Pattaya Thailand Prostitutes Walking Street Sex Tourism Night Life! TURN ON[ENG SUB] IC#2

Pattaya Thailand Prostitutes Walking Street Sex Tourism Night Life! TURN ON[ENG SUB] IC#2

let’s walk a little Walking Street this is a tourist police station the Pattaya police employ a lot of white policemen because they speak well English these are usually Australian police officers who are retired I also know from Austria, Germany but everyone is very friendly there is no violence or other similar experiences here caused by a high level of testosterone it’s all discharged here here we have such a set of bars, is total crazy and sexy there the girls there are squealing in those bars I went there last time and one Ladyboy was undressed in one of the bars and dance on the bar everyone around had fun he had big silicone tits and here we have a magician known for walking street he does magic tricks with cigarettes we will not wait, maybe I will show you on another time a lot of tourists from Korea China, but the Chinese people usually come and look because they are spared Club 808 the famous disco club freelancers girls want for short time sex 1000 Bath (30 $) it depends how the guy looks and how he talks and how he negotiates now the prices have gone up maybe because it’s high season so prices fly up some one want even 2500 Bath (75 $) for short time this is total paranoi if it was cost so much, we have similar prices in Germany, for example it’s also caused by the fact that Pattaya is now very busy and they have these crazy prices and Pattaya best known about sex tourism before Brasil was on the top in this case here’s Lucifer Disco Club and Bar We have two ladyboy’s here you can see what proportions they have You can now compare the girls here and before us, Ladyboy’s can see the differences I do not understand why some people can not distinguish I may have doubted twice in my life, but you can always ask him they do not hide it Marine Disco Club here is a bar with a Ebonys, they have a base here, there are also Ladyboy’s they are from Latin America and they are not expensive as a curiosity I will add that the Russian girl is very expensive 300 $ for long time in comparison to Thai prices it was a ”hit price” but they do not sell very well because everyone comes here for Thai girls or other Asian girls here’s Insomnia Club and I Bar it looks like in Lucifer Disco there is a bar at the disco where you go straight from the street from this building, it’s the green light into the sky I often go there is a lot of freelancer girls all night I’m going to the Nasha club on walking street this is a club primarily for Hindus they are not here easily in Pattaya
  they are not welcome everywhere let’s go inside, you’ll see how it looks first of course, security control

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  1. Only thing I dislike is if its Americal or Europian girl, you call it Sex Worker.. and Asian Girls, Prostitute. Hypocrisy…

  2. Them girl's are proper game player's fair play to them because of the people they have to sleep with to put food on the table. She love you long time

  3. So sick of these retarded vids that imply every girl on WS is a prostitute when the vast majority out on the street are tourists, the working girls are mostly inside the clubs and Go Go's Ask how much? to some of these girls and they will slap your fat face, keep it real!

  4. Here is a bit of advice for anyone. Everytime I watch one of these Pattaya videos there are more hot girls then when I go. Maybe they look better on camera, idk. It is a big mystery to me. There are some hot ones, but if she is not into you (most likely into herself, phone or somebody is dropping $200-$300 plus for her), forget it, find a girl your both into each other and can have fun and surely when the buck comes to it you won't regret the time spent in the sheets. Or be mad you wasted money on a girl who gave you attitude and complained all night. Just trust me on this. I still would like to find one of these hot young ones you see with old farangs, but I must be blind or looking in the wrong places 🙂

  5. Knew a couple that went over there for a vacation , and his U.S. girlfriend was drunk , and had the first time sex with a Thai women, …guess what happened ,…she lives now together with a girl…turned into a lesbian. So you can see how good this Thai girls are . either way , to men and to women.

  6. so u saying this a sperm soaked world?? nothing better to do cept hunt for sex, no jobs, no goals? no ambition to do nothing?? stand on the street flaunting your body, getting used by men getting diseases, being raped, this is life??? come on

  7. Thailand is marketing Pattaya as a family destination especially to the Chinese. It’s NOT a family place. The rest of Thailand is great for couples and family’s . Pattaya is a crazy place and very unique. But family friendly no. It should appreciated for what it is an all night party place. The local expats there love it however.

  8. Whatever you do don't upset your Thai girlfriend when I upset my Thai girl she pissed on me and smeared her poop all over me when I was asleep now I upset her every night

  9. A lot of these girls whole job is just to be there flirt and sell lady drinks many don't put out at all. They stay in the bar and dance around bringing in the guys

  10. HIV and AIDS in Thailand :
    44,000 people living with HIV
    6,400 new HIV infections
    15,000 AID's related deaths
    72% adults on antiretroviral treatment
    84% children " " " "

    Source: UNAIDS Data 2018
    Statistics does not include impact of ten other STD's like Gonorreha, Syphilis, Hepatitus A/B, Chlamydia, etc.

    Statistically safer to play Russian roulette you idiots.

  11. Great video but can I ask…I'm always hearing the term used by you and others how long is a short time and how long is long time…keep your great videos coming…

  12. Who ever goes to a place like this to pay for one of these skanky women is a pathetic loser. You'd have to be pretty desperate to fuck one of these nasty whores. Looks like the STD capitol of the world.

  13. I tried to watch this but I cant stand the idiot music track… why did you think you needed it… I wanted to hear the street sounds not your choice of music,,, keep it to yourself,, you are getting a thumbs down from me

  14. Its funny how they are ok with selling alcohol and pussy over there but if you get caught smoking a joint you can do hard time.

  15. The title of this video proves to me you have spent little or no time in Pattaya, I lived there for a couple of years, got to know and fell in love with the people, referring to the girls as prostitutes is wrong, I have seen on many occasions the girls buy the guys drinks because they have spent all their money, do prostitutes in your country do that? they sure don`t in my country.

  16. Suno ladkiyo ye ganda kaam karna chod do aur mehnat ka kaam karo samaj me aapko ijjat bhi milegi aur paisa bhi milega

  17. "Hindu" is a culture generated from "sanatan dharma" India is the country the flag on Nasha is Indian national Flag

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  19. All I see is a bunch of desperate men preying on poor women that don't like what they're doing for the $ but have no choice. ways it's like rape. Remember that guys…they're not turned on by's only for the $. For the cost of flights, hotels, likely's cheaper to find an open minded massage girl in the states, and safer. I imagine most of these foreign snatches smell fowl.

  20. Why anyone would waste money to vacation in this shit hole is beyond me. It looks like a giant run down flea market morphed into meat market, and it appears more overcrowded than a state prison.

  21. In Malaysia there's a lot of teenage Malay girls, they want a handsome guy to be with them, no need money, it's free of charge, they only need food, drinks and motor bike to ride.

  22. Solam Garoedhaya,

    What mean Protitutess? Did Girls sell self for make Sex? = Absolutly Prostitutes With can not Tense Penis Men or can not succes make love/sex. (Ask Why can not String? I have answer)
    How with just walk, eat, Talk (to be friends = Freelancer) same wiyj we love and give some money for they time for us. (Servis)
    For me love look, and hope all know much more Moral and got Good live in World.
    Lovely Video, 1 thing for me, i think not all, maybe 1 or 2, release from our Eye

  23. I am pretty sure that most advertisers in form of young skinny bar girls are just advertising sex but will actually fluff men who eventually leave with a lady-boy.

  24. Siema, gdzie bys proponowal pujsc na mloda 18stke co wszystko Robi,wiem ze duzo podrobek tam smiga, chce przleciec orginalna Tajke, dzieki za odpowiedz

  25. Warum geht so etwas nicht auf Erfolgshonorarbasis für gute Produkte ??? Wie in den USA – wer an sein System glaubt dürfte damit kein Problem haben ???

  26. The federal reserve has announced that it's new goal is 2%-4% inflation. Thailand is adjusting their currency accordingly. That is why prices are going up. The value of the dollar is declining so it takes more currency to buy the same thing. The dollar used to be backed by gold and that is why the nations all pegged their currency to it in the past and still are even though its no longer backed by anything but a decoration that it holds value.

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