Paxos, Ionian Islands, Greece. One of the best islands in Greece. (Travel.Learn.Thrive!)

Paxos, Ionian Islands, Greece. One of the best islands in Greece. (Travel.Learn.Thrive!)

The Ionian Sea has its wonders. Paxos is just
one of them and it’s rather hard to describe in words how much I enjoyed my short staying
here. Small beautiful island, with a surface of
just 25 square kilometers, with a population of 3000 inhabitants, sister of AntiPaxos,
neighbour to Corfu, Paxos is just perfect with its little wild beaches and the manifested
nature. It is mostly visited by British and Italians.
The all natural, non-commercial beaches are bound to be discovered, I hope you will discover them for yourself. Just rent a car or a
scooter and go seek. Loggos (sorry it’s Gaios not Loggos) is a
lovely place to take dinner. The tiny fishing village offers you an experience you won’t
soon forget when it comes to just drinking a beer or having dinner. The place is very
clean and welcoming, very tourist friendly, but you won’t find here the crowds of tourists
from the most known islands in Greece. This is Lakka the northen port of the island.
Also very nice and serving excellent food. Been there at noon when the greeks are having
the siesta. There was nobody on the streets… Unfortunately we didn’t have time to visit
AntiPaxos. I suggest you spend half a day in AntiPaxos the color of the water here is
just breathtaking. You take a small boat from Paxos for 15 minutes and you can also taste
the famous AntiPaxos wine while you’re there. So conclusion: if you’re in Corfu, don’t
miss a trip to Paxos and AntiPaxos – I promise you an unforgettable day! You can also
find accomodation in Paxos if you want, but book in advance πŸ˜‰ The island is really small…
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7 thoughts on “Paxos, Ionian Islands, Greece. One of the best islands in Greece. (Travel.Learn.Thrive!)

  1. Hello there! Great video! So cool that someone that is not from Greece gives such effort in making this amazing video! Can I please use your video for promotional reasons? I want to promote the island and an upcoming trip there. πŸ™‚

  2. I'm thinking of going there in June, I was in Greece 49 years ago and am afraid it's been wrecked by tourism, the failing economy, and the refugee crisis, not to mention the Turks beating war drums!

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