Perfect Park Picnic Food Hacks | Lifehacker

Perfect Park Picnic Food Hacks | Lifehacker

– Everyone has grand visions of enjoying a romantic picnic at a park with a loved one. But it’s not as easy as just throwing a bunch of food in a bag and schlepping it to a grassy knoll. I’ve got some tips to show you how to pack the perfect park picnic. (uplifting music) You don’t want to take a ton of utensils to the park. So one of my favorite things to do is precut a bunch of ingredients, put them on a stick and then just eat them with your hands right off the skewer. We’re going to make some Greek salad skewers, which is one of my favorites. Take a stick, take a cucumber to anchor it all, block of Feta, an olive, that down there, and then top it all with a nice cherry tomato. And then just repeat the process until you fill up the stick. Now of course, you don’t have to limit yourself to Greek salad flavors. I also have a beautiful little Italian sub skewer. Which has a nice piece of salami, a little basil-wrapped mozzarella, crusty piece of bread, and a marinated olive. If olives aren’t your thing, a marinated mushroom is also quite nice, as is a little pepper. And then for dessert, just put your favorite fruit on a stick. Melon is nice, but fruit’s generally cooling, refreshing, hydrating and it won’t melt in the hot sun. So we’re not quite done with your skewers yet. For the final step we are going to pack them in this bag, and you want to make sure you’re putting the blunt side of the stick down. Take a little bit of olive oil, give it a quick drizzle. Then just kind of shake them around to coat. I’ll just take a little bit of sea salt and then do the same thing with pepper. I just grind it into my hand. And then just toss it in there, shake them around to season and then just zip it all up. Now it’s time to pack up our picnic basket. Just place you skewers down in there. Another tip that is not skewer based, is you can precut and core an apple, and then hold the slices together with a rubber band to keep them from browning. If you plan to do a little drinking outdoors, and I always do, put all alcohol and any other suspicious beverages in an opaque container such as a tumbler or if you don’t need to be quite so classy, a cup from a fast food restaurant. You also want to make sure you have plenty of water. I always include a couple of frozen water bottles. By the time they defrost you’re ready to go and you have a nice cold beverage. (zipper closes) And then you just need about a gallon of sunscreen, a comfortable picnic blanket and a floppy hat or two. And you’re ready to enjoy your meal in the great outdoors. (piano key)

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  1. "SCHLEPPING it to the park…" ๐Ÿ˜ That's a nice one ๐Ÿ˜ŠThank You and greetings from good old Germany ๐Ÿ˜š

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