Philippines to USA Tourist Visa Chances Of Approval

Philippines to USA Tourist Visa Chances Of Approval

(upbeat music) – My boyfriend lives in the US. And so you’re from the Philippines. OK, so what I’m taking from this is you’re from the Philippines, you’re a contractual worker, what are the odds of you
getting a tourist visa. That seems like the long and short of it. Honestly, I gotta say that
they’re not good, unfortunately. I wish it was different. I myself have family in the Philippines and we’re good at this and
we do this all the time and some of my family members I’ve not been able to get a tourist visa. And they have regular jobs and everything. So it’s not good. If you’re single, if
you’re a single person, that’s a strike against you. For getting a tourist visa
out of the Philippines. And again this doesn’t
apply to every country. But it will a little bit. In general, for many countries, they’re looking for the same thing. They want to know what are the odds you’re
gonna leave the United States at the end of your tourist visa timeline. So, with the Philippines, the odds are, in their
opinion, and I guess in fact, not good that you will leave. So it works against
you that you’re single, and then, believe it or not, it works against you
that you have a fiance in the United States because that’s yet another
temptation for you to stay. What they really want to see is married, middle-aged, business owner with all kinda ties to the community who knows nobody in the United States and wants to come take some
pictures of the Grand Canyon and go back to the Philippines. That’s the guy who gets approved. Young people, very
difficult to get approved. Single people, very
difficult to get approved. People who don’t own
some kind of substantial business or real estate
in the Philippines, difficult to get approved. So you know it’s $165 to apply. And we can help you with that. Our fee is $100, so if you
want to spend 265 bucks to find out, it doesn’t
hurt your later case to do a fiance visa. That’s another common question. “If I get denied a tourist visa, is that gonna hurt me later
for a fiance or spousal visa?” Absolutely not. As long as you’re honest, you
don’t get denied for fraud. If you’re completely honest,
you do a tourist visa, you get denied, we’ve had a
lot of customers come to us after getting denied and
they sail right through on a fiance visa. So if you want to spend
the money and try it, you got nothing to lose except that money and your time of going to the interview in Manila and everything. But I wouldn’t get your hopes up based on the situation as you laid it out, you’re probably not gonna be approved. I hate to say that but I don’t want to see you waste money either, even if you’re spending
some of that money with us. We really don’t want
you to waste your money. If you want to try it, and you’re willing to spend that money to take a chance to surprise your fiance, hey go for it. But you gotta know going in
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10 thoughts on “Philippines to USA Tourist Visa Chances Of Approval

  1. What is the estimated time frame for a K1 Visa from Thailand to the US. We received the NOA1 June 6th. After the NOA2 when will we hear about the US-Thai consulate interview.
    What are the are the odds for approval assuming we have a great application.

  2. can you apply for a K1 visa if you have not even met in person but you have met in a social group on Facebook and our getting to know each other better that way can you apply for a K1 visa

  3. I will just accompany my grandfather to go home in states i do have stable job here is there any tendecies to got approved i willl only stay fir a week thats the allowable leave that my company will allow me i just got denied last 2015 and the consul did not told me the reason ehy he rejected my application

  4. hi any advice I'm planning to apply tourist visa and it's my first time to travel to other country and I'm employed here in PI..

  5. Planning to apply visit visa,,but I'm scared if I gt denied,,my bf and I is 2 yrs in a long distance relationship now,,we're not totally meet in person,,but we probably had a video call and a phone call everyday,,he always sending a card to me,,then now he also send an invitation letter to visit him and his family ,,saying that he is the one to paid all expenses of my travel and staying while I'm in USA,,,,is thre a chance to approved my visit visa if I applied those documents,,I'm separated to my ex husband 10 yrs now,,he probably had a new family now,,,,,,,thank you ,,

  6. Hi I'm from Philippines I'm 22. I have a friend in US and he want me to visit America for just even a two weeks.. He will pay all the expenses…. What requirements I need? What can I do? Do I need his information to show to embassy?

  7. Im single, I have a stable job here in the Philippines but I want to go to the US this coming December to spend the holiday, like a week. Can I have a sure chance to get a tourist visa? Can you help me with that?

  8. Hi I am a public school teacher here and i am planning to visit my boyfriend on December (Christmas break). Is there a chance that i will get denied?

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