PARIS Travel Guide: Best Things to See, Do & Eat! Episode 1 | Little Grey Box

PARIS Travel Guide: Best Things to See, Do & Eat! Episode 1 | Little Grey Box

Hey you guys Phoebe here from Little Grey
Box with Matt behind the camera and today we are in beautiful Paris as part
of our #squadSQ adventure with the team at Singapore Airlines where they send
eight adventurers to different corners of their extensive network and lucky us
we drew Paris. Now if you haven’t watched our first video from this series
go back and watch it and then come back here so you are all caught up (music) Over the next few days that we are going
to be uncovering some of the very best things to see, eat and do in Paris and we
are starting here at Notre Dame Cathedral now Notre Dame literally means
Our Lady of Paris and it is consecrated to the Virgin Mary it’s thought to be
one of the finest examples of French Gothic architecture which makes it a
must visit it is absolutely stunning now as we all know on April 15 this year it
caught fire and the world watched it burn the fire destroyed one of its
spires it destroyed the oak framework and the lead roof as well you guys but
as you can see behind me there’s no entry obviously because it’s just not
safe in there it’s all kind of boarded up and sealed off so tourists can’t get
too close while they fix it and for what I understand it should take around
five or so years for the restoration to be complete but look even if you come
and visit during the next five years it is still worth coming to see it because
it is always gorgeous to look at (music) Here we are of course at the iconic
Louvre Museum, home to some incredible works of art including of the Mona Lisa
now this is a very very popular attraction so the lines are notoriously
long I have been lucky enough to visit before so didn’t feel the need to redo
it again on this trip as I’ve kind of been in there seen there done that and
wanted to do some different things but you guys if you haven’t been before you
absolutely should go and it’s a perfect thing to do on a really hot day or if
the weather looks like it’s going to be a little bit overcast but my advice to
you would just be to plan out the things that you want to see and make sure you
get here early and do your best to try and avoid those queues because they can
be a killer (music) Now I know it’s a cliche that people
always say you should just get on the streets and wander around when you’re
traveling but in Paris it is so so true we have been walking around all morning
just going wherever we felt like and it has been beautiful we’ve seen so many
great cafes and streets we’ve taken a million photos and we have ended up here
at Bibliothèque de Nationale Richelieu location now I really wanted to come
here this is like a selfish thing for me because I love libraries I’m a very
anxious mind and I have always found books and words and writing have been
soothing to me and I love the peace and quiet of the library so it was so lovely to
go in there and see the huge oval reading room. As a tourist you can
get in for free you can only go a couple of steps in and that didn’t matter to me
at all I love that there were no other tourists there just locals I could see
all the books and the architecture and it is absolutely stunning but now we’re
gonna do something a little bit different now I saw these Retro Paris Tours
which take place with Vespas and sidecars online and I thought I have
to do that. I think that’s our guide and we’re just creeping on them from across
the street we better go say hello Hello guys, I’m from Paris Here is our map of Paris she’s a from..
the artist is Fosca World and she is very famous around there… she made this
map just for us… she’s done the tour with one of the boys 3 years ago
when they started the company She fell in love with a driver..
ah with a concept, hahaha So she made this map just for us What I recommend is today we go visit
the Sacre Coeur which is a bohemian area of Paris so we start going Vendome
Square, Opera House, The Gallery Lafayette Moulin Rouge, which is a red-light
district… if you need to do some shopping you can let me know, hahahah (soooooul music) Retro Tours Paris offer amazing
sidecar tours throughout the city and you guys I cannot recommend this enough
we have only been going for a little bit of time and Matt and I have these smiles
plastered on our faces, our guide Ramon is da-man! He is so cool, I’m in the sidecar
Matt’s on the back of the motorbike it is so much fun now in terms of prices
your tour rates range you can do like a couple of hours, an hour
and a half, like we’re doing or you can book them all day for us I believe it was
around 160 euro for the two of us for an hour and a half guided tour and it is
worth it. We are loving it I have never seen Paris this way we have seen so many
things we’re whizzing down little streets and we’re here at Montmarte at
the moment and it is just divine (Soul music continues…) (he opens it up here! woohoo!) (music) When it comes to getting around in
Paris you have a few different options but by far the easiest and cheapest has
to be the Metro I mean everywhere we’ve gone it’s only cost about a euro ninety
one way and that is just cheap you guys the trains come quickly and there’s
no where you really can’t go we’ve been using the free app
which we always tell you guys about and it has been fantastic at plotting
the routes for us like it has now when we’re on our way home so I’m going to
show you how to buy your tickets is really easy there’s English and one
thing I will say guys is just to be wary of pickpockets while you’re on the Metro I think that if you use an appropriate amount
of caution and keep your bag to the front if you’re with somebody
just keep an eye on each other just be aware of people bumping into
and trying to distract you and things like that you should be fine but if you are
careless things can happen your bag can get slashed so don’t be careless keep your
bag to the front and keep your eyes on each other Touch here to buy your tickets…
It’s all very intuitive Tickets for Paris region… oh no I think
we went this one… full fare, yes… Two, because there’s Matt and me
3 euro eighty… Alright! and that is it! We are going the pink line so we’re going
to go this way and you guys like I said it’s really easy to figure out if you’ve
ever used to public transport system before you gonna have no troubles… even if
you’re a newbie it’s really intuitive (French music) We have been saying here in Haut Marais
that is Le Marais and it is a fantastic district when I was looking at the maps
where we should stay I was a little bit unsure about this spot I didn’t know if
it was too far out or if there was a lot to see and do in the area and it turns
out it has been perfect now this area is actually Paris’ the oldest district
dating back to the 13th century and the place we are saying is right here behind
us this is Hôtel du Petit Moulin forgive my terrible butchery of the
beautiful French language but this hotel is a really really special now you’ll
notice the Boulangerie at the front there that is the original shop front
that they have restored and maintained it used to be a bakery and it is in fact
credited as being the first bakery in Paris this is where Victor Hugo used to
come and buy his baguette every day and he, of course, is the author, the poet, who
published Les Misérables and The Hunchback of Notre Dame, so this place is incredibly
special now it is part of the Small Luxury Hotels Group so it is boutique
there are a small number of rooms the staff here are really lovely and what I
like about that is the personalized service they know who we are every
morning they know where we’ve been what we’re doing when we see them at breakfast
they are so kind and sweet to us and I really am starting to love that personalized
stay over really big hotels so you guys each of the boutique rooms here have
been designed by Christian Lacroix Matt tells me that’s a big thing on
Absolutely Fabulous. Lacroix sweety Lacroix sweetie, Lacroix and it really is absolutely fabulous
now in Paris you will know that rooms aren’t typically huge and I would say
that this room, for a Parisian hotel is huge this is really spacious this
bathroom is fantastic the shower has the rainforest showerhead which I love
great for washing your hair, great water pressure as well and then of course
behind me is our window! I love this it’s just such a cool thing to be able to
open up your windows and see everything and hear the street sounds it’s just like you’re inviting Paris into your room So we had ourselves a nice couple of hours resting in our hotel room but you guys we
are starving and after all that sightseeing both Matt and I were craving
burgers so we’ve come here to a Hank which is right around the corner from
our hotel they also have a pizza shop but burgers won tonight we have never
eaten here before of course so let’s go inside and give it a try (music) No day in Europe is complete without at
least one visit to a gelato shop this is just a nondescript one right near our
hotel I can’t even remember the name of it you guys doesn’t matter they serve up
beautiful gelato and shops like these are dotted all over Paris and I
recommend you visit your local gelato supplier in Paris at least once a day if
not three times. It’s the perfect way to end this hot day and unfortunately for me
this is melting quick so I’m going to stop talking
and start eating Good morning you guys
so it is our second full day here in Paris and I have to tell you we have
been experiencing some wild weather now on the first day that we arrived that
was the really hot day you probably saw on the news it was 41 degrees that is
105 fahrenheit for my North American friends it was so hot Matt and
I thought you know what we’re in Paris let’s get out there let’s get on the
streets and experience this thing Heat? What heat? We’re from Brisbane it’s hot
We’ll be fine, we were not fine we both just about got heat stroke and then today it
is 20 degrees cooler than it was the first day we arrived. It’s about
17 to 20 degrees today Now, I’m going to butcher this but here is my
best French at it… Musee de Picasso… oh yeah! so we’re going to go in there I think
it’s about 17 euros each to get in we’re going to try and beat this rain see some art
get cultured and then maybe afterwards grab some food (music) I love… walking around in here
It’s so nice It’s like a reminder that you don’t have to
do things perfectly which is something I struggle with a lot and there’s no right
way to do something there’s no right way to paint or draw or create and I love that
especially with this job creating videos creating content but more than that it
also makes me want to go home and start drawing, I just want to pick up a pen
and start scribbling and just get it out you know (music) After all that culture we have worked up
quite the appetite so we have come here to a local market. Marche des Enfants Rouges, oh my gosh my French accent is terrible you guys this is actually the oldest covered
market in Paris and it was established way back in 1628 now the name means
‘market of the red children’ and it refers to a nearby orphanage where the
children all used to dress in red the colour of charity but now it is this
bustling food market and I am starving and it smells incredible so we’re gonna
have a wander through there and we’re going to try and find some delicious
local food to try (music) So we did a lap around the market and we ended up here at Epicure Italian…..hahaha This lovely lady is in the back… at Epicure Fine Italian and the food looks amazing I think you’re looking at plates of
food for around 11 to 13 euro each so definitely a bit of a budget option
and there’s heaps to choose from you guys they’ve got loads different cuisines,
sweets, fresh food over there lots of drinks, lots of different things to try so
you can easily do a bit of an eating tour So I thought I would bring Matt to my
favorite art gallery, my favorite museum here in Paris and it is the Museum D’Orsay
I really, really love this gallery it is home to probably the most important
body of works around the Impressionist Movement and I just love it I could
spend all day in here but let me give you the hot tip if you come here in the
last hour of the day before they close they will just let you in for free as
they just have done them for us we were there queued up and they said hey just
walk-on in all of you, get in there and enjoy your last hour so we’re gonna
have a bit of a walk around now and I’m gonna show Matt some of my favourite
pieces I believe there is one heck of a Van Gogh hanging up in here (music) It is incredible the sheer volume of artworks and sculptures, personally I
love the paintings I just love them they are…. huge. Some of them you have to stand in
front of for 10 or 20 minutes just to see the full picture They’re breathtaking To be able to get that close to a Monet, Manet,
Degas, Renoir it’s… incredible If you only visit one gallery
one museum… make it this one (music) We thought it was about time we got our
teeth sunk into some traditional French food you guys so we have come here to
Le Potager du Marais which you can see behind me now they
specialize in beautiful French food that is all plant-based which is perfect for me
and my tummy I found it online it has amazing reviews I don’t know anyone
that’s eaten there personally but I’m about to. It’s about to be me and Matt
so let’s go over there and get our feast on and see if this place is as good
as it sounds (music) You would not believe how good that smells
what does it smell like… I mean it is French onion soup so it does smell like French
onion soup but it smells… incredible and Matt’s got one a heck of a spud
laid out in front of him too I think we’ve done something really right
for ourselves today I’m gonna eat this right now okay… the bowl’s really hot This is gonna burn my mouth
and I don’t even care, my mouth is watering That is so flavorsome that’s amazing Oh my goodness that food
was so good I am so full you guys it is… twenty past eight
now… let me tell you what happens in the southern hemisphere it’s dark if it’s
not dark at 5 p.m. it’s definitely dark by 7 p.m. Look at this!
it looks like 2 o’clock in the afternoon this is the third night
that Matt and I have tried to make it to dark and we’re failing again we just
cannot make it to sunset which is something like 9:30 or 10:00 p.m. so we
tried… we tried to stay out late, we had a late dinner and here we are walking
back to our amazing hotel so we’re just gonna get another great night’s sleep
and then we’re gonna hit it again tomorrow morning I will see you again
in the morning (*crunching* as a bread roll is
ripped apart by an animal!) Good morning you guys so we are starting our day here at Hôtel du Petit Moulin
with this beautiful continental breakfast now let me tell you. I have had
my fair share of continental breakfasts they usually involve some breads,
some cold cuts and a little bit of disappointment this place is nothing like that
the pastries are fresh the bread is incredible they’ve got plunger
coffee, fresh juices, there’s granola’s everything is simple but so well done
and another thing that my introvert side really likes is being a boutique hotel
and a small hotel we rarely run into people and if we are down here and there
other people it’s usually only one or two other tables. We have only spend a
couple of days here so far we have barely scratched the surface and we have
got so much more planned and all of that is going to be in our next video but
before we end this one there are a few tips and tricks I want to share with you
about visiting Paris. Firstly make sure you pack some really comfortable walking
shoes you guys I’ve been wearing my New Balance sneakers constantly we bought
met some brand new hiking boots not that we’ve been hiking but they are really
comfortable before we came to Paris and they have just been a godsend we have
been walking everywhere we’ve been on our feet all day and having
really good shoes has made all the difference I wouldn’t recommend anything
flat with no support. Secondly we flew from Brisbane to Singapore with Singapore
Airlines and then Singapore to Paris also with Singapore Airlines and we were
very very grateful to get to experience their Business Class products it was a
dream come true the service was impeccable, the food was delicious
the seats were comfortable we slept the whole way it was amazing but my tip for
you is this I have done the flight from Brisbane to Paris before all in one go
and I was so tired when I got here it really did take me a couple of days to
recover before I could get up and get running and start seeing and doing
things by flying from Brisbane to Singapore and then having one night two
days in Singapore to do some sightseeing then flying from Singapore
to Paris it just broke things up and it made it easy. Matt and I recovered
quicker the flight times were great we flew overnight we woke up in the morning
we were ready to go so if you can break up your journey I would recommend it and
hey you’ll get a bit of extra time in Singapore too. I would also recommend
organizing an airport transfer from the airport to your hotel now this is
particularly important if like us you come from the total other side of the
planet I mean if you’re coming from within Europe it’s a bit of a different
thing but if you’re doing those really long-haul flights you’re going to arrive
in Paris you’re going to be tired and trust me you will be very very happy
when you see your driver standing there waiting for you to take your luggage and
make your time easier you guys I would also recommend just walking around the
streets and finding great things to see and do on your own it’s a bit of a
travel cliche when people say I’ll just wonder there’s so much to see and do and
I don’t normally give that kind of advice because I think it’s too broad
and too cliche but I’m going to give you that advice here in Paris because that
has been some of Matt and my favorite time over the last couple of days we have
just loved wandering down back alleys just walking through the streets pausing
where we like checking out cafes it has been really really nice and lastly I
would just say to pack for all different types of weather we’ve been here for
maybe three days and we have experienced extremely we’ve experienced rain we’ve
experienced cooler temperatures we’ve experienced it also make sure you pack
things for all different kinds of temperatures we are here in late July so
it is summer and even still we have found we needed coats and umbrellas and
the like so be sure you pack for every occasion be sure to check out our next
Paris video which will be coming to your next week I really hope you enjoyed this
one now if you don’t already be sure to subscribe and say bonjour in the
comments below have a great weekend and I will see you next week love ya

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