Perth Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Perth Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Across the Indian Ocean, or the vast Australian
desert, is Perth: A modern city of nearly 2 million people. The capital of Western Australia follows the
Swan River from the port of Fremantle to its source in
the Darling Range. Perth’s remoteness gives the city a unique
feel and many say this is Australia’s friendliest
metropolis. The sunny, clean city is also among the most
livable cities in the world. The surrounding nature and wealth of mineral
resources attracts people from all corners of the globe. Some say the best thing about Perth is its
coastline with pristine beaches and clear water. Others head straight for the delicious food
and wine in the Swan Valley. In between is the compact city center, with beautiful parks and fun attractions. Perth’s cityscape shows a mix of styles, from towering Art Deco to the cozy Tudor-inspired
London Court. Modern glass offices and limestone facades
reflect the sky and the earth, as well as the future and the past. For a birds-eye view of it all, make your way to the top of the iconic Swan
Bell Tower. Nearby Kings Park is where the first explorers
found a natural spring and is still a place for discovery. You could spend all day in this inner-city
haven, which is larger than New York’s Central Park. Walk through the Botanic Gardens and pause
at monuments and remarkable trees. Browse the downtown Art Gallery of Western
Australia to witness the development of the state through
art: From the early days of farming and wool trade to the establishment of the Swan River Colony
in 1829. Soon after settlement, the state’s first botanists started to grow
grapes on the water’s edge and Western Australia is now a world-famous
wine region. Take a day trip out to the Swan Valley if you have a nose for quality produce. The area is full of boutique wineries, so take your time to find your preferred Chardonnay
or Pinot Noir! Many of the early farmers caught gold fever
in the late 19th century. Tour the Royal Mint to see the largest gold
coin ever made and admire some of the greatest gold nuggets
from the region. Crikey, imagine finding THAT! Perth’s present-day treasure is Cottlesloe
Beach and the best thing is: it is right on the city’s doorstep. Rent a board and join the locals on the perfects
waves. Visit the Western Australia Museum to learn about the state’s archeological treasures and amazing marine environment. See the real thing in the aquarium in Hillary’s
Boat Harbour. Just outside, the Sorrento Quay boardwalk is a great place
for a sunset dinner. From the harbour, or the Barracks downtown, take the ferry to Rottnest Island. “Rotto” has long been the favorite weekend
getaway for Perth’s city dwellers. Snorkel in the warm Indian Ocean and walk
along the stunning coastline. Keep your camera ready for surprising wildlife
encounters! Western Australia has plenty of riches to
share and as the state capital, Perth has turned dust into gold. If you love surf, sand and sun and a little
solitude, Perth is waiting to be discovered.

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  1. Well done Expedia.  A great narrative of my hometown.  Makes me want to go home and live.  It truly is a hidden gem.  

  2. I LOVE PERTH ❤💙💚💛💜💜💛💚💙❤❤💙💚💛💜💜💛💚💙❤❤💙💚💛💜💜💛💙💚❤

  3. Hi all, I have lived in Perth for most of my life. Just a few things not in the video: 1. bring lots of money, especially for Rottenest, Perth is expensive. 2. don't expect a great nightlife, 95% of people live in the boring suburbs leaving the city incredibly void of any substantial urban culture or activity. 3. Most shops shut at 5pm. 4. If coming in summer, be prepared to protect your skin from the high UV sunshine, the sun will destroy your skin. 5. If swimming at the beach try to swim in-between the red and yellow flags and if you can't swim, don't swim, the ocean can be dangerous. 6. The guy below (NinjaEquinox) is very wrong, Western Australia produces about 13% of Australia's GDP not 25%! 7. If you are a blue collar worker, consider moving to Perth permanently as people like mechanics, electricians, construction workers are some of the best paid in the world. Its basically the opposite of everywhere else, the blue collar guys make the big money, and the educated are undervalued.

  4. Generally, I'd say that the whole of Australia is expensive – not just Perth. It's situated along the western coast of Australia and it's only a 4-5 hour flight from Singapore compared to the 7.5-hour flights we have to take in order to reach Sydney, Brisbane or any other Australian city along the eastern coast – hence it is a popular destination for most Singaporeans like myself.

    During the weekdays, however, most of the shops and eateries in the city area are shut before 6pm; and most of the shops are closed before 9pm on weekends. Northbridge is quite the opposite since there is not much to do there in the daytime but it is also where all the nightlife is.

    There are many great places to shop in Perth and there's a free shuttle service around the city – a great pity that the shops over there close wayyyy too early.

  5. I'm from singapore and have been living in perth for the past 1.5 years and i love it over here… beautiful sights everywhere, sunny days during winter. Perth may be boring after a while but there's lots on offer in other parts Western Australia like jurien bay, margaret river, lancelin, kalbarri.

  6. Word of advice as someone who has spent there whole life in this city don't waste your money , Perth is the worst and most boring city in the world barely anything to do, too many hipsters,expensive everything and it's only getting worse, rude people and summertime is a nightmare it gets to 45-46 degrees:/ and the beaches are dirty and i swear as soon as i get into the water it;s like all the baby jellyfish are out to get me. I have traveled most of the world with my family and i can say if you want to go anywhere go to San Francisco, Tokyo,Greece,Florence, Miami,Chicago, or London. These are the best places i have ever visited and if i had to pick one to visit again or i live in it would be Chicago incredible city!

  7. I've lived here before and I have to say I had a good time living there. But now realizing that it's pretty boring.

  8. The poor Aborigines. This motherfucking Eufopeans steal everything they had and now the saying that this is their country. What for bitches, i hope they will get killed or that they kids get stealing like it was in the " the stolen generation ".

  9. I am a Sydney kid. I love love Perth so amazing people the city is just glamorous! Shopping is amazing omg I miss it

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  11. Perth was good. Kane is out now. You failed God. Dont harrass my god anymore or dont even try with Iris, Your daughter.

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  13. I'm planning to go to Perth from March 10 – 19, 2017. Is there any place outside the city that i should consider? i don't want to be in Perth all those time

  14. visiting perth in Dec for 4 weeks, it is also our first time to australia, good video can't wait to visit from ireland 😎

  15. I may find the United States a great country and Europe, a fascinating continent, but when it comes to moving in or even just a long vacation, nothing compares to Australia for me. I love the fact that it's way less populated and exploited than other places which makes me think that it must be more peaceful to live there, especially Perth. I also love to visit Canada but I'm not so sure if it's as good as Australia.

  16. Perth is really boring I live here and I just go to adventure world and swim in the beach and go explore the hills but the hills are the best thing for me because I love the views. I love Rottnest because it is fun to ride around and go swimming.

  17. I really appreciated Perth so much more after I went to Sydney, don't get me wrong I love Sydney there was so many more things to do but for me the lifestyle in Perth is Perfect, it's relaxing and not overpopulated.

  18. i spent 5 years of my life there as student . actually it's beautiful place but local people r nt easygoing like USA.

  19. Been to many places around the world but I do not miss any as much as I miss being in Perth. So warm and beuaitful.

  20. I'm from Vancouver Canada. If I wanna visit Australia to be impressed and woahed, should I visit Perth or other cities?

  21. Pity that WA has wasted all that money with that fugly urban sprawl and now have to rely so much on borderline communist countries to invest in building the city. Investment is one thing but being dictated by these organisations and their governments is another. How many of those rich oligarchs in WA have had their hidden wealth funneled through them. In 2001 I vehemently argued for a more central city and advanced public transport. WA = Wait a while. No wonder why all the GST went to Melb and Sydney because they know how to make use of the money although they also rely too much on international investment in property. If only money could have been put aside during the boom to at least invest in infrastructure outside or interstate. If only we listened like Norway's government did. What a total fvck up for democracy. Thanks for fcking up our future.

  22. Perth is great the architecture is amazing the city is my favourite place and its easy to get around with the bus routes. Even though Perth is expensive and there is not a lot for teenagers to do the one place were everyone will be happy is rottenest.

  23. I think I will enjoy Perth from a safe distance 😅 not trying to be prejudgemental by any means of course. I might visit it in the future for a week or two but the distance from central europe to west autralia is quite a bit.

  24. Perth reminds me of a more laid back Adelaide. I love Adelaide, but if I had to choose another capital city to live, it would probably be Perth.

  25. Pro = Born and bred here 50+ years beautiful indeed, good fishing, was safe. Con = Going down hill fast. Haven for gangs and drugs because they can. COPS FUKIN USELESS!!! Too busy booking tradies 6am for speeding.

  26. I lived here for three years now, and it’s lovely here, clean air, and clean neighbourhood! A lots of beautiful park for kids or us to enjoy outdoor. Perfect city to live with family🙂

  27. I'd like to visit Perth. It gave us Heath Ledger, Tame Impala, Troye Sivan, etc. It's even known to be the sunniest capital city in Australia. Plus, it has a lot of South Africans. It's just really sad that a lot of people don't know what or where this city is.

  28. No mention of Freo? Fremantle is the best part of Perth, imo, though really a separate city that was swallowed by the Perth metro.

  29. Six-year-old video, Perth has progressed so much since this video was made. Population now over 2 million but still not overcrowded.

  30. Perth now has a population of 2.14 million and has smog on some days , but it's still has a beautiful skyline and is a great place to live

  31. This is an awesome vid guys✊🏾 I'm an Artist representing Perth and I'm on that hustle!! I just released a new music video that showcases some of W.A's most beautiful attractions & locations. The rest of the world needs to know how beautiful this state truly is 🙂 would love to hear anyones thoughts on the video. Much Love❤️

  32. Perth is great , I know I live here but ask the people living in the doorways and top floors of multi level car parks ask the Aboriginal people in the parks and the people in the welfare suburbs . Yes great if you have plenty of money.

  33. Hey great video – love the vibe. Can you please check out my photos and give me some feedback


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