100 thoughts on “PERKELE SIMULATOR 5000 – My Summer Car blyat

  1. I know this video is old, but Boris you forgot to put the seatbelt on, if you put it on you will not die in a car crash.

  2. Probably no one will answer this. I heard that sneaky background music a couple of times. I would really like to know how it is called. Thank you (maybe).

    To your video Boris: very cool and funny as everytime.

  3. that feeling when downs of American channels come out, I’m from English but you insult, depict how to swear Russian, there are countries that drink more, and your idiotic stereotypes, oh Russian, you also swear,

  4. Boris pronounce of perkele and saatana is art to my ears. Just like we say it here. Respect. Also this is awesome video. Watch it at least 3 Times a year.

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