PART 1 D&D Happy Holiday One-Off (Guests: Dingo Doodles, Zee Bashew)

PART 1 D&D Happy Holiday One-Off (Guests: Dingo Doodles, Zee Bashew)

Hey, what’s up Puffin Forest here, this is a video from a raw game I played with two other D&D animators Dingo from Dingo Doodles and Zee Bashew who makes the animated spell book I’ll put the links to their channel in the description of this video They do amazing content and I would highly recommend Their work after we had that roundtable between the three of us all of us got a flood of messages from people Asking that we play D&D. So here it is. We did it you guys can stop messaging us about it But really it was a lot of fun I really appreciate Dingo and Zee for making the time for it Thanks to Felix who volunteered to run the game is his first time running 5E, and he did a great job We split the game into two parts. This is part 1 on my channel and part 2 is up on Dingo’s Channel That’s the intro. Hope you guys enjoy So this is our our first 5e game For Felix and I yep. Yeah, look you’re gonna You’re gonna maybe like it. I you know what? Okay, going through the stats and like making the character sheet I can see why people go towards this version cuz it’s nice and simple and it is just it’s much Yeah more into 3.52 we play so heavily home-brewed. It’s more similar to 5 than 3.5. That’s true. That’s true. It’s more like yeah 3.55 version. So yeah But yeah, I think But yeah for anybody who doesn’t know Felix is the DM of The Fool’s Gold campaign that I am animating currently slowly on my channel, which is dingo doodles So we’ll see how it goes. We’ll see how it goes. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, but let’s have some fun. Yeah. Alright awesome We should first Describe our characters. Yeah, did you do we want to do the descriptions right away? Yeah, like we should introduce our characters who wants to go first I’ll go first. All right my character is named Kali and like cauliflower because I name a lot of my characters after food and weird sounds and she is from the Underdark and is and she’s a cleric of peel or and her origin is she kind of got tired of under dark and All their shenanigans and all their you know murdering each other all the time, so she came up to the surface looked a little too long in the Sun and now has big old round glasses because she invest up her eyesight and she wears like a powder blue tunic Chainmail and she uses a Morningstar mace and she wears a wizard hat because she secretly wanted to be a wizard, but she didn’t have the smarts for She couldn’t get it so she wears a wizard hat secretly wanting to become a wizard and she’s a huge fan of worldwide wizard wrestling which is WWE Is that she’s super into wizard wrestling Yeah Okay, who’s next All right, so I’ll step up. So my character is Zeebo sub wrath and he was a long time entertainer and traveler and would tell stories and He eventually came to the light of pale or and has Kind of stumbled in with the recent ocol Church and is going around Trying to do some good in the world. And that is e is a gnome by the way as well. He’s very flamboyant Still has kind of that entertainer background that’s gonna be fun Cuz all my characters all my characters for some reason don’t like gnomes and it’s just been a standard joke I’m sure we’re going to get along great I’m not really sure about that. Also, she has a southern accent Yeah Alright, so I am Z vashu and I am playing masa, Posen he is somebody who tends to the The gardens of the temple to pay lore and wherever we are and he is a old dwarf and botanist and researcher Who kind of thinks that like, you know? You can see the face of pale or in every plant in in nature itself. You know what I mean? So that’s his that’s his deal Call your leg goes up to a flower and like Don’t worry I’ll try to put it back on. I know it’s on the ground now it actually has many curative properties Okay, well I mean it’s funny cuz now I’m thinking Hollies just surrounded by too short guy Uh, well no, she’s like a standard no, she’s like five foot eight Actually, she’s she a little more on the taller side But I’m just thinking where she’s just like alright, let’s let’s go fight evil and Go let go my children She’s like Well, actually, I don’t know how old she is. But like drowse do live quite a long time So they’re like 750. Sometimes they can go up to so, uh, yeah, she’s she’s probably on the 200s side So yeah, I’m older than you Yeah, but you’re showing me Time has compressed my son I used to be 5 foot well, I mean You’re doing fine with what you got Hey, thank you for your kind words. Hey, lor praise you And to you as well I Guess I should introduce myself as well. But I’m Felix Like I said you I hosted the Fool’s Gold campaign my first ever 5 e game now and I am playing everything else Is the world and everything in it Pretty much. All right, so let’s dive into this. So you guys I’ll just refer to you guys as the party You guys have been traveling together for about a week now to a small mountain town? Named Burke. I’m and Your presence has been requested at the town by the mayor to give Taylor’s blessing to this town’s celebration called lanterns Eve your travels have been fairly safe if really cold and you have actually arrived at the town kind of the like the morning of the celebration taking place and You were accommodated, but it sounds people in the local inn which is just a quaint little a little Inn with like four rooms at most and You have been hosted by the inns owner a sweet old lady named mrs. Broad bottom and I love her and You’re currently just hanging out these at the end. You are a Memphis. It’s brought bottom broad bottom broad bottom broad bottom Yes, but I asked her race she is a human and She’s definitely in her probably like 70s or 80s But she’s a sweet old grandma and After chillin at the inn for a little while You have actually been caught by her to join her for dinner before you are picked up for tonight’s celebrations Mmm, lovely thank you dinner. That would be fabulous I would absolutely adore that. Tiny old lady. I love you All right, just have a seat wherever you like just make yourself at home make yourself cozy I’ll bring the food right out and she’s actually brought you to her little dining room, which is just a large table There’s a there’s a fireplace on the side. Everything is decorated for the holiday spirit It’s just a it’s a really cozy place to be right now. Her voice is like a song Yeah, so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna take some like sheets or some like clothes or something and put them onto my chair So that way I have a little bit extra height Okay. Yeah, I level with everyone there And and as that’s happening like just like behind him in the shot. I’m sort of like ups-a-daisy Like toddler style half body getting out of a pool getting on to these You you want you want some you want some help and I just kind of like put my hands hovering underneath you Y’all right? Thank thank you. Okay, thank you. I will repay this. Oh, you know, I don’t need like a blood elf It’s fine I Only kill Moses like really just gets very sinister to be a warlock instead Shortly after you all find your place in walks miss broad bottom from the kitchen along with the young girl also human and They set the table It seems like a delicious turkey dinner as mashed potatoes as veggies everything belonging in a you know nice holiday dinner And she says well you all enjoyed this food and I’d like you to meet my niece. This is Neela Neela Why don’t you introduce yourself? And Neal is just kind of awkwardly on the spot. She’s like ah Hi Marcia precious and she just sits down at the table z-bo zabrze and I take off my hat and Actually my hat was already off because we’re inside but I would kind of give a bow Do you follow in the in the light of Pilar and go up really intense to? I start coughing and hoping that Callie gets the I’m just Kind of a free spirit it is important to you, dear Yes, sure. Okay, Laura. I guess you don’t seem to have much You know faith this. Oh how these potatoes they’re just delicious Oh Thank you dear I really put all my heart and love into those And then I just like sit back and just start eating, all right, so yeah So so like he’s sort of he he he holds up. He holds up it a hand I’d like to just get a little insight on these on these people. How come how closely did they seem to be watching us eating? Like I don’t take a bite yet. I am in fact eating Neela just dived straight into her food and miss brought bottom or didn’t take a couple bites But she’s definitely looking at you guys expectantly Like somebody made a delicious meal and wants to hear if you guys like it or not. So standard grandma Yeah, it’s I guess it’s the it’s a mixture of do you guys love it? And do you taste the poison? It could be interpreted as either or alright, so a cautious man by nature He almost like takes out takes out a you leaf and starts to sort of just shake it a little bit above the paper above his blade detects poison I have this funny image of my head of my characters like oh I got something kind of my teeth. I pull it out it’s a bottle of poison and I kind of I kind of like push my plate over to Gayle Moss and be like, can you can you bless? It is a 10-minute prayer often Is it not my fellows? And so yeah, I Guess He’s just thinking like, um, that food’s gonna be so cold either Both meal I miss broth bottom kind of stare you guys questioningly as the food gets cold before their very eyes But you are convinced that this food is not poisoned. Well, I mean that that’s good By the time they finish the ritual like all whoo, and I’m like leaning back my chair. That was that was something I’m like making my teeth of the bone. Well, I can certainly see when they brought the the three of you to this festival I mean you seem like a like a hard work and paler buns Don’t you my carrot when she says working on my character flinches at work? I? Slowly turned to you Yes. Oh, we are very dedicated to Lord Pilar In all his blessings and his light rail or lessons Well, I’m sure the mayor is gonna be happy to see you should be here pretty shortly You better finish your food soon before he comes and picks you up for the festival eat my cold food now And I guess so yeah Yeah, I start digging in and may Tefo smile upon you and like it it gets stuck in this place so it’s just a nice guy dinner after that point and Y’all finish your food. It was just quite delicious. You’re not poised. Nobody’s dead. Y’all good not too long afterwards you hear a knock on the door and Mr. Mrs. Brought bottom stands up and says Oh dad that must be the mayor. I’ll be I’ll be right back to check on that Minister now It’s just the three of you with Neela sitting there the young little girl and she’s kind of intimidated looking at the three of you Because I should specify this girl is maybe like seven or eight Oh, okay. That makes sense why she was freaked out by our level of intensity. Yes. I Want to I want to ask her I go up to her and I go so Neela So what exactly is this festival of lanterns? herself Yes, this is it’s the lanterns Eve celebration we do this every year It’s at the darkest night of the year and we send up a bunch of lights and lanterns To light up the night to celebrate pale or fabulous It sounds really nice Yes, really? It sounds like a beautiful event Just lately we’ve leaned on the in the past few years some people if like they’ve gone missing during these festivals It’s like that’s why we brought in some priests because we want like a like a nice blessing, you know Mmm, we didn’t hear about that What when was the what was the last festival last woman yeah Last year, we had a festival and that’s when my parents went missing. Oh You’re the parents lesson staying with my grandma ever since Wow dang girl, this is such a bummer Just like the festive air just goes like Well, don’t worry, I mean we’re here to bless and I know that Pilar will Fight like we will help find your parents. And yeah, maybe maybe if we could find the people maybe we could bless them too Maybe they didn’t believe in pale or enough All right I’m gonna stay away from this depressing child at the moment. Well shortly after that. Mrs. Brock bottom returns and walks walks in and says Well, everyone that is indeed the mayor. Are you all ready to go now? I would say so what? Yeah, Oh almost ready child Yes, what what were the names of your parents are the name of my parents were John and Jane? Joel oh gee. Mm-hmm, John and Jane brought bottom. Ah Yes, so this is your grandmother on your father’s side. Oh, right. Yes. Well beautiful names powerful names Yes Thanks they’re nice people very Yes, very unique Well miss broadband pipes up against us you really should get going no we don’t want to be late to the festival, uh Yeah, come on head out. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah You guys walk out to the entrance of her house And on your way to the door She actually hands each of you a small little wrapped up box And she says here’s some cookies for the roads unless you don’t get hungry tonight I’m like, oh, thank you, and she just barely sees me pull out the you forget And I just like slowly put the box towards you You confirm once again that these cookies are not poisoned After ten minutes outside stands a very impatient mayor In front of a horse-drawn sleigh and the best way to describe what you see here that this mayor is he stressed a little bit like monopoly man has a bit of a bit of a bit of a hefty man elven in nature and Seems to be kind of middle-aged and he certainly has that the monocle and the top hat going like he’s he’s all-out monopoly man Hey Louis, blessings have arrived And when I step out I do minor illusion like power like flat Petals and flowers like fling with my fingers as we’re coming up the road towards him pleasure pleasure Palos blessing be upon all of you. Oh, yes lovely to see you. Yeah, and I I I Punch it up with a little thaumaturgy I just look at these idiots Clerics of paler that we hired are both powerful and flashy, it’s great to see you Will you not join me on the sleigh style is very important and we will proceed to the celebrations Yeah, let’s let’s get going. He like he opens the door to the horse-drawn sleigh You guys can hop in if you like definitely happen and I do introduce myself as Zeebo again I do the bow and everything pleasure to meet you and what might the rest of you be called. I am was person Colin Massey for short Yeah, you can call me boss And my name is Callie, well, it’s a pleasure to meet you all my name is mayor Roy I’m really a pleasure and with that he hops in the sleigh and Tells the driver to get going now that you guys are outside I’ll kind of scratch the town a little bit more you can picture kind of like a quaint of mountain town So the houses are built in a bit of an older old-school fashion. There’s definitely a thick layer of snow Hence, the horse-drawn sleigh. The town is quite dark. You can see any and all lanterns and torches have been extinguished It seems like that’s in preparation for the festival and it’s quite decked out. So think of like all the holiday decorations There’s ribbons and everything and trees around so it’s it’s festive. It’s beautiful You also see lots of people in the street They all seem to be heading the same way as you but you’re obviously up pacing them in your slits when we’re driving along I would actually try to initiate a conversation about so Apparently I’ve been hearing rumors something about missing people on the lanterns festival. Mmm. Oh, yes, very very unfortunate If we’ve had a couple disappearances for the past couple festivals, we’re not quite sure what’s causing it but that’s why we kind of brought in Lee, you know, the Elite so to speak Yes, when he says a lead, like I’m like I put my hands on my arm or arms until I sign Omaha like the elite Flicker throw some more petals. Well your confidence speaks for itself So I’m very glad that you are here to could tell you a bit about the festival itself there was just a small stage and the town will gather around and I will be holding just a short speech and before we turning it over to you to do a little breath a blessing for the town and Then we will kind of release our lanterns and light up the town And from there on it would be a lovely celebration. Is that all right with all of you? Yeah. Yes Of course it is. Okay. I do have a few questions before we give our blessing. Yes When did this tradition begin? Oh, well, as as far as I can think back I think would just Probably a hundred years or so by now a hundred years at least definitely before my time here as mayor and he gives he gives a it gives like a little bit of like a hmm and then looks at it looks at Kali like humans a Hundred years And and I’m sure that this has been covered by some of the other locals. But what does it symbolize? well, it symbolizes the Our devotion and our blessing to pay lower we worship a low here that we have a small little chapel I think we are all of one faith here and you’re right we would Of course like to appease pale or and have him light up the darkest night of the year. Oh That’s interesting And the disappearance is only started in the past three years from what we’ve heard. Yes. Only the past three years. Hmm It’s very unfortunate as a tarnishes our celebrations. Yes, it is other than young and same broad bottom Who has disappeared? what I Turn to Mawson Like I’m double I’m double checking my notes And he he like brings up a little notebook and it just says John and Jane brought bottom on it Well, I’m assuming you referring to John and Jane brought bottom And yes, they disappeared last year in the years before it seems to be mostly Single-family SOI like a husband and wife that would disappear, but not the child I don’t have any recollection of missing children. No and did each of them have children Yes, all of them had children that they left behind which unfortunately had to then stay with their grandparents bless them interesting That’s all I I have to ask. All right. Thank you You’ve been very helpful Thank you again for being here. We really appreciate this. I had no problem. I love the monocle. But oh Well, thank you very much. Cherish. It mas. Do you want a monocle? I mean deep did you want one? I Cannot afford such a thing. Ah Maybe as a present, I’ll get you one. Oh Please please allow me and the guy read mayor Roy um reaches into his coat pocket and pulls out another monocle and Says here as a sign of good faith and celebrations Please take this monocle and it’s just a nice golden Monaco in this Holiday, I suppose He takes he takes the monocle and immediately inserts it yeah All right. You’ve been monocled Thank You, Monica No, he’s too excited I’m snowed step1 have players ask for monocles Thank You Poisson And Now you have arrived in the towns Plaza It’s already a lot of people here You can see that most of them are holding paper lanterns in their hands the sleigh rides up to the stage you all hop off and walk into a small wooden stage behind you is probably like a 20-foot tall decorated pine tree it’s gorgeous looking and as soon as the mayor with you steps up on the stage Everybody quiets down a little bit and paying attention To all of you. Hi, is there anything you want to do? What do you want to let the mayor speak? we’re just gonna I mean just let the Yeah, wait for her to yeah, I’m just giving you opportunity to embarrass people. That’s why oh Yeah, you know what though there is a big crowd, right I am gonna keep an eye on like kind of the perimeter of the crowd just in case someone gets nabbed. Okay for sure So for me what I would probably do is try and initiate some conversation of some casual conversation with people like yes It’s lovely afternoon evening. We’re going to be having this performance blah blah blah We’re here to help low blah blah and then I would try and be getting information on what time if there was any time That the people went missing on the stage. Oh, yeah. Yeah, we’re on stage. So I guess I can’t wait Well, I mean you can just shout out to the crowd. You can talk off to people right by the stage Yeah, you just fit you’re being like a hype man Sorry, it’s sorry I forgot I was thinking I was thinking like, oh we might have a little bit of time before then or something like that I’m like, oh never mind. No, we were me on there. So no something to do later This is something to do later. You do have a moment if you’d like to do the investing investigation Okay just kind of ask around and try and figure out or even Maybe even I would just talk with the mayor just quietly like what time if if anyone knew anything about the time that they got? Nabbed right? Would that be an investigation rule? Um Yeah, sure. I think that could work. Yeah, go ahead Eighteen, all right You just scan through the crowd and strike up some small conversations To get to gather some information if you find out that all of them seem to be going missing right around the height of the festival, so right when the The speech is concluded like everybody is they said they sent up there, you know their lanterns the town is lit up It’s like shortly after that moment people seem to go missing from what okay People recall and a lot of people seem like they don’t want to talk about it because it’s kind of like against the holiday spirit But yeah, yeah They share information with you because I guess you just seem like a a guy to be mellow with approachable knowledgeable and trustworthy and I guess with that the mayor will kick off the festival and he’s just kind of addressing the crowd He’s saying, you know, welcome everybody for joining us again this year for this year’s lanterns Eve celebrations we hope you’ve all brought your most Festive spirits and you’ve all made your lanterns in the past week. I hope we have some extras for our guests today and with that actually three kids run onto stage and Shove a lantern in each of you guys’s hands and it’s just like a small cute little painted Paper lantern was like a candle in it. I Love you, I will adopt you if your parents go missing And mayor om has been contained continuing to talk and says And of course to bring the extra dash of light to this year’s festival we have these wonderful three clerics of paler with us today if there would be so kind and step up and give us a small speech and a little And with that all the attention goes to the three of you. Go ahead Who wants to go first? All right. Oh, I will immediately step up first Like if someone else was gonna come up I would cut in front About to go and just like melt Darlings darlings lovely and as I’m doing like blowing kisses to the audience and I’m like throwing up the the flowers and the and the sparkles with my minor illusion like Thank you all for coming again together showing us together that the light in our hearts Going outward forth into our lanterns when we raise it above we are showing that we are raising it above the darkness We are greater than it together with the light of pale or shining above and I hold out the lantern and then I do The light and I am assuming at this point I’m supposed to let it go or is that it correct? As soon as everybody’s spoken you do it and it’s God Let it go and then I realize that no one else is gonna do it so I catch it again. Oh Okay. Give me give me a dex role for that. Okay? All right So, um anyway, so the ye it starts going up and I miss it And then I pretend I just kind of like I commit to it I’m like Throw out the lights All right We as the clerics we as the clerics guiding you forth can’t believe we got paid for this Going forward a lone Lantern is raising into the night sky with Anybody else like to contribute to the speech? Are you guys just gonna throw up your lanterns? Uh moss. Did you want to go? Oh, I should mention the people are enamored by your speech. They’re excited. Oh It I think we should just agree Yeah, collies gonna try to stop the lantern To stop the lens. Yeah, you managed to stop that line It’s funny because like moss is so short where Kali just like puts an arm above it Yeah, like like just just one hand just like a balloon like cool yeah no no, no, we’re not doing that now the mayor kind of budgets into and says, oh, that’s just wait don’t Yeah, don’t don’t don’t and then Kali kind of like goes forward and comes up to the stage and says in light of this great festival I would love to bless you all and hope for your new year to be full of light and good paler stuff and If you don’t believe in pale or let him come down and smite you from the inside out Your eyeballs will liquefy and your your bowels will explode But if you believe in him, then you shall live in peace and prosperity Be praised Praised get people hyped up and excited in the first part and then in the second part I was kind of looking at each other and eventually there’s like a slow clap Coming from the crowd like they think they should be clapping at this All right. I think I did my job and then the mayor pipes up and says Well before we release the lanterns We would just like to give each a few token of our appreciation and the three kids that gave you the lanterns come back onstage and They asked each of you to kneel oh and they’re holding what looks like a tree ornament like a ball ah, and it’s like it in green in color unlike a purple ribbon and It has some gold decoration on it and they want to reward you with it. Mm Do you all kneel down? Yeah, yeah Yes, I take it I do take a look at the what do the decorations look like specifically like Are there any engravings or is it just sort of like stones and and little beads and stuff? There’s a skull cross bone No, it looks like yeah, does it look like poison and you have to put your little leaf over top Looks like somebody gave a kid some glue and gold glitter Thanks doesn’t have very good resale value Symbolic value than a monetary value. Okay, so it’s worthless Yeah, and they they kind of put it on on each of you Or hand it to you if you prefer okay, so so when when when the child brings the necklace down I I reach up and touch One of their cheeks and basically just cast guidance on. Okay, what does that do? It gives them advantage on ability checks, I think. All right, you get some an additional d4 on their ability check. Yeah Yeah, not advantage. Yeah Okay, so it’s like a little blessing. Yeah, but yeah, yeah, essentially. Yeah, it’s symbolic. I don’t think that they’re gonna actually have The kid kind of lights up a little bit it’s excited it just got a blessing from an actual paler cleric and Sultan Thank you. And then like runs away with its friends giggling at this point. What I would actually like to do is Once once I kind of like settled down or something, I might actually try and do this thing where I make a duplicate image I do the invoke duplicity make the duplicate and then I would actually bow off of the stage to go look around Okay What a good use Yeah and so in basically I’m kind of gonna be looking around through the crowd to try and get some investigation like see if anyone is watching Not watching us but watching the crowd from the outside or something. Okay, sure you hop off stage well, everybody else is still kind of engaged in the speeches and such and you Go around the crowd and I guess that would be another Investigation I think would be investigation or perception at that point. Okay? Investigation. Yeah, okay. That is a six Okay you see Maybe a guy that’s drunk a little bit too much wine, but aside from that everybody seems pretty pretty pretty into the celebrations Nobody’s off in the corner awkwardly staring at this crowd. Okay so once again I’m kind of be slunk amongst them kind of look it around and that’s going to be where I am for now for sure With that the mayor says on stage and now it’s the moment We’ve all been waiting for the lighting up of our small little town and you see when he says that being all the crowd Make sure that lanterns are lit and ready. The mayor does a little 3 2 1 countdown and as soon as he finishes Everybody throws their lanterns up into the sky. So What’s our position to the tree? Because the tree at the center of the crowd were behind us I know I know you said before I’m sorry. No, it’s okay. So massive tree is behind you You’re on the stage facing the crowd. Okay, make sense. Yes, totally Yeah, I mean, I guess I released my my lantern but I keep an eye at the crowd for sure oh, I would I would also give Moss the blessing of the trickster, so that’s advantage on stealth checks for one hour. Okay. Nice. I Will say before you decide on me I did I do. I well I I’m in heavy heart out because that would yeah, so The thing is I have to give the blessing to one of you too And I don’t think Callie’s gonna try and be sneaky. Your character is trying to be sneaky on it on and off so That’s true So the lanterns have all risen up in the sky and with that actually the lanterns of the town Are also lit up and the entire place is illuminated quite brightly. It’s really For a cleric of pay Lord. This is a beautiful sight to see I’m in awe. I am not even I’m not even looking up at the Lights, cuz I’m I’m just watching the crowd just like a hawk. Just thinking like okay, they’re gonna be making their move Any any minute now? Uh, what about geld mass? Are you watching like the festivities? Are you focusing on the crowd? What are you doing? I think He’s probably He’s looking he’s looking around at the crowd like like giving hand hand signals to Say FEMA sorry about Zeebo and I’m I’m kind of giving like the I don’t see anything like kind of the swish-swish for the around the neck or something Like that, like nothing I’m getting nothing. Yeah. Yeah And Kali, what are you up to? Well, I mean, I’m pretty sure Colley’s actually gonna be looking around too I think she’ll be on guard for sure and she might even pull out her Morningstar just like just like casually on her hand and just like Yeah festive and And just look around for sure. Well as soon as the lanterns are released The crowd and everybody there bolts Everybody is running away as fast as they can They’re in the like isn’t Zeebo in the round yes vivos in the crowd you’re gonna have to do it Give me a little dexterity to see if you can not get trampled That is going to be a 21. Okay, um Well the 21 I’ll give you the choice. You want to jump on top of people’s shoulders Or do you just want to run out of the way? I am actually going to if there’s like a building Yeah I’m going to Slight I’m actually gonna try and climb on top of that if I can. They’re just kind of like hide behind a chimney Okay. Damn. Are you gonna just like climb like a monkey on building acrobatics? I’m guessing Oh acrobatics. Okay. Yeah I know I don’t anyway, oh the vibe wait, okay, so this The the scatter pattern doesn’t look like are they afraid or is it like yeah This is part of the festivities that we all run in opposite direction Wait away from the festive tree I guess that would be a um, I guess it’s a wisdom for everybody was the point in Interpreting, I think inside his reading table. Okay do insight so I’m still getting the hang of these five e skills. Yeah They’re so nicely condensed though. They are ok, so seventeen mine is Okay, it’s a crate. It’s a critic and give you that role twenty like You pull out your webcam plug it in take a look Yeah, yeah, so the the one thing the the question that I’m Thinking immediately is are they all running? Away from the stage or all are they all running back to their houses away from the center of the crowd Everybody is immediately running to their houses as if on cue Okay I’m gonna spin around and look at the tree. Mmm-hmm There’s nothing at the tree and trees regular nothing is behind you in general history was freaking me out Okay, I got a thirteenth. Okay, you all come to that same conclusion. Okay. Yeah. Well, that’s weird It’s like they are they’re running to the houses as if on cue Some of them are a little bit freaked out and it only takes about What maybe thirty seconds and the town is just like empty of people Well, what about the mayor mayor is gone too. Yeah fuck It’s now just the three of you in this town plaza well, I mean That’s a very interesting festive ending Right. I feel like they would have warned us about this if they weren’t it. I I would actually at that I would dispel the the Trickster thing and then I would come over and I’d be like that’s that was weird. Why didn’t they tell us about that? Give me perception perception Okay, I’m gonna physical row Okay, nothing great. It’s Fifteen okay eighteen. Mm-hmm, eleven, okay Yeah, all of you would see it where the crowd once was now sits a Regular plain black cat with emerald green eyes, and it’s just staring at you curiously Cutie oh That’s not suspicious Okay, so basically I’m gonna just get charm animals and plants locked and loaded You pull out your staff and you’re like shit you load in Exactly exactly. I just like Church and cash alele. So like a fine line Runs around it and then cautiously hop off the stage and start walking towards the gas All right, I will do so as well. Sure Look at just gonna sit in there and it’s doing what cats. Do you know, they kind of just stare around? Moving its tail a little bit to the side. It’s just sitting there It’s looking at you up to three of you actually, okay as they are doing that I am actually going to be trying to cover the perimeter just in terms of like looking around like is anyone watching us is someone You know anyone spying on us, okay perception Okay, and just are there any other footsteps going around through the streets for sure. Okay, that is going to be 19 Of the 19 you’d see that it’s absolutely empty of all people. There’s maybe like Maybe a couple people at their windows, but even then most people turned off their lights in their houses They even turn off the whites. Okay, and All the footsteps lead away from the plaza and I guess with a 19 you may see the cats footsteps leaving into the plaza Okay, so I’m going to need 10 minutes If So just consider me like casting ritual for the next 10 minutes I will speak to the animal. All right, I Want to approach the cat then while you do that? All right, so geld mass has begun as ritual and you approach the cat Kali. Yeah. I want to kneel down to it and go Hey, hello little little fella and then I kind of like Cautiously like tilt my head at it and just like, what are you doing? Here we did you make everybody run away. I Want just kind of looks at you curious kind of As you go to pet it it says Yes, they typically leave every year like this I’m assuming you must be my sacrifices this year And this is the cat talking Aldous clarify. I turned to Maus and I don’t make me to do that ritual yeah, like he stops Midway like you just hear the maraca like one last time and he’s like oh I’m sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry, sir. Did someone sacrifice I Do believe you must be my sacrifices You do wear the sacrificial pendants. I am assuming this would be the three of you this thing covered in glitter and glue that would be it’s quite yes Oh CAD. We’re really afraid of a cat. Well you are talking it is Hawking. I didn’t finish the spell. I Mean I kind of like stand up and tower over this cat and put my hands on my sides and go like well I mean I Hate to break it to you, but you are a cat And I pull up my Morningstar and I do have a very big spiky stick But I can kill you with so I really do not feel in the festive mood to kill a cat today but if I need to I guess I Like turn z-bone like I did this isn’t that could happen today? Oh, well, I mean maybe he maybe needs to be trained Like maybe we could just train him and be like, hey, you don’t eat people and then ya not to sacrifice Look, he’s a cat. Okay, you know they don’t know what they’re talking about. They don’t know what they’re doing you know, it’s all about the owners like if the cat scratches you it’s the owners fault, you know, I I don’t I don’t know about that. I I would say that pound for pound. They are some of the fiercest predators in the wild So I’m gonna give you guys a hot take which is I think maybe These are wicked people And it’s like advisers already come to that conclusion it’s like mmm You don’t say well Colley’s just like no. No, I doubt a fuse that is that is simply part 1 part 2 is that as They are wicked people and the light of pale or need not shine on them. We have no Responsibility To protect them from whatever this creature is. I Mean that is that is pretty yeah, you’re right Responsibilities would be the last thing for you to worry about. I’d rather worry about your survival, don’t you think? No, I you can probably find much better sacrifices than us and He takes that he takes the golden thing the gold necklace and throws it on the ground as you grab it You notice it tightens around your neck. Oh, oh no It’s basically like a collar now Oh daddy, that is not good I’m very much a lady a paler or not in the match So shall we begin the games then I suppose you’d like to run away or something try to fight me Let’s get on with it. I’m really good run away you you think we’d really run away and se does not do the invoke duplicity and pretend like my guys they’re like I’m definitely like staring down this cat and I’m like You know, I do still have a big pointy heavy stick right? Like I can smash you. Go ahead if you’re so in fun, I really don’t want to kill a cat today, but I Guess this is just the mood. I’m in and I’m gonna try to attack it. Go ahead. I Got for You hit it deal damage oh shit Smack it with mustang That is 10 points of damage, alright, it’s dead now, it’s just a really cocky cat And it it’s just squish it just like completely smush this under your make. You’ve killed the Category site that was deeply disturbing I Kind of like look at my Mason it’s just covered in cats I Turn to moss I’m like, don’t don’t hate me I don’t Is that all you’ve got? That’s really a weak blow. I would say and the cat standing there again. What above its corpse? It’s just another cat Oh, it looks exactly the same though Guys that came back I suppose it’s my turn now wouldn’t you say? And you notice that its eyes they light up ever so slightly and you all begin shrinking and Shrink, I show you it until three of you are mouse-sized And then I kill the cat and then the cat comes back and now we’re tiny again because I didn’t see that coming no I Knew I knew that the pound-for-pound of it. It’s the oldest trick in the book For passing would come back and haunt me The scariest predators pound-for-pound in danger I like slowly turn to Ziva to zero So the thing is that I don’t know if it actually worked I did actually try to have the duplicate in time move away So he’s probably shrunk but I don’t know if he believes the duplicate is an illusion Mmm, that’s true. What if he thinks that he’s a twin? Yeah, I mean as as far as I know With the duplicate it is identical Yeah, it is identical. So the only way they usually tell is just through reasoning right? Like that, there’s two of them now Yeah, well, I think the cat might be suspicious that there’s two but it wouldn’t know which one is the real one Okay, I actually rolled on my own here and he rolled terrible. So I’m caterpillar it’s real All right z-bo two Why don’t we do initiatives at this point Kali what you got Oh Oh Lord 10 okay Ziva, I crit with the 23 damn Alright Gilda moss. I Probably not grow 20. Okay. That’s pretty great an encounter gets a 22, okay All right with a crit on initiative and 5e I’m assuming it works the way that you get a bonus round I don’t think so. Normally technically only you you only crit on an attack. So You go first, okay, I am going to Fire a guiding bolt up his ass and I’m going to use it with I’m gonna have the illusion fire the spell okay, that is going to be a 25 to hit or sorry 21 to hit you hit it Okay. It’s a guiding bolt and it’s going to shoot it for 10 radiant damage. Okay the cat bursts into holy flames and Moments after it emerges from the shadow of its corpse Nice one. Well then But I believe now it’s my turn and the cat goes To attack Kali Kali does a ten hit you know It just swipes at you and misses Okay. Oh and it will just clarify. I know y’all shrunk down but we’re gonna keep weapon damages and damage sizes everything the same Yeah, yeah, just just gonna treat the cat is giant absolutely hernia Okay, cat just missus. It’s not maybe the spirit isn’t quite in the fight yet Gilda Maus. It’s your turn Gelt moss looks at the cat and says that’s two down And I Think the the first thing that he would do would be cast shield of faith upon Kali Okay, cool, which basically just gives her a +2 to AC? And he is going to move away Like just shield of faith and then 25 feet of just running All right Kali, it’s your turn All right. Now, I know I smashed you and I still have your tiny guts on my smashing stick but maybe we could like not do this and you could just let us go cuz you know, obviously this town it’s full of other people and Like like moss, it doesn’t seem like they’re they’re really great though Still a little a little bummed to be honest that they kind of like threw us under the bus so, you know, why don’t you just go and we’ll leave and Pale or bless you No, that’s not quite how this works either I kill all of you as my sacrifices or I kill the rest of the town and that’s quite a lot of work So I’ll rather stick with you right now I can see why that would be a hassle all right, you know I Guess I’m smashing a cat today I’m gonna move attack then I’m going to swing at his legs. All right, I Only got a 10 Okay Uh, you don’t hit okay, I’m swinging and I missed I Think that war clerks get to attacks at level three maybe a third channel divinity or something. Well But I only get it done twice. Oh Okay, so I have to live choose pick and choose sure yeah fair enough Well, you actually managed to strike its leg. But it just it’s like it you don’t penetrate through it. It’s just too hard It’s vast natural armor, it’s just too much for you apparently Zeebo mmm, I am going to Fire a sacred flame at it so it’s gonna have to give me a deck safe. Okay? for the deck save it gets a 1919 has a success. So it takes no damage as the fire just spiked passes as the Dodge is out of the way, okay It’s turn it’s gonna try to attack Holly again It’s gonna try it. So I put you again just got a cat batting at its toy Okay, it fails You know what it does it’s like even the cat is like playing with its toy and then it gets distracted and just kind of flops to its side and It’s just kind of batting at nothing The cat is now prone for around as it’s like distracted with its own tail and exposes its belly. Yep. Oh Yeah my Lord All right I look around is there anything else going on or is it just basically we’re basically on the snow and there’s just this animal Actually something else going on. There is a small Person, that is the same size. It’s you guys Running at you from like a side of the plaza Okay, is it that does it look like it might be a broad bottom? Their bottom is not broad, but it seems to be a lady running at you She’s still pretty far away. Would I be able to do an insight to think like, okay Is this person like threat like do they have a weapon out and coming towards us or are they? Running towards us like I like waving their hands do it Okay, that is going to be a twenty one. They are waving their hands at you in a kind of panic To get your attention Okay. Okay. So I I’m gonna use thaumaturgy to just like amp my voice up an extra couple testicles and just go like Should we not be? attacking, okay You just hear a tiny voice from the distancing Okay, and I use my movement to run towards them alright And As that happens, I do I do say they say run and then start running. Okay. Cool Kali I you’ve heard your ally call out to you. The cat is currently playing with itself Okay, I mean Kali is like I have to fight the urge Not to just go and ruffle that fur it’s so adorable I’m just gonna ride sure. You look at leave. Oh, I am going to I’m gonna be running with them but I am going to have my my illusion going off in a different direction and I’ll make another minor illusion of Like Kali running off a different way just ring confuse the cat And on its turn I’m gonna see if it can tell apart the illusions Okay, it managed to tell both of them apart and it’s kind of okay it got up and is now running towards the group Oh God and It is going to try it to pounce on It’s going to pounce on Zeebo, okay, every time I hear Zeebo, I think you’re talking to me Kind of pounce on you with a 1416 AC with a number 14, so okay Canada’s mess Yeah, it misses you barely. But you can you just feel that to you massive weight of a cat slam down right outside you and With you now is an NPC that you’ve all run to and It’s a it’s a human she’s she’s took like blonde hair from a build and she says That I think we should all get the hell out of you know I did I just say what is its name? Yes, I’m running the cat yes, what is its name I’m old god I just know it’s big and it’s evil and it’s fluffy right now I Hate I yell back. What is your name? I? Am as we’re running away. I’m going to look back at the cat. I’m going to try and command it and say please or run Okay, nice to force it to run away from us. So it is going to give me a wisdom save the wisdom save It got a 13 13 my save is a 13 so it succeeds damn So I but anyway, I’m trying to have a conversation with With the NPC. It’s like how do we kill it? I’ve killed it a couple times. I mean kill you no like actual kill If I knew I would have killed it by now. Have you been running for a year? Are you he I’m bottom I Think Jane, I think he means Jane How did you yes, I’m Jane. Hope you knew that well, we talked to your daughter and she’s super sweet and cute You know, yeah, I was a survivor from last year what about your husband And now’s not the time for sentiment have you just been have you just been living as a small Person like kind of house to house for the past year. No, I was imprisoned in the mayor’s house I just managed to break out today because I didn’t want somebody else to get sacrificed Well you failed You got you there now listen we gotta get to the mayor’s house are we gonna die out here That seems like a terrible idea. You said you were trapped there for a year But we’re not running into the cage. Does the mayor have a way to get us to normal size? she says The mayor is holding some kind of artifact. It seems to have something to do with the cat Maybe we can do something with it. I just I know where it is I found out I Think this is the only thing I can think of to defeat this cat because it keeps coming back if you try to do anything Right. Oh, I should I should do this. I’m going to pass pass without a trace on our group. Okay? Oh, thank god You’re making it almost to the house, but I’ll probably give the cat one more attempt to catch one of you sir I lost the encounter with a rat Okay, we we ended at I I took like a tree turns in a row yeah, yeah Yeah, we ended at me dashing then Then we sort of fell out of order for a second. So I think it’s Kali. Okay. Yeah, man I’ve done like command and then I gotten attacked and that I had I forget tried to do the illusions You have to dance a little bit. Yeah Is this thing behind us? Oh, yeah giving chase. Okay, I’m gonna throw a hand axe doing that wiggle that cat wiggle, okay Yeah, I’m throwing my hand axe. Okay Wiggle and it’s face doctor when you got them back we go Under but wiggle so 14:14. Yeah, throw your hand up. Yeah you throw it, but it does not penetrate So it bounces off the cat no my favorite axe Why’d you throw? Izzy bows turn next but you had like three in a row. Let’s get around this one and I’ll go to the cat It’s gonna pounce on Kali. Yeah No, I get that. Yeah, and I got a 27 Jesus Oh Known as a hit, huh? I think it hits you maybe ya Know I don’t know you have to check. Let me run the numbers All right, all right, all right this thing pounces on you dealing six points of damage And then Okay, give me acrobatics or athletics as it’s gonna try to hold on to you oh No You get seven take you got a seven really yeah, okay Grapples you can do it’s it’s like jumped on you With his claws and just kind of pinned you to the ground in front of it. Hey, why don’t we talk about this? Probably don’t aim good. I’m gonna spare the dying on hurt. No, it’s gonna be Cheap yeah, she only took six I thought yeah. No, I’m just kidding. I did. That’s the joke. He’s like she’s already dead Alright so he he like he spit like stops sort of slide spins back puts forth one hand and then What is it? Yeah, just wait goodbye and that’s the that’s the end of it And and just as tempos and Basically healing words you and then uses the his movement to run So your wounds stitch themselves up a little bit 7hp, ah We are a team of clerics. No one can kill us Okay, can I try to like escape you can do a pose grapple? Yeah, alright Does anybody have bless? Yes, I have lost. Hmm. Where’d you get? Ah I got 21. Okay. Wow, you actually managed to wriggle out of it somehow Yeah Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that an attack of opportunity? She would have to oh, yeah because the thing would have to disengage first But I can’t because she used her action to get out of there. So that would attack me so I’m just gonna take this It got 24, okay. Yeah fucking hit me. Okay. It’s just wiping at you and deal to you eight points of damage Kind of launching you forward a little bit. No It is z-bo stern now will say after this round that doesn’t count around you guys will have made it into the house Okay, okay so You almost there? Yeah, do we just want to do we see any kind of an entrance or anything over there that we’re heading to that? Yes, you’re heading to the mousehole Hmm. Let me think At this probably what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna have us like duck behind something and then do pass without a trace On the group to try and sneak around Trying to avoid the cat So on my turn I’m gonna continue running and then all I will cast pass without a trace on the group. Okay. Oh, yeah What isn’t it still active from before or you just didn’t do that was it the thing is before? The problem is I was always saying like, oh, I’m gonna cast this but then I realize like oh crap I’ve taken like three turns in a row, so I said so we kind of ignored that one. And so this is the actual casting of it sure greater Okay, you are passing without a trace and I’m going to go into kind of an area and cannot try hide Good snake. Okay. Well, the closest destination would be the house Okay. Yeah, I’m just gonna head over to the house then. All right, cool Yeah, and on the end of your turn you will reach it Okay The cat’s turn. So the only people exposed our colleague yelled, Mass and Jane Let’s see, which one is gonna go for? It’s going for Jane And no Fails to catch her good thank God good. Yeah these are only MPC we need her they tried to pounce but I guess it misjudged and With that we’re back to go mess. Okay. So does it look like Jane is gonna have to disengage in order to Like will she be able to get to the house without taking an attack of opportunity? Yes She will she would oh okay, then I just I just I just run after you know and jump jumping jump into that house. Absolutely you make it Yeah, Kali. You’re the last one I mean I Have the urge to flip off the cat Doing the wiggle again Sure and with that you’ve all made it into the house It’s like it’s kind of reaching into the whole reach for you guys, but You’ve you think I won’t even make it wall. It’s easy to dodge cuz it’s a big Yeah, and you already made it through. All right, and After you’ve made it to the mousehole you are standing in a kitchen Where it smells like delicious? holiday dinner so We should try to get these things off with our necks, right? I turned to Jane. Does she have one on – yep Hmm. Well if you find out how tell me cuz I really don’t know how to get these off It seems like gets tighter every time I yank on it, what about crushing the ball? You’re trying to hold. I mean I tried damn glitter and glue Tough as nails. Mm-hmm. Okay, so I Has held most like heard anything like He’s kind of an academic And so I Wonder if either through religion or history He would have heard anything about some kind of a weird like cat that takes sacrifices. Sure. Give me the one your preference Okay, don’t be a failure, please That’s not very good it’s a tent religion With the ten you have not heard of it I mean, it sounds like a cat that just eats people so We need to know too much about it. Other than maybe trying to avoid it. I Asked I asked Jane about what where’s the artifact because I think maybe that might be our first order of business is finding the artifact Yes, I found the artifact in the bedroom. He has it locked up in a small case in there. Okay? What does it look like? It just looks like I mean, it sounds go sound stupid but literally looks like a green ball of yarn But it’s like Glowing and whenever he touches that he starts glowing so I’m assuming that’s it. Okay. Okay is have you ever seen him and the cat in the same place it was No, whoa I’ve not seen them together. In fact, it seems to be avoiding it he ran off like everybody else when the cat showed up Did he? Now that’s true. Did he by the way don’t trust me if he told you anything like that that guy’s He’s bad news. Oh, I haven’t put that together This tradition this festival start, he’s just gonna go through his same exact questions Well, the festival started like many years ago, but the sacrifice is only for the past three Okay. Hmm that mas throws the monocle on the ground and stomps on it. Okay Poison to monocle. No, actually we were kind of correct. It’s like it was a cursed item Yeah, I I am gonna talk to Jane and ask her like where you are you a worshipper pale or at all Like mm-hmm and worship paler you are religious. Are you a cleric and all er, well, I’m not a cleric I’m just um, okay just a housewife, but I do worship. Halo and I go to pray every Sunday Well used to until I got locked up pray pale or but seems like we’re in Clara quite a stick pickle so then if we get to his bedroom and find this kind of relic of yarn What are supposed to do with it? We’re not exactly You know our size So we’re kind of tiny. I mean, I guess we could roll it But if it’s in a box, I mean that’s gonna be an issue and I I’m just as strong as a normal person But I now I’m tiny so I don’t know Okay. I was hoping you could figure that out. You seem like a capable bunch. Well, thank you. Ah, we are capable like, you know sixty percent Of Anything it seems like the mayor’s been trying to avoid the cat It’s definitely kept that that ball of yarn away from it. If they’re not the same person. I Didn’t think of it that way. Oh the mayor has actually kept the ball of yarn away from the cat Well, I’ve been keeping it to himself I mean I’ve been I’ve been able to observe him from my cage and it’s just he keeps him locked up keeps it away from everybody Why were you in the cage? What exactly does it do with you? Like does he just like looking at tiny people or something and just like do my tiny chores? I don’t know honestly. I don’t know if it’s a sick obsession or something. I’ve literally been living in a bird cage Do you get like people sized food or is it tiny food? Okay, look we’re done No, let’s really drill into these details Anyway vomit eyes and then I start I start kind of like trying to Like calm her down, like don’t worry. We’re here for you and then like My again, don’t worry, I’ll keep you safe And you’re like tiny and she’s like someone taller yeah Okay, that’s some things that’s reassuring is it? Yes, it is. Shut up Kali Well, if we gotta go to the bedroom to his bedroom We need to get through this kitchen through the living room and then we need to get up to his room All right, it’s upstairs. Oh great, you know course it’s upstairs Yeah, I can only assume the worst if he spots us so big better. Stay hidden. Oh great I like a look at my chainmail. Oh, yeah, this is gonna be great. Well, I mean frankly I and he he He stomps his foot down and like hears almost no sound whatsoever. It is like We’re pretty stealthy yeah, I guess yeah, and as you say that a Woman walks into the kitchen. She seems to be a maid of the house and It’s just working away and cooking. So if you’re gonna sneak this kitchen you might have to avoid her Okay also everyone Everyone has passed without trace. Yeah. Yeah. Well, yeah, I stick within 30 feet of you dude Okay, and also with the blessing I am going to put it onto zis character So he has the blessing of the trickster as well. All right, nice So it’s just one rule Okay, so in front of you as I said is a kitchen there’s just less countertops like all the way around There’s a table in the middle where this lady is like chopping up some veggies You can try to stay under the countertops, but you can see you would look like rather large rodent droppings Or you can try to just go over the floor where you may have to hide from this lady I think probably being on the floors our best bet because then we don’t have to climb up or climb down. It’s just like You don’t have to worry about verticality unless we can hide under stuff Well, I think he’s also talking that you can go underneath the Avenue Yeah And you can go under the cabinets where the droppings are or you can go like in the exposed area where the maid is you? Can kind of choose your hazard? Yeah rodent droppings rodent droppings Yeah, yes, yeah, I mean Moss I think this seems kind of up your alley with giant, yes Creatures Delmas couldn’t be more excited. He inspects the droppings Oh, don’t touch it. Oh, no. Are you touching it quick lick? Don’t touch it, please. Oh, Okay takes a few licks just to make absolutely sure. He knows what they are. Yeah. Yeah I’m mostly dumped into survival, but I can do nature too. And you tell me which one is more applicable here. I think nature is more applicable because nature’s like what you know and survival is like how to survive in the wild and I don’t think You need to know how to identify it Logan like specific ones do nature. Oh It is a crit. Nice. Okay, these are most certainly rat droppings and they are certainly freshest. They stick to your hand Oh you did okay They’re fresh. That means that they’re nearby And he like he takes he takes like a Little berries he starts Yeah, we’re gonna save these for later I think this one a maybe an entire carrot and so he How many does it look like there are? Looks like it’s just one Yes My friends we have hit the jackpot. I think I found us a mount like he points he points towards where where he thinks the rat went and Up ahead under a few more cabinets. There’s like an Area where there’s a bunch of junk on the floor. That would be a prime rat hiding spot So you want to tame this thing and then we ride it. Uh Yes, he he gets his charm animals and plants locked and loaded Every time I say that that means he cast shillelagh hottest on his club that he stands a little bit and then he cockpit Okay and starts to slowly move towards Where he thinks the rat probably is Sure, I guess all of you moving the same right y’all gone together. Yeah. Yeah, we’re all going together. I would like to also Keep Jane Like in the back and I’ll have her like like I’ll be protecting her sure She is unarmed so yeah She will be protecting you guys approach the kind of mound of rubbish Where this rat is probably hiding under and in fact as you approach you do hear small rummaging coming from it and after a moment a Rat peeks its head out and sniffing around curiously and it looks over at the bunch of you and then hisses aggressively Oh, I think I like the cat better Okay, yeah, so I I present my reliquary of pale or and I Say in the name of pale or I command you to be my friend That’s the end of part 1 part 2 is up on dingos channel I will put the link in the description and add an end card. You can click on it to follow them there (Captions done by AAP)

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    What they auto caption heard:
    "It's basically like a collar now" "Oh daddy, that is not good"

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