Perfect Day in Cardiff Wales

Perfect Day in Cardiff Wales

Good morning, Vagabuddies. We have been traveling around Wales for the last week, and we’re going to finish things strong here in the capital of Wales, Cardifff. It’s a beautiful sunny day, and we have 24 hours to make the most here in Cardiff. We’re going to do a bunch of stuff, but it’s early so first things first…. coffee. This morning we didn’t really know where to get a coffee, so we tweeted out for recommendations, and a guy named Peanut Turner, whose Twitter handle is Peanut Is Mint, recommended this place, Coffee Barker in the Castle Quarter Arcade. It’s pretty cool. It’s a beautiful, old building and this super “vibey” little coffee shop. We’ve gotten some avo toast with egg. Mark got some bacon and sausage, a cortado and a flat white, and it’s just really cool when you guys get to tell us where to go and you give us these stellar recommendations. Thank you Peanut Turner. We’re right across the street from Cardiff Castle, which we’re going to explore next. One of the main features of Cardiff are all these Edwardian and Victorian arcades, not like video game arcades, but arcades as in covered malls with natural sunlight, which is cool because even if it’s raining, you can still explore all these shops, and it makes it feel like it’s a bit sunnier than it could be. We just got to Cardiff Castle, which has been the center of town since Roman times when they built a fort here. It’s pretty cool because there very distinct layers of history in this castle complex. The Romans founded it. In 1066 when the Normans came, they built the Castle Keep, which is in the center of the castle complex. In the 1800s, the Victorians updated the whole thing with their very unique flair. There’re some really quirky things in the Victorian side of the building, but first we’re going to check out the Norman Castle Keep. It’s pretty awesome….great view up here from the top of the castle keep. Obviously, this was a strategic location. They would have been able to see all the surrounding countryside to protect from invasion. Pretty crazy to think that the Normans, which were Vikings who invaded France, went on to invade England and also Wales. It’s pretty nuts that they made it all the way here. It’s just crazy that there are so many castles in Wales. It has 600 castles, which is more than any other country in Europe. And it points to that history, what you just said, of this being an area that fought off occupation from the Romans, the Normans, and the English. Castles like these are present in every single city, in every single town. That was part of what was needed at the time to make military stability here. At this point in the 1800s, this part of the castle, the whole castle, was owned by the Buede family. The Buede family at the time was the richest family in Europe and possibly the world, and that was because of coal exporting. The hills behind Cardiff are big coal mining communities. And this family grew extremely rich through mining. You can see the opulence of this room is a product of that…… a testament to how wealthy they were. They built this room called the Arab Room. It was designed by the architect William Burgess, and it was inspired by his travels through the Orient, the French Orientalist style. Even though this is on a small scale, it’s incredibly opulent. It’s incredibly detailed. And all this gold……. it’s not just gold paint, it’s real gold. What’s cool about this room is that it has a very interesting blend of oriental and European styles. You get images of animals and things that just would not appear in Islamic artwork. It’s kind of awesome to have a blend of these two styles. It’s not known how much this costs, but it would have been millions. It’s just so impressive to see. We’re outside the castle now, and another cool thing is the animal wall here, which was built by the same family in the 1890s. They made all these cool statues. It was like a zoo, kind of thing here on the wall…. a little seal, an orangutan. That’s not an orangutan; it’s a baboon. Let us know. If you had your own animal wall, what animal would you put on the wall? Basically, we’re asking you what is your spirit animal? Let us know. According to an online quiz, I am an owl. And I am a hawk! Right guys…the day continues. We’re on our way to meet up with Sian from Loving Welsh Foods who’s going to take us to the Cardiff indoor market and give us a little break down on some traditional Welsh food. What’s the story behind this market? This was over 200 years ago where all the farmers used to come and sell their cattle and sheep. Nowadays, it just a quirky center with food shops, material shops, gift shops. But you can still get food, right? Yes, loads of food. What types of traditional Welsh foods can you find in this market? We’re going to try lava bread, which is our Welsh seaweed. It has nothing to do with actual…like.. molten lava? No. We’re then going to try some lovely cheeses. We’ve got a hundred different cheeses in Wales. We have a nice little spread…. four different cheeses. We’ll be starting from the softest to the strongest. This is like a Welsh take on brie. Bon appetite. Hmm. It’s good. I love cheese…you might know this. The stinkier, the better. This is Perl Las, which is Welsh for “Blue Pearl.” We’ve officially found the coolest shop in the market. Marko’s got himself a bit of a top hat. I’ve got myself a little bowler hat. Nice to meet you. This is my steampunk version with a stove hat. What do you think? We are going to hop on a water taxi and try to catch the sunset. Now we’re down at the water front. This wharf was the point of export for all the natural oars, minerals and coal that was mined inside Wales. It was put on canals and barges and exported from here around the world. Time for a drink. Alex always likes to say……. “Well day has turned into night, and it’s time to put the nosebag on and have some dinner.” Cardiff is known very much for its nightlife, but we’re going to start off in this place called the Potted Pig, which has 36 types of gin, a great G&T, and serves up some amazing food. I’ve got the Brecon gin, which is from Penderyn, the distillery we visited yesterday in Brecon Beacons. Very nice. I got the Heyman’s Old Tom which is a recipe from the 1870s. It’s got hints of elderberry and mint. And I just like saying “elderberry.” The space in here is really cool; we’re underground, and this used to be vaults of a bank. It’s a really cool atmosphere. We ordered the duck and the lamb, both are Welsh, and they look delicious. We’ve got two more gin and tonics, and it’s time to eat. All right, Brother. Cheers. Last pint of the trip. At least we’re doing it in one of Wales’ best craft breweries at Tiny Rebel. It’s been an incredible trip so far. The last week has been eye opening. It’s been an adventure through a corner of the U.K. that we’ve never experienced before. We knew a couple things about Wales. We didn’t know very much. We knew that the language was unique, that the culture was very old and very different from the rest of the U.K. And we knew that Wales was wild and beautiful. One of the foundations of Vagabrothers as a travel channel is the idea that the world is a cultural mosaic; that every single place is a different tile, slightly different look at the world. I think that a lot of foreigners, at least back home in the States, they kind of look at the U.K. as this monolithic/ single culture. It’s so much more diverse than people realize. We learned a lot. We saw some really cool traditions. We had a ton of fun. The world’s fastest zipline was pretty crazy. What was the best moment for you? I really like Conwy. I liked Conwy Castle. I just loved the situation of the town with the castle on the estuary and the mussels that we had right afterwards. Yum. That was really cool. Fore me, personally, driving through Snowdonia, seeing the snow capped hills, stumbling upon those wild horses. Foraging….foraging, yeah. That was so cool. Anyways, guys, we’re curious to hear what your favorite moments were. Don’t hesitate to drop a comment. Let us know what your favorite moment of the trip was, what your favorite vlog was. Make sure to tag your friends. Give this video a thumbs-up if you enjoyed it, if you enjoyed the series. Remember to subscribe and turn on notifications if you have not already. Big thanks to Visit Britain and Visit Wales for helping us make this series possible. Stay tuned for bonus material. We’ve made a video about trying to pronounce some Welsh town names, which we are going to do very, very poorly. In the meantime, stay curious, keep exploring, and we’ll see you on the road. Cheers.

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  1. I live just outside Cardiff in the Welsh Valley, love how you documented your Welsh visit but if you visit again you must try our cockles and taste Welsh cakes, I would also recommend west wales again just outside your visit to St David's where you can go dolphin spotting in newquey and aberthporth. Beautiful area and amazing history, arts and seafood x

  2. Amazing video! I've always loved Wales… My spirit animal is an owl too! I love the hats you bought! Thank you.

  3. Ahh you didn't talk about how Cardiff is a place of Filming! Doctor Who, the main BBC international programme, is filmed completely throughout Cardiff! Even Sherlock is filmed around Cardiff and many, many films and other programmes! American TV programmes were filmed in my area of Cardiff and recently a Bollywood production was shooting in the city centre… good series thanks so much for exposing Welsh culture to the world

  4. Cardiff: my Dad's home town. Could go on about a city that has just about everything, but between you and me there's nothing wrong with a town with a district called 'Splott'.

  5. You should count how many times you actually say "cool". You would be suprised. The English language has got so many other adjectives.

  6. those animals on the castle wall used to freak my dog out lol used to take about 10 minutes to walk her past she would growl bark jump was funny.

  7. Nice series guys, i am originally welsh but live in netherlands now, planning to go to the velocity zipline for my 40th next year. Curious what time of year where you there? As i would strongly advise to visit cardiff during the 6 nations in feb/march, the atmosphere is amazing.

    Wales is a good country, the adventures are beautiful. I'd like to see you in Russia! My favorite series are about jumping off the cliff , Snowdonia mines and Conwy Castle .

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  10. Great series boys. Glad to see you have not stuck to the normal run of the mill tourism of Wales and you’ve filmed some fabulous places and attractions. Would love to know what cameras you used to film this series as these blogs look amazing.

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  13. You guys should've definitely gone to the Gower! Its brilliant there!! I go there every sunny day because I live in a nearby town called Llanelli. Glad you enjoyed ?

  14. When your in a new country eat where the locals eat. Should have gone to the market. Beans on toast with a mug of tea. Who drinks coffee for breakfast?

  15. I was born and lived in Cardiff for 25 years and I've never been or even heard of some the places that you went to!

    I used to know the owner of Barker's Coffee Shop. About 7 or 8 years ago, it used to be a clothes shop and was the first place that sold 'Superdry' clothing either in Cardiff or in the U.K…can't remember which. I was shocked when I first heard about it changing to a coffee shop, but I went there a couple of times and liked the vibes there. Definitely should've visited Roath Park Lake and done the Taff trail walk.

    Probably a good thing you didn't go out late night on a weekend when all the Valleys pissheads come out from their caves.

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  17. A place that has it all. Small enough to get to know well and big enough to have everything you need. One of the best cities in the world

  18. Hey, we've only just discovered your channel!!!! Love your style, and Cardiff really is amazing. We're shooting some of the best spots right now, and are always looking for inspiration from others. Great vid guys =)

  19. How can you make a video about wales and not mention rugby especially when you weren't more than 5 minutes from the millenium stadium

  20. Norman's didn't come to Cymru in 1066. They invaded England in 1066, but the Norman push into Welsh territory began years after they conquered England.

  21. Wales: the forgotten man of Europe and one of the continent's best kept secrets. I want to go to Cardiff. Greetings from South Dakota.

  22. Great series of videos. The only observation I would make is that the castles in Wales were not built to protect the Welsh people, they were built by a series of invaders, including the English, to protect them from a Welsh uprising.

  23. I'm an American who spent 18 months in south Wales with different Visitors Visas . The people in Wales are awesome, friendly, and so down to earth. That alone, made my extended stay in Wales very worthwhile. I'll be sorry to leave !

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  26. love this video! as a welshie I really appreciate you guys learning about this history of this amazing country! thank you

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  28. Well done for such a good effort. Sadly you missed some of the real jewels in Wales's crown, many of which I'm surprised that VisitWales didn't recommend to you. These would include:

    For natural beauty
    The Gower Peninsular, possibly some of the best beaches and coastline in Europe, especially Rhossili Bay
    Ynys Mon – Anglessey – in Roman times known as the breadbasket of Wales
    The Wye Valley – border country forming the Welsh Marches


    The National Assembly

    Harlech, Aberystwyth, Caernarfon, Bangor and Caerphilly all have fantastic castles, while Caerleon has an ancient Roman fort all signs of Wales's turbulent past
    and the ancient castle of the twysogion (Aberffraw Castle), dismantled to build Beaumaris Castle on the other side of the island or the equally fascinating alleged palace at Pen y Bryn on the mainland
    Offa's Dyke – an ancient border between Mercia and Cymru built by King Offa to keep us Welsh off our former lands in what eventually became the West of England
    Nant Gwrtheyrn – A Welsh language school in a former mining hamlet overlooked by Snowdonia to the east. A few miles away is Blaenau Ffestiniog steam railway.
    Swansea for its promenade to Mumbles, for its covered market – even better than the Cardiff market and Joe's Ice Cream Parlour with Felinfoel brewery – the oldest canners of craft beers in nearby Llanelli
    Wrexham – the oldest International football ground in the world still used today and the third oldest football team still playing (Association) football and nearby Wrexham Brewery – for Wrexham Lager

    In Cardiff you missed The Millennium Stadium (home of Welsh rugby), St David's Hall – a great centre for culture and Brains Brewery – for Brains Dark, Brains Black, Brains IPA' Also nearby you could have visited St Fagans National History Museum

    And for Welsh Food:
    Sglods (sglodion – British chips) from any of the famous Siopiau Sglodion; Cawl; Welshcakes; Bara Brith; Roast Welsh Lamb; Salmon or Rainbow Trout from the Wye, Welsh Madeira Cake; Welsh Rarebit – you said you love cheese; ; Glamorgan sausages

    I'm sure much of the above will have been mentioned somewhere else by another Welsh viewer, and they may have mentioned things that I've forgotten such as Port Meirion, LlanfairPwll, the Heads of the Valleys, the Minera Mountains, the Severn Bridge, Tintern Abbey, the Dylan Thomas Centre, Fishguard Harbour, Tenby, Caldey Island etc

  29. The main bulk of castles in Wales were but by the English and built to keep out the Welsh, who weren't best pleased about our new land owners.

  30. THANKYOU SO MUCH FOR THE WAY YOU PORTRAYED MY CITY, CYMRU AM BYTH ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  31. Thanks for the lovely video(s). As for me the best moment is the whole day in Cardiff. I'm more of a city person. I enjoy the wild and green places but I love the city more. Cardiff is definitely a beautiful city that I hope I can visit one day. Plus, since I'm Arab and love Arab inspired architecture, I have to visit the castle and the Arab room/section. It is just fascinating.

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