Perfect Canada Day Picnic with Mairlyn Smith

Perfect Canada Day Picnic with Mairlyn Smith

We’re packing a picnic for Canada Day
Scott you’re supposed to be shooting the bubbles! I love eating local and seasonal and
supporting our local Canadian farmers right across Canada so I was thrilled
when the people at Saskatchewan mustard asked if I would like to work with them
it’s like right on I will spread the mustard on mustard so I’m going to
mustard you all up today I’m going to make a honey mustard chicken I’ve got a
salad dressing that uses mustard as one of the ingredients I’ve got fresh
Ontario strawberries and a butter tart that uses only Canadian ingredients. Check
this out! Did you know that Canada is like the mustard king of the world
because we produce 2/3 of all of the mustard seed that’s used. They actually
use our mustard seed in France to make their mustard– it’s our mustard seed. Did
you also know that Saskatchewan is leading the way and they make the
equivalent back in 2016 they they actually grew the equivalent of mustard
seed that would feel 90 Olympic sized swimming pools. That’s a whole ton of
mustard. Okay now mustard comes in a lot of different ways. It comes in the seed I
use the seed when I’m going to do maybe Indian cooking it adds a nice kind of a
crunch I add it to salad dressing and in a marinade. There’s a mustard powder which
I also add to salad dressings it’s got kind of a zip and it helps emulsify
there’s regular mustard that you get you know when you put on your burgers and
your hot dogs and then there’s Dijon which is a bit spicier I really like it
I use a lot of Dijon in almost all of my salad dressings once again as an
emulsifier and then this is kind of this is called old-fashioned and it’s just
basically mustard seed with a little bit of liquid mustard now when you when you
can buy in the grocery store which is called grainy Dijon you could just mix
the two together so I always have these separate in my house I have Dijon and
grainy and so when I want to do something different I just mix the two
together. It’s really important to marinate any kind of protein that goes
on your barbecue. I know I’ve talked about it before but I just wanted to
reiterate it ok so all the ingredients have a function to help reduce the
carcinogens but the most important part about this is I’m making the chicken
the day before the picnic because you don’t want to grill chicken and stick
it in your cooler hot and then take it to a picnic. You could kill somebody like
that! okay maybe not but if you’ve got young children or somebody with a
compromised immune system or you know you’ve got your grandma there they could
get sick so food safety rule is that I’m going to grill the chicken today chill
it off put it in the refrigerator overnight and then I’m going to put it
into my cooler bag the next morning when it’s cold- genius! Alright my marinade I’m
using mustard seed all right I want to give it some extra crunch and a little
bit more mustardy flavor so there’s my mustard seed I’ve got apple
cider vinegar as my acid okay most marinades will call for citrus but we
don’t grow lemons and limes in Canada so I’m using apple cider vinegar this is a
local one and I got my Dijon mustard where the mustard seed is from Canada so
the mustards there and I’m going to be using canola oil because we have canola
oil in Canada and I need an oil with a high smoke point when I’m marinating
plus local Canadian honey the first thing I have to do though is grind up
the mustard seed okay now this takes a little bit of work if you don’t have a
mortar and pestle you can put it into like a coffee bean mill or you could get
a meat mallet and kind of pound it all over your counter that’s always kind of
fun you don’t actually have to grind it but you’re going to get a bit more of
that mustard kind of a hot flavor and that’s what I want to do all right
that’s good enough I’m going to add it to my honey it’s sort of more cracked
and then in goes the apple cider vinegar and the Dijon
and two teaspoons of canola oil going to whisk that together and then I’m going
to pour into a resealable bag that has Canadian chicken in it I’m going to pop
it in the refrigerator for 12 hours and up to 24 and then I’m going to grill it
tonight but we’re not going to eat it we’re not going to eat it till tomorrow
okay this is my favorite part dump in the marinade then you want to
make sure you burp the bag so push it up against the girls squish it out and then
massage your meat and into the fridge so Miss fruits and vegetable hello my name is
Mairlyn I’m packing a green salad for the picnic I got my greens already in a
container I’ve spun them dry and I’ve got paper towels around them so they’ll be
they’ll be perfect for tomorrow I’ve got maple syrup Dijon mustard
canola oil and apple cider vinegar and that’s going to be my portable salad
dressing and I love making homemade salad dressings because you can really
adjust the seasonings but also you’re eliminating a ton of salt that a lot of
commercial ones have so it’s easy piece peasy– wow spill and aisle three easy-peasy as I almost wiped it out so I’m just going to take it in a little jar if
you’ve got a smaller container good for you shake it up the mustard works as
emulsifier I love it oh and the wonderful people at Saskatchewan mustard
and if you want to know anything about mustard
go to their website but they’ve given us five cookbooks to
give a way to five lucky Canadian subscribers so all you have to do is put
a comment below #IloveCanadianmustard that’s my hashtag #IloveCanadianmustard and we’re going to give five of these cookbooks away on a live Facebook
which is going to be on July the 27th we’re going to do a live Facebook
instead of the regular show so that’ll be exciting this is a wonderful cook
book it’s got fabulous pictures and I’m a really big fan of really great
cookbooks I’m really really pleased about this one. Picnic Day!!
okay so I grilled the chicken last night while I was making dinner it’s in this
little container I cut it up in small pieces so that everybody can have a you
know a grab of it– this picnic’s for two Who am I kidding everybody anyway wicker eats a
ton and that’s going to go in the bottom of my cooler because that’s where you
put the stuff it’s going to be coldest I’m going to put a cold pack on it and
the cold air falls down and keeps it nice and chilled then I made butter
tarts and they’re Canadian butter tarts because there’s no raisins we don’t grow
raisins in Canada not commercially we don’t there’s cranberries in them and
it’s from this fabulous cookbook that I wrote with the Ontario Home Economics
Association it is the only cookbook in Canada that only uses Canadian
ingredients so you really should pick it up it’s a fabulous cookbook so the
recipe for the butter tarts is in the cookbook but we’re being nice and we
actually posted a link to it below so that’s going to go in there too as I do
want them chilled and then I’m going to put in my salad dressing and then I
got my salad now I don’t want it to be touching the cold pack so when I put it
in I’m going I’m just going to adjust it I don’t want it to touch the freezer
pack on the chicken so put that like that and then I’m going to put a cold
pack on top and then the cold air will still fall down but it won’t freeze the
lettuce okay and then close it up I’m packing Ontario strawberries now they
don’t need to be in the cooler I could just put them in a little plastic bag
and take them but I’m not going to wash them before I get there cuz I get all
squished so I’ve got a bottle of water and I’m going to rinse them when I get
them and then we’ll eat them you know el sexa-reeno like with with the tops
okay so we’re going to go pack the car and head into the picnic. Okay I think
this is good this is good so so maybe maybe put it right No okay what about
right here now it’s too close to water no no right right no I think right I
think right here I think yeah I like I like this right here okay good yeah I
want it here Oh okay okay I got oh okay I got the
umbrella now you know what I don’t like it. I
don’t I don’t like this place I don’t want to be here now. Look there’s a tree
over there I want to go down to where that tree is okay but let’s go down to
the tree it’s not very far just go down there okay that’s good. So I’ll just… are
you okay with your… I’ll just meet you down there. Can you get all the stuff on
your own? Okay I’m just going to go down I think it’s just down here be pretty yeah no I think right here I think right
here I think this is good like somewhere right here like right here yeah it’s
good see I could put on the tree yeah you know what I don’t like it here
it’s not pretty enough like we should, we should go we should go down there
because no I I mean is it I like I think down there yeah there’s a really good
place down there except as a kayak there now too but it’ll get moved but
yeah I want to go down there yeah okay good I got bubbles all over me. Yeah I
think I’m going to leave okay so I’m down there okay okay? Down there
see where the kayak is, they’re moving it right right where that kayak… they’re
moving their kayak. It’s really secluded okay great honey honey this is good
this is this is it so we’re close to the water and it’s perfect perfect okay do
you need some help oh sorry yeah this is it this is it this this is
going to be it look I’ll put the… this is perfect this is it sit down. Who knew that
finding the perfect picnic site would be so hard okay
dramatic pause this picnic basket is not for your food for everything but so I’ve
got things like sunscreen in it I have a roll of toilet paper because you know
sometimes you go to a picnic site and they don’t have the nice toilet paper or they
don’t even have any toilet paper I have serviettes I have a first aid kit
always important especially when you’ve got kids or I’m with you
I have benadryl just in case somebody gets stung by a bee or something
horrible happens I got benadryl I bring my own garbage bags because I cannot
stand when people are throwing their garbage all over the beach or the picnic
area so I’ll go through my own garbage bag
I have hand sanitizer which is really important just for you know before you
eat I have bug spray depending on where you
are this is kind of going to be a bonus and then all the dishes are here as well
but here’s one of my secret tricks I always carry a can of tuna and then if
there’s Hornets around I will either move or they’re just around anyway if
you open the can of tuna and put it like about 15 feet away
the Hornets usually go to the tuna alright just another little tip and then
I don’t know maybe it’s because I’m bit of a safety freak I bring a flashlight
in case were out in the dark the picnic goes too long so always the
non-perishables in the picnic basket so a happy a hundred and fiftieth birthday
Canada or you oh you want a butter tart yeah here we’re having butter tarts and
strawberries the rest of the picnic was fabulous so happy hundred and fiftieth
birthday canada go out and celebrate we’re so lucky we live in this fabulous
country here’s to all of us Canadians oh you’re such a dweeb huh can I get the toilet paper

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