PARIS AT NIGHT [City Tour of Paris France at Night] | Paris by Night

PARIS AT NIGHT [City Tour of Paris France at Night] | Paris by Night

Paris at Night

100 thoughts on “PARIS AT NIGHT [City Tour of Paris France at Night] | Paris by Night

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  3. this video is illegal he took a picture of some EU monuments with parts that have not exceeded EU copyright law

  4. That’s a wonderful video. It was a pleasure to watch and wonderful music too, with great sensitivity of strength.

  5. Le plus beau côté de Paris. Mais il ne faut pas oublier le côté sombre voir sinistre de Paris. La colline du crac par exemple, ses villes pauvres et violentes autour de la capitale. …"Tout ce qui brille n'est pas or " si je dis ceci c'est parce que j'y suis.

  6. Hey did u know that it is illegal for people to take photos of the Eiffel Tower at night

    I heard it long time ago
    And 2019? Anyone huh

  7. I love Paris!! My bon voyage outside India was straight to Paris. Feel so delighted to be a part of this. Love u Eiffel ?!!! River cruise was amazing!!!

  8. انقلابیون پارلمانی در شهر پاریس به سفارت جمهوری فدرال آلمان وصل شوید.

  9. went in 2007 but hubby didn't go that visit – just booked xmas day leave here and long weekend in paris – hoping to feel energetic after 8 hour flight to see it all in 3 days!

  10. Hi,
    Your video is amazing, i put like
    if you want see also my video in Paris

    and if you like, you can also see the others on my channel,
    like the one in Santorini which is very beautiful.

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  12. Lucky to have been here twice once with my family and the second time with my friends! One of the best cities in the world ?

  13. Love this..was there a few weeks ago for the final of the Tour De France….brings it all back,magical city…..beautifully filmed.

  14. Paris,a magnificent city.Most recently it was rated as the number one international travel destination for American tourists for sure.That says a lot considering the current U.S. political climate….lol.

  15. This is exactly what I was looking for on youtube walking through Streets and subburbs at night while classical music playing in the background. Love this feeling of melancholy. Please could you do more of this with different cities around the world!?

  16. Bonjour mon cher qui a lu mon commentaire, je sais que tu as un grand coeur en toi, j'espère que tu es heureux et honoré de t'abonner à ma chaîne et que tu ne perdras rien. Il suffit d'appuyer sur le bouton de la cloche pour recevoir toutes les nouveautés, et je serai très heureux, merci d'avance♥

  17. Im in Paris right now and the city is so overrated. So many homeless, beggers, scammers, pick pockets, dog shits, garbages, old metro, cigarettes butts everywhere.

  18. Happy I found your channel. Beautiful video! I wept through it from the moment I saw le Sacre Coeur onward.

    Paris was the best love affair I've ever had in my life. I now my life isn't over yet … so I must go back. Soon.

    Merci a vous.

  19. NO WONDER EVERYONE is always like”I LOvE Paris I wish I lived there”……now that’s me???
    but the people who live there are sooo freaking lucky!!!!!!

  20. I watch “miraculous tales of lady bug and cat noir “ and it’s of super hero’s in PARIS and it looks just like that ?

  21. And the Ferris WHEEL IS THE MOST BIGGEST ONE I HAVE SEEN IN MY LIFE NO JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  22. Paris is wonderful, just try to avoid Hotel Westminster Paris. I booked their Deluxe 25m room and received 11.8m room (N. 114) with dirty bathroom instead. France …. In any other country this would be unimaginable, but at Westminster Hotel Paris it is a norm. Bait and switch without apologies. The hotel management consists of double talking liars who would keep your money and switch rooms on you while telling you that you got exactly what you saw online and that is Deluxe room too. False online advertisement is how they are making money. You have been warned dear travelers. If you don't want to pay 350Eur per night for 11,8 meter room with dirty bathroom avoid Hotel Westminster Paris.

  23. I love this! I upload covers on my channel and was wondering if I could use this video and put it to my music in my next video? I'd give you credit of course, both in the video and in the description.

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  26. Just celebrated my 65th Birthday here last night.
    This video of Paris is very beautiful and filmed with great love of this city.

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