PHI PHI Island tour after MAYA BAY is CLOSED for tourists #livelovethailand

PHI PHI Island tour after MAYA BAY is CLOSED for tourists #livelovethailand

What’s app fellas welcome back again in
to another vlog from live love Thailand, in this Vlog we are going to show you Phi PhI
island tour after Maya bay is closed for tourists which is considered the main attraction of
the islands. Phi Phi Island is Thailand’s island-superstar. It’s been in the movies. It’s the topic of conversation for travelers
all over Thailand. For some, it’s the only reason to touchdown
in Phuket. people travel thousands of miles dreaming
to visit this paradise beach and enjoy some magical moments , but unfortunately they will
not and that dream will vanish once they know that the Maya bay is closed. And the reason for Thai authorities to close
Maya bay was the thousands of tourists that visited the bay has destroyed the quarrel
beach life, so by closing the bay they are trying to restore the beautiful paradise for
what it was before the tourist’s invasion. So if you are wondering what’s left from
Phi Phi island trip and you want to know before you book your tour, this is an idea what to
expect. Yes you will have a speed boat ride towards
the phi phi islands , and you will see that green lime rocks coming up from the blue waters,
and you will have some stops in the surrounding islands of phi phi don and phi phi leh. Like The Viking Cave which is one of the most
notable sites on Koh Phi Phi Leh. Located at the bottom of a tall limestone
clif, Then they may take you to a tour to Monkey
beach , It is a simply stunning 150m-long strip of white powdery sand full of Monkeys
you may enjoy watching them, but beware of your belongings you may return without them. After that you will be headed to a calm lagoon
nearby to enjoy some snorkeling in the Andaman sea equipped with diving materials and that
will be a good experience to swim in the clear blue waters. I think this is the best part of the trip
if you love swimming and diving . Well surely among the trip they will take
to a nearby island in kho phi phi don to have a lunch and enjoy the tropical beach. So you will let out of the boat have a picture
from the tour guide explore around have some refreshments and enjoy swimming if you like
for an hour. Along the beach you can have many activities
like playing volleyball or sunbathing having some tropical drinks or swimming it all up
to you. After all these activities they may take you
to another island where you can also relax and have a free lunch served by the locals
in the island, and kill your hunger after this long trip. Well it may not be your favorite dishes but
trust me you will be hungry and you will eat them whatever they are. After the lunch it will be time for you to
walk and explore the island little bit, or sit and enjoy the sun and the relaxing wave
sounds or if you like you can take some amazing picture with the long tail boats and swim. As you see its still worth to book the Phi
Phi island tour unless you only want to see maya bay than you have to wait till thai authorities
reopen the bay in front of the tourists. So I hope you enjoyed this vlog and it was
useful for you to have an idea about the Phi Phi island tour after maya bay was closed. Thank you for watching Subscribe for more
from Live Love Thailand.

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  1. It's really beautiful maya bay and unfortunate not to be able to visit it, but at least in the tour you can see kho phi phi and enjoy the andaman sea. I hope they reopen it soon thank you for updating us with the tour.

  2. Phi Phi is a nice visit, but Similan islands are most beautiful islands in phuket. Water is crystal blue and absolutely stunning.

  3. ?…gefällt mir…ich wünsche Dir ein schönes Frühlingswochenende…ich Grüße ….Tschüß ? ? ? :)))

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    i will definitely subscribe your channel… for the next video..

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