Peterborough & the Kawarthas Tourism 2015 TMAC Conference Announcement

Peterborough & the Kawarthas Tourism 2015 TMAC Conference Announcement

♫♫♫ Hey this is Linda Cash, I’m with
Magic 96.7. I am your co-host in the morning from Monday
to Friday. In local news our friends at Peterborough
& the Kawarthas Tourism have just announced they’re gonna be hosting the Travel Media
Association of Canada Conference, this time next year. We get to show off our fine city. I don’t wanna see any sweat pants and especially
if you wear them with Birkenstock’s, put those away. And if I see the crack of your ass, I’m gonna
kick it. This has been four years in the making. We worked hard to get this, we’re excited
to have it. Now that the word is out, we gotta get moving
on it. I know, everybody’s so excited about it, the
community, our tourism partners. It’s gonna be great, they’re really looking
forward to meeting everybody! The challenge is gonna be trying to decide
what we’re gonna show them. We have so many great experiences and so many
things that we need them to see. They’re only here for such a short amount
of time, I don’t know how we’re ever gonna be able to chose. Well I know our partners will have lots of
ideas. Why don’t we ask Chef. If it was up to me I’d focus on the diversity
of the chefs that we have in the area. The great food that they prepare, and why they
live here. It’s the canoeing, the paddling, the great
stuff to do in the summer. And you’ve really gotta finish off by touching
on the local food. As a farmer and a local producer, I’m very
fortunate that I get to travel across the province of Ontario to showcase our products
and what we do here on our farm. But I have to say, when you compare the rest
of the province to Peterborough & the Kawarthas, nothing really does compare in my opinion. The food scene here is active, it’s weld from
the students at the colleges, to the chef’s that teach, to the people that attend the
markets. The chefs, the chefs are amazing. They make a point of coming out to see the
farm, to get to know what we’re all about and what we stand for. And they actually take that information back
to their customers. So I think that that alone is pretty amazing. Lang Pioneer Village Museum is a living
history site. We represent the Peterborough County from
1825-1899. Native influence was very important on especially
the first settlers that came. They would not have made it through their
first winter without the Natives teaching them how to hunt and fish and preserve food,
and to actually trade with them. This is an Ojibwa reserve, because we’re Ojibwa
artists we specialize in Ojibwa art. But we have art collected from tribes all
across Canada and the far north. The Ojibwa people started to filter into this
area in the mid 1700’s and my earliest ancestor settled here in 1806. There was wild rice to be harvested locally
because we’re surrounded by water. One of my cousins is still harvesting wild
rice by canoe. I want to welcome you to the Canadian Canoe
Museum, this is the world’s largest collection of canoes and paddle water craft in the world. I’m standing in front of a birch bark canoe
that was used for harvesting wild rice in Eastern Manitoba many decades ago. This is a collection of stories, this is a
place of stories and people’s connection with the landscape. Peterborough was the international epicenter
of canoe building. And this is the key reason why the Canadian
Canoe Museum and it’s remarkable collection are here in Peterborough, Ontario. This is a great place to come and take a workshop,
it’s a great place to take a class. It’s a great place to learn about the heritage
of Peterborough & the Kawarthas, it’s also surrounded by water. It’s a great place to come for a paddle. In my opinion the best way to see Peterborough
& the Kawarthas is from the water. Or if you’re so inclined you may want to see
it from another perspective. One of the best ways to appreciate the, the
unique geography of this area is to take a flight over it. We’re blessed with many lakes, and the terrain
is interesting, in that it’s all formed by glaciers. And the drumlins are very obvious from the
air and certainly in the islands and the lakes as you fly over them. Here we are, arriving back at Peterborough. And at the right hand side you’ll see the
Peterborough Lift lock, you’ll see that they’re busy working on the lock to get ready for
the opening of the season. I’m Ed, I’m the lock master of the Peterborough
Lift Lock and we are the highest hydraulic lift lock in the world. We have thousands of boats come through our
system every year. And we have hundreds of thousands of land
based visitors come to visit us as well. We’re located just minutes from downtown Peterborough
and the trail system. For new riders to Peterborough I always suggest
riding South.The views over Rice Lake are amazing. Peterborough is really a special place, the
relaxed community allows people the time to go out and really pursue their passions, be that
art, music or riding a bike. The area is very supportive of all their artisans
in this area. People tend to really appreciate a hand made
product, like the one I’ve made for you people. Hi, come on in, I’m Gail. Welcome to Peterborough and the Kawarthas
Visitor Centre. Hi I’m Jamie, we’re really sorry we couldn’t
be there but we’re looking forward to meeting you next year. We have a lot of wonderful things in store. Now you’re going to meet the rest of our team.

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