Philippines Island Camping (Shockingly Amazing Trip)๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡ญ

Philippines Island Camping (Shockingly Amazing Trip)๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡ญ

yeah I don’t sing, i’m white. I can’t
sing you do not want to hear me sing I i like hearing Filipinos sing. it’s illegal
he said it was illegal to bring mangoes from the South to the north in the
Philippines, that’s strange as Cebu mangoes are literally sold everywhere in
the Philippines ready to go now we’re good I bet two of them oh I hope it doesn’t bounce
and fall I don’t think we could have asked for a
better place to stay after such a long journey what our transportation and
everything from Singapore started it what 9 p.m. 8 p.m.
five hour flight then fly from Singapore to Manila wait 2 hours 3 hours fly from
Manila to poi tell Princesa get in a van take a van for five hours but we have
major to el nido and we are in El Nino for a very specific reason to do a
four-day very remote island hopping trip from El Nido to Quran but we got this
amazing accommodations I’ve also said that we are going to lean up what I’m
doing at PacSun exactly it’s the remote with more remote that the typical boat
tour in only dirty book – A to B to C it doesn’t tell you dad so we are going
there in order to see the remote part of the Philippines so these are like
full-blown huts on the beach that we’re gonna be sleeping on the beach and just
I’ve never experienced anything like this I didn’t even know it was possible
so when K luma contacted us and asked us if we wanted to come join them on a trip
we said yes and we got halia with us again so if
you’ve watched our videos from Kazakhstan you know Hayley died so much
and she’s here she’s gonna be hopping the islands with us for the next four
days can I say something now just just post on Instagram and ask is where where
we are and it’s such a sesor how can is a balancing competition like almost the
same like they see 1% indonesian 48 were wrong the 49% of philippines is like a
it’s like we had the opportunity to stay at the apartments el nido and this place
is absolutely phenomenal like what one bedroom a living room full
kitchen boom a second bedroom another TV and
then the bathroom the girlfriend that is never on time hurry up if you want to
stay here a while you have a pool you have full security you have a full
kitchen and living room area it actually feels like a home in this area and this
apartment complex and they are brand new so it’s definitely something to check
out if you’re interested in staying here a little bit longer I mean living in a
place like this you could stay here you could stay here a long time and feel
very comfortable we got to make our way to the van
terminal to start this crazy adventure to be back in tri clan I really really
enjoy getting around like this especially in the early mornings it’s
amazing this isn’t necessary but it’s so nice
traveling with somebody that speaks Tagalog like it’s our first time ever
being with somebody that actually speaks to go I’m always like ah playing
charades trying to figure it out we’re just gonna get some drinking water along
the way okay we are now on the opposite side of El Nido and this is where Kahlua
actually takes off actually last year when we originally
came to el nido it was like kind of a letdown because there was so many boats
in big lagoon and small again but now they’ve actually implemented a limit so
there’s no like third-party tourist boats that will take you to the islands
there’s only a certain amount of tickets that are let out so it’s nice that
they’re implementing these things in order to you know maintain that
beautiful scenery it’s not to get too damn nice so we probably should have gotten this
while we were in El Nido but Todd is trying to make sure she’s not gonna get
seasick so we’re searching for some seasick bill but we’re in a very rural
area honey so it’s called bana meaning I’ve missed
this so much the smell of salt water I’m ready guys they’ve got the bathroom
right here too so I gotta change this is a huge boat so normally your island
hopping through this quite quite small boats just the benches and the floor but
this has an underground cabin a kitchen huge area with beanbag chairs I’m not
gonna beat a bad mold today in a good mood because you got coffee we smell so good this is torturing
because I feel hungry already it’s midday right now in Palawan and we
have the place to ourselves not a single person so we’ll have three
stops today before we actually make it to the beach and camp out for the night this paid off all day long hello I’m
sorry hello everyone welcome to the first day of Turin without a kilo for
now for your lunch we have four types different of and then we have a big fish
that fish are stuck in Tagalog I don’t know what that in English and we have
put da da golden melon this is only in Palawan yeah
and for your dreams mom we are about orange squash we have the sprite way up
coke and we have some very at the box if you want good job thank you monster
oh just realize you guys are mutually done for chili in the sauce no Filipinos
don’t eat spicy community oh you want some I can get something to chew that’s
actually yeah would be mine does anyone of this everyone thinks you need because
we can yeah I’m so shocked I’ve never seen yellow watermelon until today
apparently it’s apparently it’s only in Palawan so it’s really really sweet
though it’s really good you’re very appreciative the time you’ve given us to
enjoy this beautiful boat I think amen these muscles are so good then you
don’t need fish no I’ll eat mussels b34 yeah yeah oh you guys share official
burgers a nice person I eat everything okay fine
I mean there’s rice okay I don’t know I don’t understand
what’s happening right now it’s like getting better and better every island
we go to now we’re at it’s got a sand oh my god they’re gonna start to me fun it’s okay we have a lot of
thing I got it well guys this is amazing
hot this is the first campsite that we’ve been to so we’re gonna be three
nights four days so we’ll do three different campsites along three
different islands all the way from El Nido to Quran and we have reached the
first island of the indigenous people there’s no power yet so this is where
we’re staying tonight very very traditional mosquito must mosquito net
fan and no lights nothing extra but if you want a really local traditional
experience I don’t think it gets much better than this
do it it went because it’s so windy no we are bright by the beach I don’t need
a sea I would rather just get the breeze from the ocean and just listen to a wave
crash oh my god this is perfect for me already I don’t
need AC at all they only actually have generator power
for a little bit of the night just enough for us to charge some camera
batteries and fill the buckets of water with the pump and then use the lights a
little bit and then you’re good what without shoe I love it and there’s a
home away from home well so right now we are at Cobham
Bergman Carly bang bang Callie bang bang Callie bang bang Han is
basically the the Ellen that is owned and resident by the indigenous people
Topanga which is the group of people who live in Palawan region the government
wastes rugged to be only the island for these people anyway we will stay one
night here on this island holy God can’t play over there they got enough to have a player for a
month huh I know I literally don’t think we
could have gotten a better sunset like that good after the Sun had set the
colors are just unreal yeah that is insane the colors and the clouds are
just amazing behind this little pier huh yeah it’s really glassy right now super
calm there’s only two like little kid little fishing boats on the outside and
there’s just floating and swimming so we’ll make it up in the morning for
sunrise but right now I think we’re just gonna get some food it’s not spicy
I think it’s spicy no those toys are really fuck I’m talking about burn your burn
isn’t burned my burn is painted fried Martin yeah yeah yeah I’ve only cream in
yours not coffee that was an absolutely phenomenal way to spend the first night
you wake up in the morning and honestly it’s the first time me and Todd actually
had a relaxing morning it’s the first time we’ve had a relaxing morning to
just take our time because we have no internet so it’s really yeah
sometimes you just gotta take a break definitely here I wash my hair and I
don’t even need to hairdryer excited for me naturally I’m excited we have three
more days thank you guys but so we have four more desks coming
today to join for the next three days and we’re excited we’re gonna meet new
people all from different regions of the world and enjoy this three new camps two
more camps that are actually there’s we gonna stay in the same camp for the mix
– nice now you know good thing as a head ass
and I will put this trip on number one right now
we have experienced so many beautiful things that we have never imagined that
Wow Philippines have been on day one did I know but like the definition of beauty
that Philippines gave to us like the whole new level and for now we have our
four guests we can start ah here I see beats save its me so because we’re not sure we can only
bring a little bit of stuff but of course bring our camera bags recharge
batteries but we have arrived at this is absolutely incredible I never expected
to be in this very rural village on beachfront the puppies amazing puppies
everywhere I know how those guys this is our house hey can you what so they’re
gonna they have uh pillows blankets mattresses my stealing a mosquito that’s
the most important thing but you have an entire island in line with coconut trees
this is incredible this is the best place I’ve ever stayed any oceans right
there literally where it is not going to be the Wow I knew it was gonna be good but I
honestly didn’t expect it to be this good like this is beyond okay guys introducing the kitchen it’s
amazing it’s literally getting back to the basics and just staying in a hut
like camping on a very very local and traditional island that there’s really
not much which is exactly what you want sometimes I mean in 2019 you have very
few chances and you can absolutely completely disconnect so being able to
come out here see how happy people are with what they have and not have
influenced by these things right here is actually quite phenomenal connect to the
internet right now no no no no internet at all there’s a power all night to
charge batteries and to get some lights but that’s really all you need just a
generator and some gasoline campfire the beach and some beautiful huts this is my
Australian thing Oh Oh my parents would love this place I’m gonna try to get
them to go on this tour yeah another thing is that I will first time actually
doing this yeah meanwhile in the kitchen what are you
cooking tonight bitch you know we got you yeah that’s a guy so
much okay okay Southern Fried dream yeah ready
it’s like colored Wow beautiful morning if only you really woke up like
this so they’re basically like raise the
house up a little bit so that the air can blow under the house so it’s kind of
like made a wind flow make it more when today it’s more cool ow make it nice and
comfortable to sleep in hello that’s really interesting yeah it’s gotta be that way right off the boat the boat rode up to
our boat sold three kilos of squid calamari for Patrick yes what are they
tonight money Kalani families calamari calamari is battle fish not speak okay
no more we can paddle fish with a coconut milk oh yeah that’s amazing
it doesn’t get much more fresh than that yeah oh my god that’s a squid meats work for you well
we were three we’re at the shelf like a coral shelf and we are free diving
through this light this coral shelf underneath it and there was like a cove
and if with fins you could make it down there but on the way up
Haley clipped it where they’re watching so we’ll roll that clip right now so everything here you come here is for
me personally it’s like a fool detox so I don’t touch the I don’t touch
attach the phone attach the food guys so basically I hold to record things but I
don’t really like connect to the internet I don’t connect I don’t see
shake the scrum and uncheck Facebook I don’t check anything so we get away from
you guys for like four days and three nights but if you think about it that
out of 364 365 days a year that you have and then you just have
four days off then you completely get away and live in this kind of lifestyle
it just like nothing compared to 364 I always say the 364 say I 365 days in a
year so for me personally I love it getting back to the basic like this is
something that you rarely find in the world nowadays but like everything go
quick quick quick quick quick welcome home honey
I swear I saw Vince is Chris PR and you got syrup so good what is absolutely a vengeful day that
was the rap of day three on our trip from El Nido to Quran and every morning
every night has to fill up the bucket so then we all can shower I that’s look like a big great how does it
feel like it tickles it’s two of them whoa hey dougie dougie dougie no it’s
like the wait a moment my mate call the friends Oh good morning you lost okay so today Patrick Ashley and Dexter
they cook to moulting extra mainly the meal on the boat is basically fish for
sure Gruffudd we have unicorn fish two days in a row and Unicron fizzes like
become my favorite fish ever and all also we have a chicken which is like a
typical thing must have main ditch on the boat is fish and chicken grill fish
and view chicken we are eating at the sandbar today job job five four three two one
good eyes again today money is not Kalani harmless calamari double is
Alomar’s only co-sleep I know first at Oracle
Arena a lot more right this was going to be like deep but

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