Phuket Thailand Travel and Nightlife # 30 How to enjoy Patong night – Don’t of Patong

Phuket Thailand  Travel and Nightlife # 30 How to enjoy Patong night – Don’t of Patong

Renewal Patong sign is completed, the same as well I told you about Don’t of Phuket in the EP #26 Today, let’s talk about Don’t of Patong The high season is just around the corner of Phuket But still can’t feeling much differences More tourists will visit this place in high season So today, going to share the Phuket Patong travel tips. If you are not decide the right place to eat This place will be a good choice before Patong Night Sugar is always the second-best club Free Entry almost every days It’s 8pm and a lot of tourist are already here But this is a bad choice As you can see many Kids on the street. It’s really WALKING STREET now Every nightclubs are desert island in this time “How to enjoy PATONG Night?” The First There’s nothing in time before 9:00 In short, 800THB will give you unlimited drinks Offer a desert useless table on the second floor Honestly speaking This is a ticket for the first-timer or one day tourist Empty Pink This is why you shouldn’t start your nightlife before 10pm No offense, People who are here at this time Don’t know where they are….. Bar-funk has no ticket and no table charge. I will explain about ticket and table charge for ILLUZION ( in the next episode) “How to enjoy Patong night” Second Never book a ticket or anything. Don’t buy it. Don’t have to book table or something in Patong You can go wherever you want Visit as many places as you can Then you can enjoy the Patong night completely Didn’t start either. Probably Will dance around 9 o’clock Happy time discount before ten o’clock. What the… It’s not a fight^^ old lady want to play Because i always attach 1000THB (with picture of Thailand King) in front of my camera As you can see from this, they always interest in your money Do you know what “meaningless money” means? If you are really hungry and want to eat a simple meal This is a perfect choice One hundred baht of your money is enough. But… in clubs and bars of Bangla road 100B is a very small amount of money You’re a just foreign tourist here But this is their work place In many ways they can manipulate you to make meaningless consumption Most case is ask unprovoked service tips Their prices always make small change Or Too many Lady drinks requests at Bars Most GoGo Bar’s Lady drinks cost about 220 baht For Small tiny martini 1 shot I know you’re a little relaxed because you’re on vacation But don’t be too generous or naive When I first came here, I just drink a bottle of beer and spend 5,000THB I was a “Walking ATM” Don’t make a mistake like me. Be a wise customer As New Year approaches, various events are being held If you need fresh air, you can come here It’s good place to spend some time before 10 o’clock Massage shops and restaurants are also good choices Massage shops recommend Refer to EP #29 (traditional), # 5 (speci) The last tips for Patong Night It’s already emphasized another Episode Patong beach road is very strict and frequent in traffic control Especially to tourists I don’t want to complain because it’s for safety. If you drive a motorbike or a car after drinking in Patong, you will regret it throughout your trip

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