Philadelphia Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Philadelphia Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Philadelphia is located in the Northeast of
the United States, in between New York and Washington D.C.. The Pennsylvanian city is home to over one
and a half million people and is the nation’s fifth largest city. Philadelphia is considered to be the birthplace
of the United States. It was here that the nation’s Declaration
of Independence from Britain was first read publicly back in 1776. The tolling of a two-thousand-pound bell marked
the occasion. The bell has since become a symbol of freedom
and can be admired in the Liberty Bell Center. Philadelphia is also the birthplace of the
Constitution, which was debated eleven years later across the road in the State House,
which is now the Independence Hall. America’s Founding Fathers walked these Old
City streets, and the many heritage buildings in this area are preserved as part of the
Independence National Historical Park. While you are at the National Constitution
Center, take in the rollicking story of prohibition in the Roaring Twenties. Protest against the anti-liquor law was fierce
and the many arrests threw the justice system off balance. Perhaps the most infamous bootlegging gangster
was Al ‘Scarface’ Capone, who spent his first prison sentence in the Eastern State Penitentiary
in 1929. The notorious mob leader seems to have made
himself well at home. Take an audio tour to hear gripping stories
that bring the world-famous jail back to life. To hear more voices from the city’s past,
head to the African American Museum. Its audiovisual projections and artifact collection
are aimed at preserving the heritage of African Americans. Within Washington Square lies The Tomb of
the Unknown Soldier of the American Revolution. The city’s colonial past is still apparent,
but nowadays Philadelphia is a modern city, with plenty of art, shopping and culture. Do as locals do and explore the city by bike
or public transport, or hop on and off a sightseeing bus. Fairmount Park is the city’s public backyard. It’s great for a walk and it showcases many
architectural treasures. Admire outdoor art on the Benjamin Franklin
Parkway, or check out the Smith Memorial Arch, dedicated to the military heroes of the Civil
War. Strike Rocky’s pose on the steps of the Philadelphia
Museum of Art. Set upon a hill, the neoclassical building
is one of the largest museums in the country. It has over 200 themed galleries displaying
nearly 230,000 paintings, sculptures and objects. The Please Touch Museum means play time for
the kids. Even toddlers will love this hands-on museum,
where they are never hushed. Who doesn’t want to get lost in Wonderland
for a while? The interactive displays in the museum are
fun and educational. Children can also learn a great deal in the
Academy of Natural Sciences on Logan Square. Admire the displays of the various species
that roam the far North and take the opportunity to pet live animals. For more interaction with animals visit the
Philadelphia Zoo across the river. Imitate the monkeys, encounter big birds,
or admire any of the other wild residents of America’s oldest zoo. To sample the local food, head straight to
the old Reading Terminal Market. Find out why the locals love their Cheesesteaks
so much, or handpick deli treats from the colorful stalls. For more culinary discoveries visit Philadelphia’s
Italian Market on Ninth Street. The district’s Italian community was established
in the 1880s. Their love for quality food and organic produce
still prevails today. Philadelphia’s climate is very pleasant in
springtime and fall. Those colorful seasons bring out the best
of the city, but it’s fair to say that Philadelphia is stunning all year around. Come to Philly any time you like! You’ll soon discover why Philly is so cherished
by Americans.

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  1. Be aware it sounds like bullshit but there is a really evil person that covered herself in green dye it the Smith Playground I live here and it's creepy

  2. Expedia, I think some good videos you could make include ones for places like Minneapolis, Salt Lake City, Tampa, Charleston, Savannah or Virginia Beach

  3. I live right outside of Philly and I think it's one of the best if not best city in The United States. It has a nice population and is big but not as big as freaking New York City. I hate nyc

  4. Great Video! I recently relocated to San Diego from Philly and this video makes me miss my home town. God do I miss the the Reading Market. FYI its pronounced "REDING"

  5. I have a fondness for Philly's Soul Music Scene Thanks To The Philadelphia Sound Of The Late 60s/Early 70s 🙂

  6. I'm from the UK and hoping to visit my girlfriend who I'm in a long distance relationship with as soon as possible and I'm afraid I mightve been bored and confused as to what I should do when I visit, so thanks for that 😊👍

  7. My school went to national constitution center it was so cool my favorite part was the room with all the like founding fathers

  8. WHAT ABOUT OUR CHEESESTEAKS?!?!?! Also died a little inside when I heard the way "reading" was pronounced. I'll be the first to admit we're not the greatest city in the world, but in the US we're second to none in our passion for our city and have some of the greatest American history.

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  10. Philly should have been the capital a lot more history than Washington and it would make a lot of sense but oh well

  11. I wanna go to America in exchange but i can´t choose a city, i like everything i search for
    somebody pleeeease help me

  12. i mean this city is nice! but don't spect to much greatness from this city, the center historic town, downwntown and that park were the museums are at is really nice! but other that that Phili is really crapy, like really! don't forget that people call it Filthadelphia for a reason!

  13. I used to live in Pitman New Jersey, about 45 min. by bus to Philly. I used to work in Center City Philly and commute every from Pitman to Philly. I love working in Philly. People are friendly and one of my happiest working days was in Philly. Now I live on the Jersey shore and it is too far for me to commute to Philly. I still go there sometimes, and I enjoyed going there just to shop and eat at the Reading Terminal or the Gallery. I do not like to live in Philly because I love living near the water. Still, Philly is one of my favorite places to visit.

  14. You've done a good job fixing the music up. This is much better then when it was uploaded it had fast paced music that didn't fit. Travel videos do not need to be 'hip or chic' as the other channel thinks.

  15. Me encantaría visitar la ciudad hermosa de Filadelfia, Pensilvania. Hay mucha historia interesante, arte bella, y naturaleza fascinante en esta ciudad.

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