Patagonia, ¿vale el precio? Mi opinión

This video is not paid or patronized or nothing similar This is just my personal opinion that I hope can help you choosing clothes August a weekday 8 am, Guadarrama National Park hi, good morning from melon bites its been 3 months using these clothes this pants and this t shirt and today want to talk about them I did not the review when i got them I wanted to try them for quite some time to obtain my own experience I have been using these the whole summer hiking, sweating, camping, under the sun in hot days, siting on rocks a normal melon bites use cleaning it just once a week and not caring of it too much but let me introduce you these clothes this is the long shirt Capilene Cool dayly lets see over here a great discover for me very light around 150 grs half made out of recycled materials advantages it dries so fast solar protection and you can feel the sun protection so finally i feel better with a long sleeve next this pant, its really a convertible pant it has zippers its named quandry something like that its a mid temperature trouser not really for hot summer but it works well in hot days and it has the advantage that you can add the lower part you can carry those in your backpack They are breathable resistant very elastic, and it has some water repellant properties you can see that when you hand wash it patagonia was born in 1973 before that they where making climbing stuff Ecology was important since the beggining wild protection and to do something in those years no brand was doing anything they tried to mark the difference so this brand has this added value it gives 1% of total sales, or 10% fo revenue to natural protection causes they have a lot of projects going on will add the link to their channel in the description there you can get an idea not only from the products, but those important projects as well not telling you to buy it because of this I like to value products for their use but of course the added value, counts and using better materials, tints, and processes And even more mark a difference trying that other brands do the same now that we mentioned the added value lets talk about real use because if functionality was not good then the product will not have sense my experience the shirt, will give it a 9 out of 10 It great its the fist shirt that make me prefer a long sleeve in summer a thing id did not like before how light it feels, the amazing sun protection its so elastic and how resistant it is againts rocks, and plants I want to go on trails but they are not well marked so I go a bit wild around the shirt hooked multiple times everwhere no problem I think these shirt is stronger than other I use I have lot with wholes and again it feels so fresh the trausers as I told you its really not a summer one which is good, as I will be able to use it in fall season in some hot days maybe i miss a thinner one it breathes really well its really elastic and its so resistant not a hole in it so great The proof of how great they feel, is that i did not miss other pants these ones feel comfortable the DWR treatment it will not last long but its there Im more worried about resistance and elasticity and the breathability factor and it handles all really well so how I took care of theme this summer fist time I cleaned them with some detergent but after that I only use water handwashed and then dry under the sun quite simple Polygiene treatmen t an odor control treatment it works, but of course not 100% after 3 days of use you will smell a bit but sure it works better than other cheap polyester shirts of course this company wants to sell but they try to transmit a responsible consumption idea try to buy less and better when i wash this shirt I can wear it to the city or to the store the idea is not to need different clothes for different activiies not being as technical in the last 20 years or more, its incredible how marketing tell us what to wear on each activity bicycle clothes, running clothes hiking clothes maybe its a bit crazy and melon bites is telling you this!!·&/( the idea of wornout not throwing away clothes because they are old, or because its a bit worn Patagonia itself, want to repair your clothes for a small fee so you dont need to buy new ones the idea is that your clothes last and I think is a great think to consider would I buy this shirt again? o yes, for me it has the value there are others cheaper, yes but the result this one is giving me, is great the trouser will like to use it more this fall but I think the quality and usability is great as well and not everything is great I had to send back a couple items because the quality, or usability, was not right for me When its to hot, you know I dont like it, So I dissapear

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