Paris Tour Guide in Hindi (2019) l DISCOUNTED Attraction Tickets l Paris Metro l Accommodation

Paris Tour Guide in Hindi (2019) l DISCOUNTED Attraction Tickets l Paris Metro l Accommodation

This is video no. 2 of my Europe trip. If you have not watched the first one, then, please watch as I have shared step by step guide for cheap flight booking and process for Schengen Visa process. You will get the link to that video in the corner of the screen. If this is your first time on my channel and you want to see the world from the comfort of your screen, or you want travel-related tips, then please don’t forget to hit the Subscribe button & Bell Icon. In this video, we will talk about Paris, and I will share information about the transport passes hotel options, food options, I will also tell you the places where you can buy the discounted attraction tickets of Paris. First of all, let me share information related to France & Paris. As you must be knowing that Paris is the capital of France. And always remains in the top 5 travel destinations of the world’s list. If we have to talk about currency, then Euro is the currency here. Which you can withdraw using any of your Forex or Debit Card from any ATM here. I would suggest you to carry a Forex card. That reduces the cost of currency conversion significantly. If you get your local currency changed to Euro in your home country or you withdraw it in abroad using your Forex or Debit card. The cost remains more or less the same. In my opinion, using a card is a safer option with respect to carrying a large sum of cash. In the context of currency, one more important info for you, If you’re going on an international trip, Get your Debit/Credit card activated for international usage from your bank. Otherwise, you would not be able to use those cards internationally. French is being spoken in this country, most of the people either don’t understand or don’t want to understand English You must install the Google Translator App on your mobile if you are traveling to France. And keep on using it throughout your trip. Now, let’s talk about Public Transport in Paris, There are 3 airports here, Beuavis, Orly & CDG But if you’re coming from India then the chances are that you will be landing in Paris’ biggest CDG Airport. Before landing at any International Airport, we should be aware of all the transport options which can be used to reach city center or to your hotel. Because in most of the cities across the world Airports are far from the city center, And Paris is no exception. While going from Airport to City Center, I use Rome2Rio’s Website Which gives information about all the modes of Transportation. along with the cost associated and time is taken in each mode is also given on rome2rio. When you open rome2rio website, you will see this kind of interface. You get a similar interface on the App also. Firstly, you need to select your starting point, and your destination. When you put these details, you get all the options for transport. You get expenses for Bus, Train & Taxi. and you also get expense for the self-driven car. You also get expense details of all the shuttle from the Airport to City center. That’s how you can decide depending on your budget & touring party, what option to choose for reaching city center. If you have selected the Bus option, which can take you the City Center from CDG airport for that, you can go to and you can book your tickets online there. There are many options on this website, you get the route details, and there are many offers, where you will get to know that, if your party is of more than 2 to 3 people, then you get discounted tickets. You also get discounted tickets for the return journey. Whichever website, I am discussing in this video, you will get links to all of that in the description. If you taking the train option to reach the city center, then there are several automated vending machines at all the stations. Where you can book the tickets, using your cash or card. Now I am going to explain the public transport of Paris to you. Despite being very complex, it’s very efficient and punctual. The entire territory of Paris has been divided into 5 zones If you take my suggestion, then you should stay in zone 1-3, which is the city center and close to Eiffel tower, Gare De Nord or Gare De Lyon. Then you will be stying between zone 1 and zone 3. All the major attractions of Paris comes in Zone 1 to 3 only. Except for the Palace of Versailles & Disneyland. Disneyland falls in Zone 5 and the Palace of Versailles falls in Zone 4. and CDG Airport also falls in zone 4. This is the official website of Paris’ transport Authority. There are many options here, you can select your destination, time, and mode and get to know that from which station and using which mode of transport you can reach your destination. There are many options here like RER, which is a regional train These trains take you to far off Suburbs from the Paris city center. And the locals running in zone 1-3 are called Metro Apart from that, there are trams, buses. There are lot of transport options in Paris. Now, let’s talk about Paris’ tickets & pass options. The best option is to stay in zone 1-3, then you can take t+ tickets. You get that as a single ticket or in a bunch of 10 tickets, which is called carnet here. The booklet of 10 tickets is priced at 15 Euros. And the single ticket is priced at 1.9 Euros, and you get 50% discount for children. This is the best option if you are staying in zone 1-3, as per my recommendation. And if you want a better option, where you don’t have to buy tickets all the time, in that case, you can take mobilis pass. It’s a day pass and the price ranges between 7.5 Euros to 17.8 Euros. And the price depends on the zone selected. If you are going stay in zone 1-3 then the cost is going to be 7.5 Euros for the day. Now comes the 3rd and last option, which is my least preferred. That is Paris Visite Pass, The price for this, ranges between 13.2 Euros to 42.2 Euros. The validity ranges from 1 to 5 days for zone 1 to 5. I am not sure about the value for money of this pass. You can explore this option if you wish. Let’s talk about Paris’ Sightseeing & Attractions. Whichever destination you go to, first, check the website of Tripadvisor, Put your destination and select things to do. Scroll and browse the page, you will see lots of options, Top-rated things to do in that particular destination. You can also browse the choice of activity according to a category. Like Museums, Gradens, Natures and Parks. Churches, cathedrals Concerts, etc etc. So this tool is very interesting and you will get an activity based on your taste. Eiffel tower is the Icon of Paris and you will be seeing it may time during your short stay of 3-4 days. But to go up on the tower, you will have to buy an entry ticket, For that, you can use the official ticketing website of Eiffel tower. Because there are many more agents and website, they extort 2 to 3 times of money by selling guided tour and skip the line tickets and in my opinion, it’s not very beneficial also. Apart from Eiffel Tower, in Paris, there is one of the most famous museums in the world, Louvre. Louvre gives free entry on every first Monday of the month and Tuesday it remains closed. So, you plan the trip accordingly. There are many more museums in Paris, which you can see if you wish. If you are coming to see Paris mostly to see the Museums then Paris Pass is made just for you. You can buy this pass from the official website of Paris Tourism, The starting price of this pass is 40 Euros and it goes up to 155 Euros and valid for 5 days In 40 Euro pass, the inclusions are 1-hour boat cruise and 1-day sightseeing bus tour. And by paying 20 Euros extra, you go upto the 2nd level of Eiffel tower. In the pass for 2 days you get the same thing as the 1st one but also get 2-days museum pass and also the Paris Visite Pass for 2 days. Rest all the inclusions remain the same. The pass varies between 3 and 5 days. I did not take this pass since I did not find this pass of much help to me. Because I am not a big fan of Museums. I had taken an open bus tour for three days. You should take an open bus tour at least for 2 days if you are in Paris. Using this, you can see all the landmarks & attractions by sitting on the open deck of the bus. I found the entire city to be a historical landmark. Bus Pass comes in three options, One, two & three days. prices are 34, 38 & 42 Euros respectively. For children, the prices are fixed at 17 Euros, whether you take it for 1, 2 or 3 days. There are family passes & Bus plus Boat tour combination passes are there. You will get prices for all on this website. You can take 2 days bus + Bout tour from this website. This open bus runs on three routes, Red, Blue & Green and covers almost all the major attractions in the Paris city center. There is another company, Big Bus, giving a similar service but operating only 2 routes, hence I am suggesting that one. If you take this bus pass, then apart from using for sightseeing, you can use it for transport also. And you would also like to do Seine river cruise, that too, in the evening when the entire city is lit up with artificial lights. There are many companies organizing river cruise, you can book any one of them based on your convenience and pricing. Because the routes and the duration are identical in all of them. If you want to see entire Paris & Eiffel tower from the deck at 56th floor, the go-to Montparnasse tower. Although, they write it as Montparnasee but read it very differently. You should keep one day to see the Palace & Garden of Versailles. Which is around 30 KMs from the city center. You can buy tickets from the official website. You will get the best deals there. You can not miss a place if you have kids with you and that is Disneyland Even if the kids are not with you, then also, you must go to Disneyland once at least. This is approx 35-40 KMs from the city. I will recommend you to stay at least one night in Disney, so that after a tiring day you would not have to travel a lot to go to the hotel. Most of the hotels in Disney’s surrounding areas provide a complimentary shuttle to Disneyland Disneyland’s tickets are cheapest during the weekdays, So you should plan in a way that you reach Disney during weekdays. Apart from cheaper tickets, it will less crowded also. To book disneyland’s tickets, I would suggest you to go on the 3rd party websites. Where you might find tickets cheaper by 15-25 % with respect to gate prices. I have given the links to these websites in the description. There are 2 parks of Disney in Paris, one is Walt Disney Studios and Disneyland park. I would recommend you to take one day two park tickets, so that you can see both the parks. If you have got 2 days’ time then you can take 2 days 2 park option also. But if you are going to see both the parks in a day, then first go to Walt Disney studios And after that go to Disneyland Because the fireworks shows that happen during closing there are spectacular. So you must stay till closing. If you want to enjoy both the parks, then be there as soon as the gate opens. and stay till the very end. You can get park timings on the website of Disney. Before booking all the attraction, check their prices on 3rd party apps, like Klook, or KKDay Who knows, you might get a better deal . There are many more landmarks, other than Eiffel Tower, Louvre. Like Arc De Triomphe. Notre Dam Cathedral, All your 4 days are going to be very busy if you’re going to Paris. Not let’s talk about food, except for Disneyland, you can get Indian food very easily throughout the city. Especially, Gare Du Nord. Which is also called as a north station. There is a large Indian community there. There are famous Indian chain restaurants like Sangeetha & Sarvanna Bhavan. The Indian food here is a lot cheaper in comparison to Switzerland in Europe. You will get Daal here for approx 300 Rs. Dosa for Approx 300 Rs, Paneer Butter Masala for 600 Rs in Indian currency. If you are very tired then you can get your food delivered, using Uber eats, Uber Eats is available there. One more thing, you would not get Veg Burger in France’s McDonald & Burger Kings. And if you don’t want to spend too much on food, the in my Maldives series Video, I have given all the info on how do I minimize my food cost on international trips. You will get the link in the corner for that video. If we talk about accommodation in Paris, then there is no dearth of hotels you can get it in all the budget First, you select the area, in the city center near Eiffel Tower or Arc De Triomphe So that you can see all the attractions with ease. Shortlist, 3-4 hotels, look for the reviews & ratings on TripAdvisor, watch their videos on YouTube. And then finalize your hotel. Like entire Europe, AirBnB is a successful way of selecting your accommodation in Paris. In Paris city center, you may find a room for 3,000-7,000 Rs for a couple very easily. That stay can be shared room, or an independent apartment. You will get plenty of options. Look for reviews & ratings Then finalize your AirBnB. Let’s quickly make a rough estimate of expenses, this estimate is for a couple. For the flight, it’s 72,000 rs for 2 persons. For Visa it is 14,000 Rs. One thing to be kept in mind, that in these two expenses, you will covering French Riviera & Switzerland too. In Paris the hotel expense would be 40,000 Rs. 40,000 Rs on attractions & transport. and 15,000 Rs on food. So the total expense till now is 1,81,000 Rs including Flights & Visa. I have made this estimate based on today, 15th June’19’s exchange rate i.e. 1 Euro=78.5 INR. I will take you to French Riviera in my next Video. that is France’s south coast. Where there are beautiful cities like Nice, Cannes & Monaco. I will be sharing relevant info in addition to showing some beautiful sceneries. Hope that you have liked this video. If you liked then, Like, comment, share & Subscribe, these are the 4 keywords that I always say. So please, like & comment. So take care of yourself and keep on traveling. Thanks for watching the video.

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  3. I liked the video but still feel it lacks in proper methods of planning. I was expecting a detailed one like the applications or maps that's been used to travel in paris as I've read that the metro and routes are quite complicating. Can you suggest how to do the proper planning before heading towards the country. Does maps do justice in finding the closest stations from the property we're staying in or the attraction routes or for thewalking tours ? As It's hard to communicate in Paris because the majority of people doesn't understand English properly.
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