Phoenix Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Phoenix Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

In the northeastern Sonoran Desert, south
of the Grand Canyon, lies Arizona’s state capital Phoenix. With well over 4 million people, this is the
state’s largest city and one of the most populated cities in the
USA. Welcome to the Valley of the Sun, where it is always warm and where the nature
stands out from the landscape like a camel in a desert. Start out in the central Arts District. Here, the coffee and tea houses in between
the galleries and boutique stores are a good place for breakfast. Looking out over the city is the carefully
preserved Wrigley Mansion, a place for fine dining in a modern, or antique
setting. Learn all about your digestive system, and
more, in the downtown Arizona Science Center. Get gobbled up by a monster stomach and cycle
high in the air in this interactive museum. Potential Einsteins can test their brain in
the wonder center, while the little ones will love splashing
about. For exhibits that are off the wall, visit the nearby Phoenix Art Museum, which is also filled with more conventional
paintings and sculptures. A few blocks north, the Heard Museum of Native
Cultures and Art is the place to see Navajo jewelry and ancient
bowls and jars. Try your hand at creating pottery and jewelry
yourself in the award-winning Mesa Arts Center. All
the tools you need are there! Between Mesa and Phoenix is Scottsdale. In the Scottsdale Museum Of Contemporary Art
the sky is the limit when it comes to art. After browsing the work of local creatives, explore the upscale stores in the Scottsdale
Quarter. For a musical journey through time, treat your ears to the Musical Instrument
Museum on the northern edge of Phoenix, it is stacked
from floor to ceiling with African drums… guitars from the Middle East … and unusual South American instruments. MIM is also a tribute to some of America’s
finest artists. Back near the Salt River, the Pueblo Grande Museum And Archaeological
Park gives an insight into the lives of the Hohokam
people. These Native Americans shaped this city some
1,500 years ago by digging irrigation canals to the river. East from here is Papago Park, home to some of Phoenix’s best family attractions. Check out the huge cacti and edible art in
the Desert Botanical Garden… the old fire trucks in the Hall of Flame… and the prairie animals in the spacious Phoenix
Zoo. Don’t miss the chance to clamber through the
Hole In The Rock to see the Valley of the Sun in full glory! Another natural window overlooking Phoenix is on the opposite side of the city. At Dobbins Point it is like you are looking
into the future in one direction, and into the past in the other… Out of all of the rock formations in Arizona, the drop offs and folds of the Grand Canyon
are the most awe-inspiring. Many feel humbled when staring out over one of America’s biggest natural treasures. If you don’t have time to drive the four hours
north to see the Grand Canyon, Sedona is only half
the distance from Phoenix. The sandstone cathedrals in “Red Rock Country”
are a great sight at sunset. Arizona is always basking in sunlight and
with its Southwestern charm, rich Native American history and deep appreciation
of art and nature, Phoenix is an attractive oasis in the hot
Sonoran desert.

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  1. Can you please do a travel guide on Albuquerque? I would love to see a nice guide about the New Mexican city, and please include the balloon fiesta if you decide to make a travel guide. Thank you:)

  2. Our first time in the states we went to Phoenix. Really loved it…Loved the weather, the shopping and off course Grand Canyon, as he said in the guide, i felt humble when i saw it. Scottdale was also nice to see. // Maria from Sweden

  3. I live in Albuquerque, NM, and I've been to Phoenix about four times. The place is nice for a two or three day trip, but any longer would get boring. If you live within seven hours or less of Phoenix go ahead and take a weekend trip.

  4. BORRRRRRING… =P Been to Phoenix. Nightlife sucks ass, No gay village, No real GOOD restaurants and the wine selections makes me wanna throw the menu in the server's face.

    Hated this place.

  5. Boring. Not enough of the actual city. Lots of indoor shots of museums and stuff. Yawn. Is there a downtown? Are there any actual neighborhoods? More of the actual city, please.

  6. 1:22 love how the people are trying not to notice the horrible mold problem. A little Clorox would do wonders, people.

  7. it definitely has some tourists attractions but not enough to attract non americans to visit. Many Non americans come to experience the great american cultures found in LA, SF, NYC, Vegas etc, so these r their first come to mind destinations. For canadian and other major citie americans, they would also think of seattle, san diego, miami, denver. So i have a hard time imaging many non North american tourists would actually intentionally want to visit here for holiday. Im sorry phoenix, there r just too much competition in AMerica alone

  8. ….and when you drive late at night through Sedona lookout for the tall, hairy creatures that runs across the road at 10 feet per step!

  9. Phoenix looks like a boring city. Seems like there are not much things to do. The night life seem practically dead. Not good overall too visit Phoenix.

  10. This is the worst city I've ever lived in! I'm so sick and tired of not having fun! It's just hiking and boring bullshit!

  11. Phoenix is NOT a touristic city that's why it's boring! It's a cheap, large suburb city with strange types of people. I went Downtown and I saw a man walking with overalls! Seriously

  12. I've lived in Phoenix for almost 20 years. Its boring compared to other big cities. Only come here in the winter to escape the cold from other cities.

  13. Yeah… we have cool museums and even a road named after Frank Lloyd Wright. But that's not all; you missed everything great about Phoenix. Let the locals know you're foreign to the city (we actually enjoy the company of tourists,) some of the best might be just under your feet. I mean, literally underground lol

  14. You want good museums, a growing and beautiful downtown, a colorful zoo, and hot weather. Come to where I was born and raised Miami, FL we got it all

  15. I'm guessing that most of the people in the comments that are complaining about Arizona are probably just kids you know you can always move right ?

  16. If I want to die of skin cancer I’ll go to Phoenix on my next holiday

  17. They could have listed about 50,000 other things to do in Phoenix and the Valley of the Sun. There is a reason over 3 million people live here. It's a great place to live, with so much to see and do.

  18. I’ve lived in Phoenix most of my life. There’s more to do but most publiclty is lazy and just says shopping and restaurants. Then go to Sedona or something. For the physically active, hiking can be beautiful in many spots, horseback riding at South Mountain, bike riding around Tempe Mill Ave, balloon rides, theater. But sadly not the most interesting city by itself as a vacation spot. If going to the Grand Canton in the winter, it’s worth spending a few days. If you want night clubs, definitely a big selection. I’m over drinking but if that’s your thing it may sway your decision.

  19. "Where it is always warm" — That is a false statement. Today (February 19, 2019), it is 35 F. Be warned. Phoenix winters are cold. The temperature rarely gets above 70 F during the Winter. If you want warm weather in the Winter, you need to visit Florida. In Lakeland, Florida, for example, it is 71 F right now. I do look forward to the triple digit temperature season (May through October), which is my favorite time of year.

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