81 thoughts on “People Share Their Most Horrifying Travel Stories

  1. two years ago I traveled with my best friend at the time from Austria to Croatia by car and forgot my passport. we didn't need it to get into Slovenia, but they stopped us at the Croatian border. they wouldn't let me through under no circumstances, but we had an airbnb booked and were already 4 hours away from home. fast forward, we spent 2 hours at the border freaking out, my best friend cried the whole time and wanted to go home, I was on the phone with several authorities trying to figure out what to do, the border agents were super rude to us, and in general nobody wanted to help us, it was a horrible experience? in the end, we found out you could make an emergency passport at an austrian embassy 1 hour away for just 70 €, they had already closed and we had to stay in Slovenia over night, but it was no big deal. but for some reason nobody could tell us that earlier ??‍♀️?

  2. If I was that first girl, even retelling that story would make me cry – imagine the man you love, sick, alone, hungry and thirsty. And you find the ordeal funny.

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  4. The fact that people are pissed at Maycie and NOT the girl that was yelling at the customer service employees because of her own mistake is ridiculous

  5. Girl, it not funny! You basically forgot your sick boyfriend and lock him inside…that's a little selfish don't you think..!!!

  6. The first story … that girl is so selfish and self-absorbed. Don't think their marriage will last. Her boyfriend is ill, she locks him in the room without any thought for his welfare until one o'clock the following morning. Who does that?!

  7. To all the people saying that Macy was inconsiderate you’re being judgmental and it’s really unnecessary because she could’ve easily forgot because he said he was going to sleep and you get distracted it’s not her fault and they belong together since he for gave her and he got over his sickness and he would be worse off if they would’ve been out all day long doing all the things that they were doing he would feel really sick and bad but since he was in bed which is what you should do when you’re sick he was fine

  8. That first story left me kinda repulsed with the girl. How do you forget your significant other, knowing dang well you locked them IN your room, especially if they’re sick?

  9. If my girlfriend locked me in a room and forgot about me I would break up with her and never see her again

  10. Idk if the first girl is lying or not because at first she said there were no phones in the room, and then she was saying that he was on his phone and that it worked.

  11. I once booked my sister an airplane ticket to come visit me then when the day of the travel arrived in the airport, already done check in the airline realised it was for the day before, which to me sounds ludicrous since they checked her in! But it turned out to be true, I booked the ticket for the day before, so I have to wire her money for a new ticket like 10 minutes before the airplane tock off and not knowing if she got in till when the airplane was literally taking off, so I get the girl with the hotel reservations, one has to double or triple check this kind of stuff

  12. That first story is horrible. He’s sick and you don’t even check on him. No wonder you’re not together anymore lol

  13. Idk bout y'all but i hATE when people wanna take care of me when I'm sick. I'm not a baby amd can take care of myself. Also like id want my friends and bf to enjoy the trip we paid for. No reason everyone would have to miss out on a day just cause im sick. Now that's selfish

  14. That girl with the brown hair and glasses sounds like the worst girlfriend ever… What a terrible person. Forgot her bf was sick while overseas n everything. Didn't care if he ate, healed or not. Poor guy probably doesn't know/think he deserves better.

  15. The first girl, her friend and her husband ALL forgot about the sick boyfriend in the hotel room. How pathetic and inconsiderate!

  16. Regarding the first story – if he had his cellphone with wifi, why didn't he just call the hotel's front desk and ask them to go to the pool and tell his gf that he's locked in the room??

  17. I went to Mexico with a friend for two weeks. She got heat exhaustion we think from being outside so much. She felt ill and was throwing up. I went out at 10PM to get her sprite she asked for and a thermometer to make sure she didn't have a fever. The next day I had a whale shark excursion planned that she unfortunately couldn't go to anymore. I ran strait back to the hotel to check on her afterwards and before going to get myself lunch and do some shopping. Anytime I left, I made sure she was comfortable, had a lot of water, and some little snacks. I even spent time watching some TV with her so she wouldn't feel lonely the whole day. So awful that Morocco group didn't even check on their friend real quick at LEAST when they were literally on site at the hotel. Like how hard is it to walk up to your room?? And the worst part is this girl laughs through the whole story like a maniac. WTF.

  18. So like I wasnt paying attention to YouTube for the first one I thought she was talking about her dog when she said "he ran out of water and food"

  19. 2:25 What the absolute f**k? He is sick, you came back late, fine no big deal, care about him and check on him for a minute, like seriously, does he exist? That was fucked up… 🙁

  20. the gay dude just shows men are gon be assholes no matter the race or place you just fucked someone and can see him out of your building what if his corpse was found in there sad
    Nd the first lady damn! so sad to listen to

  21. The first story wasnt even funny. I would be LIVID if I was locked in. He could have gone out by himself, bought his own food/water even if they werent coming back anytime soon. That girl was just plain selfish.

  22. Dude guys the first girl gOt it
    She’s made a mistake
    Ok cool but enough is enough pretty sure she’s got it with all of y’all commenting on how much of a inconsiderate person she is.
    Chill with the comments yea?

  23. She kept saying 'my then boyfriend' so assumed they broke up. And I was like good for him. So when she said that they got married I was like wtf?

  24. ok so the first story has me thinking of 'trapped in an rv' / 'survival of the hottest'… If you know, you know

  25. I didn’t really pay attention to the first story and thought she was talking about her dog until she said he was texting them lol

  26. I can see how that guy is an ex. How ass backwards was she to lock him in a room not thinking he might want to get out? I hope she doesn’t ever or does have kids. She sounds like the type to leave a baby or dog in a hot car.

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