Pest Control For Summer Ahead | When Things Don’t Go To Plan (2020)

Pest Control For Summer Ahead | When Things Don’t Go To Plan (2020)

Hello, today I’m thinking about pest
control for the summer. I’m Liz Zorab and this is Byther Farm.
Last year I created a Brassica cage from recycled bits of wood and netting over
next to the turkey run. But this year I’ve got a new cage! The 1st thing I need to do is to clear any weeds and there are quite a lot of them, plants that have gone to seed, and there’s quite a lot of
those and decide whether I’m going to leave these row of strawberry plants in
here or not, probably not. And then this space will be
ready to have a row of brassicas in, in 2020. This is not a weed, this is rocket that
is going to seed. I have so much rockets so many seeds I don’t feel the need to
save the station so I wasn’t super keen on the flavor of this this sort of wild
rocket a little bird somewhere singing a beautiful song
that’s a Robin that is just feet away from me and the local farmer has just taken this
moment to decide he’s going to cut the hedges around us but that’s absolutely
brilliant because he left the hedges all through the autumn and this first part
of the winter to allow the birds and the wildlife to eat the berries and the nuts
that were on those hedgerows who’s now cussing them back just before the birds
start building their nests in the hedges because he doesn’t want to disturb them
doing that but it does mean it’s a bit noisy so sorry about that
anyway today I am going to be putting together a new high domed fruit cage
stroke Brassica tunnel but today I’m gonna have a look at the cage I’m not
going to get it going to set up I got part of it set up but I’m really excited
about having it so I’ve been sent this by a gardening naturally and this is
very exciting so it’s a metal frame that then has netting over the top of it – to
protect either your fruit from the birds getting at it or in my case to protect
the brassicas from getting an awful lot of caterpillars put my scissors away or I’ll never find
them again so always happy to get a big box because I can use the cardboard so
I’ll take the sticky tape off it and use the cardboard as weed suppressant while
I was hoping this would all just slide out so what I’ve got in here is is some
holes of various different links now this is some netting I’m not going to
put the nesting on until well will tell I’m well into spring and because the
winds that come across this site are just going to cause damage the netting
and when there’s no plants in there it’s not important unless I am managed to get
some plants in quite early on in which case then and I will
there’s the all-important instructions there’s some pegs are holding the
netting down right I will need the all-important instructions these are the fittings remove that out
of there I’ll move this so I so the idea with this is this all slots
together and then there are semicircular pieces that give me an archway over the
top I need to go and get those and bring them over this says their pipe clips so
I need to hang on to those and the first bits of the instruction say make four
rectangles side by side sharing the center poles I can do that so these ones are the ones
that go across the bed and I love these elastic bands they can be reused more
and more places are getting really good about their packaging and not I’m not
putting unnecessary plastic packaging that can’t be used again so one two
three four I don’t know why I put my gloves back on when I was gonna have to
take them straight off again oh sorry about the noise so one two three four my
measurements aren’t very good are they and then the the joiners are either a t-shape or a cross shape so I need the
t-shaped pieces so there are some like this which I would guess are the corner
pieces and then others like this which will which will join them
maybe I’ll go and check all the pieces so after a few minutes looking I’ve
worked out the connectors these join this the ones in the Centers and I’ll
need them some for each side I thought that it’s gonna be really
difficult then it just went and it was fine
I probably need is a piece of something firm to push on rather than pushing
against the very soft soil so that’s one so with the ones on the side obviously I
need it so that it will will go across and then join in each direction the
other thing I’ve noticed today is that the Ducks have worked out they can get
out of the vegetable garden and into and into well anywhere they like a chimney can I get my gloves on because my hands
are cold already getting a piece of wood to press against and I also want to be careful not to put
the plastic just against it into the ground it doesn’t have to be screwed I’m
turning it to just to push it because I don’t have enough strength to push it
all the way in on my own I’m gonna have to ask mr. J to come out
and give me a hand actually putting all connects in because I’m not strong
enough just to hold it and push it in completely a couple of them particularly
the end ones I managed to get all the way into position so what I’m going to
do is I’m going to do a very rough mock-up so you can see kind of how it
will be okay I’m gonna do this I’m gonna do the
sensible thing it’s going to take two of us when I have my wrists aren’t very
strong to put this together I can’t press down on the ground because the
ground is so soft from all the rain that we’ve had that they’re just sinking
right in won’t allow me to push them in so I’m going to do the sensible thing
and we will come back to this on another day I’m so excited by this and I do feel
slightly weak and feeble her not being able to put the connectors in but
they’ve got to fit in snugly so it doesn’t all fall apart

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  2. you should put yourself on timelapse, it would be comedy gold, you could then finish by turning it into a sky scrapper, I'm just happy not to get a camera out when attempting to build something. I've a pond full of fat frogs and I'm so happy.

  3. Oh Liz, you did make me laugh out loud! Try a bit of WD40 or similar on the connectors, that will help. Look forward to the next installment. Thanks for the video, Annette 😊

  4. Dear Liz, thet was really funy, you will need some help of Mr.J. And you are looking sooo good, wish I have your will to loss some weight, buuut I like to cook and bake and I love to eat hahaaaa, stil remember how hungry I was in secondary school, away from home for 4 years.
    Here everthiny is solid frozen but no snow. Even on 1500masl ski slope doesnt work, no snow blowers in national park by the law. Love and kisses from Slovenia!

  5. I have those days often.
    You are definitely not alone. Lol
    Love your videos and all the information you bring.
    Love from the state's.

  6. Bless you, at least you have good reason with the damp ground, I have no excuse, I'm just ham-fisted. Lovely little robin to keep you company too.

  7. Hi liz, i like your videos but one suggestion to make them more beautiful. You have such a beautiful place and crops and vegetables. So instead of coverything in one video, daily take a theme of one vegetable in one video for that season and show the area u have planted closely , so that what you were talking will reach faster and makes it peaceful video. And another thing there should be always clear and meaningful climax of video so people watching it doesn't get disheartened…I'm sorry but i like your landscape but felt these improvements are required, some times more than words activities happening shown clearly in the video makes others to watch it more…i love ur garden and video and sorry for taking liberty saying so

  8. i was laughing that much even the wife come ask which comedian i am watching? lol
    shame live far away, i love this kind of job.

  9. hehe, great music choice for your tumbleweed moment. Had a nice little chuckle. That said, this was by far one of my favourite videos. I've had similar oopsie moments, but I have a busy road of cars, whose drivers no doubt get entertainment out of my mishaps.

  10. Oh Liz, thank you so much for this video. It is so nice to see I'm not the only one who does things like that. Cheers!

  11. I hope you have made some progress Liz. I always struggle building that sort of thing. I wouldn't dream of doing so on camera! Not without a secret trial run first.

  12. Ahhh, one of life’s great pleasures…….listening to bird song. Oh my goodness, you had me in fits of laughter. That’s exactly what happens to me when I try to construct that type of thing. You need to be an octopus if you’re on your own.

  13. love listening to the birds , the farm is coming along nicely 🙂🦋🐔🐞🍓

  14. This is exactly why YouTube is so popular—we get to see the real life oopsies! 😂
    Glad you can laugh at yourself & let us laugh with you. 🙃

  15. Whenever I pot around in the front garden , a little Robin comes to me , so close to where I am scratching the soil waiting for bugs. I could almost touch it, it is so close.
    So cute !
    Looks like you could have done with some help! Wish I was there to help .

  16. I love your humility in deciding to post this Liz. Thanks for the laughs too. We've all been in that situation where you realise, normally too late, that it's a two person job. Keep up the good work Liz. 🙂

  17. At least you didn't have any bolts left over 🙂 Oh and the way you tore up that box made my OCD head explode xxxx

  18. Hi Liz . I wanted to say happy new yr, sorry I’ve been absent from messages but my health is failing so I had to conserve energy. You are looking amazing congrat and I do love your garden , out my bedroom window as your bird chirped I have a family of tiny rens that chimes in lol love it ,xoxo

  19. Ha ha bet you were cursing off camera lol. Brill these are the days when you know you shouldnt have got out of bed lol

  20. You are adorable! I have put up enough tents in my day to know that a second person is always the best way. But how you can laugh at yourself is just wonderful. Also I was noticing you seem to be moving around more freely. I was wondering if you have less pain since you've been so good with your dietary changes? I know that when I slip (often this time of year), I have a LOT more joint pain. Anyway, thank you for this video, and for sharing that robin's song. Boy did I need that today!

  21. Are the bottoms of the poles open? If so, you could put short rods in the ground and slip the poles over them.
    I think it would be a good idea anyway. To keep the cage from moving once set up.

  22. Liz, your videos are keeping me going during the long wait until Spring arrives – and my crochet,-which is my "old skill" I've been working on this winter, and I've kept at it diligently. Had a wee chuckle with you there! I can relate with my weak wrists! Can't wait to see the finished project 😊

  23. I have a feeling the ducks were laughing too, when the frame collapsed!
    It’s going to be a good looking structure- good luck!

  24. Hi. Use little block of wood or cement block to tap pipe into fittings. Use rubber dishwashing gloves to grip pipe to twist, or even use the rubber bands twisted a time of two as a grip for pipe twisting. You were smart to realize you might need help, but the comedy of watching the piping fall apart in pieces was just so funny. Luckily, the piping is light weight n you didn't get hurt. Did you get your pitch fork fixed yet? Consider buying a solid pipe smaller than fork, slid pipe into fork, drill thru both n connect with screws. Good luck, I look forward to putting up the frame, part 2. Peace to you and yours

  25. Ah bless you Liz , it definitely needed two , to work on it. Super share thanks for the giggle we had with you. Enjoy the united build with Mr. J.

  26. Liz, I know what that Robin was saying. I have one in my yard too. Robin, "Hey she's at it again. Everybody come and see." I swear the animals enjoy my efforts more than humans. LOL If we older folk don't admit we are losing strength, we will never get on with things." And laughing is so much better than anger or tears. Btw, get some WD40 and a rubber mallet with a very wide head. Those 2 items have saved my grace more than once.

  27. Oh Liz!! Thank you for the entertaining video 🙂 At least we can laugh at ourselves when things go wrong. What beautiful bird song from the robin. I'm so pleased you turned the camera round to show him. Thank you. Jan

  28. As you said there's always another day. Good advice not to over do ones self get a hand. It will run smother in the long term.

  29. My budgie really enjoyed this video as she could hear the birds and was joining in . I was crying with laughter at the tumble weed comment you made . This was a brilliant video Liz thank you .
    Can’t wait to see the cage once it’s built . I’m sorry it was so funny to watch . Xxx♥️

  30. Hi Liz, luckily I still have enough strength in my hands. As I am always on my own I learned tricks by making first one square (roof) than put in the legs. Once you have that standing you make the next roof and legs and then join the 2 together with the horizontal pools. Sometimes I use a fixed point like a wall or the side of a raised bed to keep it straight. Eveline

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