Phinbella Moments – Season 4 Till “It’s no Picnic” – Phineas and Ferb

Phinbella Moments – Season 4 Till “It’s no Picnic” – Phineas and Ferb

Well, it’ll be fun to finally see the ball drop. Oh that’s a wonderful tradition! And, of course, there’s the other tradition of kissing someone special at midnight. Well then, I know what we’re going to do tonight. Really? Yeah! We’re gonna make our own New Year’s ball and drop it from outer space! Alright everybody, all aboard the tooth-buggies. Ferb even installed dental floss-themed seat belts. Mmm, minty! Wow, the periodontal level was awesome. Hang onto your retainers everyone as we travel through the pulp chamber, past the cementoenamel junction, and up, up up, to the apex of the crown. Yeah! Woo-Hoo! Hi Phineas, what’cha doin? Ferb and I are building a super inflatable wading pool. Wanna help? I’d love to, but actually, I need your help. Anything for you, Isabella. Really? Of course! Your word is my humble command. I would travel the four corners of the globe – which I have actually done – but this time, it would be for you. All for you! You were lost in Phineasland again. Oh! Right. Right. The Fireside Girls are going for our Beekeeping patch, and we need to borrow something. Of course, but you’re going to bring some collateral if you wannna borrow Ferb. Oh Phineas! It’s not that funny. Stand down, Fireside Girl. Hey, Isabella, we’re having iced tea! You want some, honey? What did you say? I said, “We’re having iced tea! You want some honey?” Oh, um, heh-heh, sure!

95 thoughts on “Phinbella Moments – Season 4 Till “It’s no Picnic” – Phineas and Ferb

  1. Phineas: Hey Isabella we're having iced tea, you want some honey?
    Isabella: What did you say ?
    Phineas: I said we're having iced tea you want some honey ? Holds honey bottle

    Me: Hahaha oh my gosh x) Best part EVER!!!!!!!!!

  2. Warning! Huge Spoiler! IDK if it is true but I saw what is sop posed to be the ending to the last episode of P&F. Issabella goes to college but in the end Phinease ends up kissing Issabella. (Like in what 6 year or something)

  3. I just wish that Phineas would open up his eyes 2 good signs is that Isabella kissed him twice In different movies Star Wars and the p&f movie and he didn't seem to mind!

  4. Why most of the people in the comment section are blaming ONLY
    Phineas ??? I mean sure he didn't seemed to notice Isabella's love
    but also Isabella never told him anything! Instead of giving him little sings she could just told him face to face.Also during childhood romantic feelings are under development and in fact I'm curious HOW Isabella could ever have romantic feelings for SO long because it is revealed in Act you Age that she was visiting him for 11 summers! NOT to mention as seen in the clip that she loved him even from a toddler! From my point of view that's a little sick….
    Off curse that's just my opinion a PHINBELLA opinion! Thanks for reading…..:)

  5. "well i know what WERE gonna do tonight"
    "yeah, were gonna build a giant ball and drop it from space!!!"

  6. I still love this show. why the hell would Dan povenmire and swampy marsh cancel the show? did it jump the shark? because if it did, it was at the end of across the second dimension.

  7. I relate to phineaus. When I was young, like 4th or 5th grade, I had this friend who was a girl who called me into the hallway while I wa in the gym playing basketball. I walked out with her and she really hesitated and said something like, I wanted to tell you I really like you. And I was just like thanks, and ran back in the gym with my basket ball

  8. Isabella: And, there's a tradition of kissing someone special at midnight
    Phineas: Well then I know what WE'RE gonna do tonight
    Isabella: Really
    Phineas: Yeah. We're gonna make our own New Years ball and drop it from outer space


  9. We're having iced tea. Do you want some, honey? Wait wait? Do you want some honey? Oh.

  10. Phineas: well to make it up to you it.s kinda lame but maybe me and ferb could I don.t know take you out for some ice cream or something
    Isabella: uuuuuuu
    Ferb I just remembered that I need to do something you 2 go
    Phineas Is that cool
    Isabella Yes Yes it is Ferb* Isabella gives him a fist pump *

  11. Phineas: we’re having ice tea, you some sone, honey

    Isabella: what did you say

    Phineas: we’re having ice tea, want sone honey


    Phinabella defined

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