Passport Safety – How to Keep Your Passport Safe While Traveling (2020)

Passport Safety – How to Keep Your Passport Safe While Traveling (2020)

what’s going on everybody David here
today we’re talking about how to secure your passport when you’re traveling when
you’re on vacation so this is pretty funny because when I first got my
passport I didn’t really know like the ins and outs of passports and didn’t
really ticket that serious so I would go to different countries and I would carry
my passport on me all the time I always had my passport on me I was always
nervous like if I didn’t have my passport on me and I got stopped and you
know you take me to jail I don’t know it’s just I always had it on me but I
learned over traveling and talking with different people and this is the way
that I do it now I don’t carry my passport on me when I’m in another
country so I will get to my destination when I get to my destination the first
thing and I already have this planned out or I already have it so I’ll have a
copy of my of my passport so I have an actual physical copy of my passport and
then I take a picture of my passport so I have it on my phone you can go even a
step further and I’ve done this before where I take a picture of it and I send
it up to my cloud so I have a Google Google cloud so I send it up there so if
I need to access it through email or anything you don’t even have to have a
cloud you can just email it to yourself and so you have access to it so let’s
say you lose your phone you lose your your physical the physical copy that you
have and obviously you lose your passport then now you can at least get
access to it to get your passport number and all that good information because
you’re gonna have to get an emergency passport if you’re in another country so
that’s usually what I do okay when you get to a hotel if you’re
staying in a hotel usually they take a picture they take a photocopy of your
your passport at that time you can just ask them hey can you run off to copy so
I can have a copy for myself and you can get it there I wouldn’t wait till the
last minute I would be prepared just get your own but even if I have my own a lot
of times I tell them I ask them if they can make a copy for me anyway that way I
have an additional copy just in case so I’ll have you know just having
redundancy is great so having extra stuff is fine when it comes to that so
that’s one thing that I do now the other thing in your hotel room you’re leaving
your passport so where do you leave it in your hotel room well a lot of hotel
rooms I’ll have a safety put it in the safe if you want to do
that if they don’t have a safe what I generally do is I put it in my clothes
that’s so like I’ll have it in my shirt and I have shirts and I can’t really go
with them now but or pull it now because I have my lavalier mic on but these
shirts have zippers up top so I can zip a minute I can zip it in there and in a
little it’ll stay the reason that I put it on my clothes as opposed to putting
it under the bed or or in a drawer because I don’t want to leave it and I
know I’m bringing my clothes with me so is if I’m packing my clothes even if I
forget to take it out of my clothes before I leave
I know I’ll still have it on myself I’m at the airport I can just open my
luggage up and rifle through there and get my passport now if I leave my
passport under my bed or I mean and that’s usually one of the first places
if someone’s going to look to steal something the first place they’re gonna
look is is under the bed and in the drawer and all that good stuff I’ve
heard of other people what they do is they will bring tape with them and
they’ll tape it underneath the drawer so like when you pull the drawer out it’ll
be up underneath there but I’m just telling you if you forget to take it out
now you’re in a situation where you have to rush back to the hotel explain them
that you left your passport in there you need to get it out so it’s just work
better for me to have it in my clothes so I’ll just have it in one of my shirts
so I one of the shirts that’s dirty I’ll just put it in there and then kind of
fold it up and I usually have I usually have like a little dirty clothes laundry
bag I’ll just put it in there and usually if people are going through your
stuff most in most cases are not going to go through your dirty clothes and
stuff like that they’re looking for electronics you’re looking for other
stuff so they’re not really going to go through that they might kind of rifle
through it really quick maybe just pour it out on the floor and see if anything
comes out but for the most part they’re not going through all that stuff so
that’s that’s the other thing I do but what I don’t do like I said earlier is I
never take my passport out with me I found that all I need is a copy of it
I’ve been to Thailand I’m in a situation where you go we went from one hotel to
the next hotel and we we happen like we left all of our stuff at one hotel we
were still booked at that tell but we went and stayed in a cheap
hotel that was about a hour and a half away because we wanted to go to to a few
islands and so I didn’t have my passport with me I just brought a copy I was able
to go to the hotel show him the copy and then because they always ask for your
passport when you go and check in and that that was fine all they needed was
something that had my picture on it and had my information so they were good
with that so just something to think about you really want to take care of
your passport because that’s one thing you don’t want to lose and if you’re out
it’s just too much to really keep thinking about you’re out and you’re
you’re constantly like when I’m out I’m constantly making sure I have all my
stuff but the one thing you could lose your your credit card your debit card
your cash all that good stuff your phone but the one thing that you don’t want to
lose when you’re out in a foreign country is your passport because that’s
gonna be the hardest thing to get back are to you know that’s the hardest step
you’re gonna take the hardest route to get that get that back phone and can be
replaceable and be easily replaceable you can even get a phone when you’re out
there if you really really needed one credit cards now you have credit card
companies that will mail out credit cards to you so let’s say I lose my
credit cards the second day in time I’ll be there another five to six days
they’ll mail out a credit card and I’ll have that credit card before before I
leave so I’ll have a means of getting money in and that’s that kind of stuff
so just something to think about don’t carry that Passport now you all you do
want to kind of check the rules you might want to go on the government
website the whatever country you’re going to just kind of see what their
rules are most countries will allow you to have like a copy just carry a copy on
you at all times but just you want to check that out too you don’t want to
just be blatantly defying the rules of the country but most countries are they
understand you shouldn’t be walking around with your passport it’s you can
easily lose it or have it stolen or something like that but I’d love to know
what your technique is down below so please let me know do you carry your
passport with you at all times or do you have a different method of hiding your
passport please let us know down below if you have any questions please also
let us know down below if you like this video please give me a thumbs up please
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10 thoughts on “Passport Safety – How to Keep Your Passport Safe While Traveling (2020)

  1. I carry the government issued passport card with me in addition to the passport book. If you somehow lose one, you still have the other.

  2. Excellent video…I also have my passport book, but carry a printed copy, and copy in my i-phone..
    Many times while doing transactions like currency exchange inside banks and exchange booths,
    they want the passport book..

    NOTE: THAILAND currency exchange @ the Airport and some banks will only except
    "NEW" or near new American dollars..No old, No faded, No damaged bills..

  3. Should you get the passport card to carry with you while you travel so that you don’t need the copy? I know that the copy is so much cheaper but if you’re in a situation where your passport is absolutely required and you don’t have happen to have it on you (not a situation where it’s lost or stolen), would this be a good option? In your video you mentioned the second hotel room in a different city in the same country, if they wouldn’t accept your copy, would you have HAD to go back for your passport? Or would other documentation suffice?

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