சுற்றிப் பார்க்க முடியுமா

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