Park Shin Hye and Park Se Young at Photo Camping Log Ep01 ENG ARA Sub

Park Shin Hye and Park Se Young at Photo Camping Log Ep01 ENG ARA Sub

Transcript by : Park Shin Hye Singapore Fanclub
Add Subtitle: ~Mohamed Sunbae~ ~Location: Quiet Bukchon Hanok Village ~ Today’s weather is great Slowly… We are about to see the world… This Celosia cristata (flower) looks like the bud is blooming The things captured in the photo feels different as compared to the real ones No matter what, must take a scenary photo that represents my current feeling and thoughts This looks like I’m quite naughty right? ~For the heart warming and pure moments, this summer special journey begins~ My first introductory letter. Writing down in front of the camera with a heart warming feeling. Hmm… let’s use this to write on For the one who will create this memorable camping trip with me. For now, not thinking about anything and just enjoy this camping trip with gratitude. To be able to able to spend my life with this person, looks like I will be more blissful This person, if we don’t meet, I will really miss her. This mysterious person. Yes, when we were together I really felt happy. Recently the time like now isn’t much. Now I really want to go on this camping trip with this person. Hope after reading my letter, she will be happy and reply to me too. ~To go on a memorable trip with Shin Hye on this program, are you curious about who is this person?~ This is the beautiful person is the one who has been busy for her drama shootings Blink Blink! She is the popular Se Young unni How is it? Going with Shin Hye Recently the weather is really hot, everyday I’m in the mist of shootings. To receive such heart-warming welcome style of going to a camp, I feel really good ~One is the Asia Hallyu Star Park Shin Hye~ The other is filled with energy, Park Se Young Their heart-warming camping trip starts now Park Shin Hye Park Se Young Photo Camping Log, 1 2 3, This is the coffee cafe place for novice campers, where campers are able to find camping necessities ~For the camping trip, they are here in Seoul Coffee Cafe~ In it, it is filled with camping necessities and tools Many new things, but no idea what are they for Wow! What is this? Suddenly there’s fire came out of it. What is this? What is this? This is the same too What is this? What is this? Seems like they are linked Boss? Yes! Boss, what is this for? Yeap, what is this? This is a mini charger for flashlight Oh, this is like a sunlight function Yes, this is like a sunlight function. If you turn this with your hand, this will be able to charge Ah, really? Ah, this is good Unni, please demonstrate the circling of sparks So this is it There are still many new things to explore This is our first camping trip, what do we need? ~What is the “must have item” for the both novice campers?~ ~Shin Hye spotted something!~ Lamp? Suddenly I have a new idea This is our couple pair Let’s light this up at night I’m able to imagine it now This looks like a new model This is a antique kind of lamp. Use your hand to turn and wait for the glass to be up, the lamp will be lighted in no time Oh… so this is it Which colour is nicer? Actually, since just now I have been wanting to choose this Is this the same as these? Yeap, they are the same Because the original colour of fire is red Is it pretty? I feel that this red is pretty Red is nice How about white? I want white.. white Since just now I feel that white is nice So let’s settle on these! Our first camping trip, our couple lamp Couple lantern So… let’s… let’s…. let’s…. I… have no money? Mr PD… Mr PD… Woww!!! Please get us the bill Because we have to let Mr PD see the receipt So let’s sign on it Thank you! Thank you Our first camping trip preparation is ready~ So great~ Can’t wait to use it ~For the plan of the camp, Shin Hye and Se Young headed to the rooftop~ WOW!! Wow, this is so unique! Wow, so pretty!! This is like what I imagined Omo! Look at that mong mong, the looks is really ugly Hello! There are two of them! Omo!!! Your looks are really ugly but cute! ~Happy that we were welcomed by cute doggies. In this moment, do not forget about taking pictures for memories~ I took this picture Omoooo!! Ahh!! Great! Ah~ Why do I feel like I’m treated all well already This is a little shaky There are lamps too We have not started yet, but we feel like we are already We are entering our camping world now Because I have been water skateboarding, I have seen the people there for camps Hmm.. hill.. sea… Hill VS Sea Unni, which one do you prefer? Do you prefer the mountain or the sea? Sea! Sea?! Same as my thoughts! Haha Water Water? Let’s play there first Today’s timing.. is a little.. ours are like all fully filled up Oh, yes, really filled up njoy enjoy, if we have a little time we still need to spend it joyfully! Now I’m here feeling so great Nope! We can’t be satisfied with the current things here unni~ ~There are still presents for the two campers to enjoy their romantic special camp~ ~For the camp! The presents for both!~ Really so cute Feels like those dong dong deng deng~ ~This is the car prepared for the two campers. How is it? Satisfied?~ Wowww~~ Can we sit in it? Ah.. why is it like that Hello! Are we sitting in this to the camp? ~This is the car for our camping log and till now our journey is still perfect. Our first camping trip starts!~ Hahahahahaha Wowwww This kid keeps farting See! It is pulling that This sound feels like we are sitting in a train Yeah, the sound~ Ah~ This is interesting! Interesting! Ah~ Why do we feel so excited sitting in this? Sitting in this is so chilling Yeap I don’t feel warm at all This is our first time going on a camp.. but we don’t really know about it.. Why not we ask others about it? Through SNS? Maybe after a talk we will get some good answers? Se Young unni and I are going on a camping trip^^ But in fact we do not know where to goTT ~As novice campers, they have released it on SNS~ The camping trip atmosphere is good too There are a lot of people wishing us luck for our first camping trip The enjoyable camping trip near the city Before the start of the camp, we should have a warm up~ Now we have reached the camping site at Hangang Ah~ We have reached Oops, my clothes dropped Wow~ Reached! It has been a long time since I last saw the Hangang water. So let’s start now! Come! Let’s get started? For our romantic camping trip, Se Young unni has prepared a lot of delicious food and pretty table cloths. Very soon, we will have the space to ourselves! Park Shin Hye, Park Se Young first camping trip. Taking lots of photos to keep this memorable forever Come, take it out Firstly Put the bread here will be better Please put it beatifully Beautifully? Yeap, and take a photo So only when guys are not around then it can be done or else when you are ready to take photos, it will be messed up Put it nicer, I will take the photo There are drinks too So feminine yeah? This is the first time you see me preparing all these right? Yeap, everyday when I wanted to do something.. Yes or No That is not manly! That is ignoring Recently I have been the feminine type Seems like we are so different At first it is like not much to talk about Quite shy when meeting for the first time Now as compared, we are not so shy already Because you are here Ah! Because with me! It is also like the first time we took pictures like we are playing around So, for our first camping trip, we must take more pictures together for memories For each of us, let’s create a photo album. How is it? It is fine if unni look or didn’t look into the camera let’s us just write or draw something in the album. When it comes out, it will be interesting ~Shin Hye and Se Young are creating memories for their camping trip The photos taken today are also able to put into the photo album So now, it is a must to create enjoyable camping memories!~ We are now cycling around Hangang Ah~ This is really great! It has been long since I last cycled like this To play around with the one you like like this, to accompany you to take a breath around, to me, it is really special Bit by bit, our important moments, adding them together to create a memorable photo album for each other. Writing down the important moments, thought that I wouldn’t be able to complete but thinking of unni, I completed unconsciously. Wanted to make for my important person, I feel that the moments are really special. Although I have done the booklet, to present it to many people, I will do it in a more unique way. During our first meeting, we felt really awkward because both of us are actresses. Spent really some time during our first meeting Oh! It was different to what I imagined Had some worries but in the end we got along really well ~What about Se Young unni to the first meeting?~ I’m quite a serious person. So I tend to worry a lot..
Afraid if I will feel awkward. But Shin Hye is really nice.
She is good at bringing up topics. So, very fast my heart opened up to her and we became really close. (How do you feel about the camp) Firstly, I’m a person who hasn’t been to camps for a very long time, so I am feeling quite excited. The outcome is far better than I have imagined. To spend the times with the person you like is really enjoyable. (To spend your time with your loved ones) I really like it Only the 2 of us, the feeling is really good Just like this, the first piece is complete Unni, are you done? Ah? Yes I’m done Ah, really? There is still a little left, please wait.. wait! While Se Young unni and I are busy working on the photo album, a SNS message popped up. A cool guy’s wishing message. He is a famous CF and movie director. Can you guess? You know him right? He invited us to his camp Unni, please come here for awhile Unni, do you know Yong-ih (??) director? Movie “Do You Like Spring Bear?” Director knew that we are having camping and asked us if we are having a good time. Director also likes to camp so he invited his to his camp SY: Really? Yeap So let’s tidy here up and get over there? Let’s go Unni, I will tidy here Because we are camping, to those who have given their help to us, we will hurry tidy up this place, and move on to understand more about camping ~Surprisingly we were invited to director’s camp in Hangang. His kind of camping is a home-style camp. What is it like? After the end of Hangang camping trip, we are now setting off to our second campsite~ Reached director’s house. It rained and our stomach are hungry. In-house camping style, please anticipate! Hello Hello ~Official intro: This is our director Yong-ih~ Excuse us Excuse me… Wow!! Wow!! So beatiful No matter what, we have started our camping. Hope that director can give us some tips I also like camping, so when I heard that the both of you are starting your camp, I prepared a gift. Talking about camps, isn’t eating is the joy? Hence, I prepared food This is great! Finally, we get to enjoy ~Director Yong-ih prepared camping food~ Wow, looks good Actually camping is making the food together and eating it joyfully. These are the various vegetables and meat to make to skewers. Which one should we do first? ~ Using different types of ingredients and meat, Which one should we do first? Which one to make first? Does the sequence matter? It is according to one’s eating sequence. Skew your last choice at the last. After putting them together, put the most firm ingredient inside will be better Putting different types of ingredients and meat together only takes about 10 seconds, easy? What do people usually eat in camps? Is this also included? yes Are there any food more convenient for ladies to eat? Curry, is it also very simple and delicious. And these skewers, it is quite easy to make. You just have to cut it nicely and skew them together. The most important thing during camping is to be close with the natural environment. Hence you can go and source for some fresh ingredients to make some food. It will taste nice. After talking, we have completed our skewers ~While doing our first camping meal, now let’s enjoy it officially Do you want to barbecue the skewers? Looks delicious right? Yes Take one each and barbecue. You should barbecue it yourself, so that there is a camping interest After the barbecue, we should take some pictures ~ Following the aroma of our first camping meal, it has been done! Is it cooked? Yes, look at the colours Time to take pictures! ~ To take care and made delicious food for us, Director, Smile! Let’s have an official food testing Wow, our skewers are done! Can you see it? Looks delicious try eating it Let’s eat ~ How will the food taste like for our first camping meal? Delicious Delicious Delicious? Not because of hunger right? But looking at this, the ingredients that we have put together and the sauce… it is really nice You can taste the taste of the different kinds of ingredient right? Yes Now it raining… Listening to the rain drops, it feels like listening to music Good right? There isn’t any music band around here Sitting in here feels so great So your first camping experience is ending.. For campers, we like this kind of romantic feeling. Enjoying with the colours and the rain dropping sound It is our first time experience, really appreciate it Seems that your luck is really good Yeah~ At first I was thinking, it is raining, what to do.. But unknowingly we have gained a lot of experience in it ~The Shin Hye who likes the rain dropping sound A week later.. The rain is heavier than what we imagined (NEXT WEEK: RAIN CAMPING) What are our camping concepts? We have not tried it before. No idea how to do but we are really lucky Yes Like the both of the pretty ladies, it will be good to have such a pretty camp Shin Hye, have to make it prettier So, let’s have the glass of fruit juice For your future cool camping, cheers! Our first camping trip experience… Now, the time belongs to the both of them Today, we really took a lot of pictures and we did a photo album, how is it? I’m really curious Because this is the first time I’m doing this, in fact I have been thinking of how to do it. putting all the pictures and writing my thoughts down Me too Chose this Hangang photo Took it anyhow but felt it is pretty. My first time, but the photo came out good My goosebumps all came up but you still have to listen. Felt her charms, she has been popular since 2013, she is popular among people, let me introduce my unni, Park Se Young Wangwang~ Our unni really likes little dogs She can really get close to animals My passionate Se Young unni, will be with me in the future right? The next camp, I… I will be able to do and feel a lot we should find each other’s precious memories, the feeling is good. Although today we have to sleep in the same tent.. will the feeling be like we are in a forest… ~Putting all things behind for now and just rest with the one you like, how is it? To write down things like this is a forever memory~ Wow, we hanged really a lot Have we filled the photos? ~ My camping trip will have more memories! Goodbye! Thank you for watching Transcript by
Park Shin Hye Singapore Fanclub Add Subtitle
~Mohamed Sunbae~

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