Phuket: Thailand’s Best Island Attractions

Phuket: Thailand’s Best Island Attractions

Phuket’s one of Thailand’s most popular
tourist destinations for its beautiful beaches, top-notch hotels and more. There’s so much
to see and do here it can be very difficult to create a travel itinerary – and there
are a lot of interesting attractions to choose from. We wanted to show you two of the best,
and they also happen to be two of the most longstanding as well: Big Buddha and Siam
Safari. This is the Big Buddha, a white marble statue
that’s become a marvelous symbol for the island of Phuket. It was completed in 2004,
mostly funded by donations, and there’s also a bronze Buddha too – it’s smaller
in comparison, but not really very small at all. The Big Buddha can be seen from anywhere
in southern Phuket, and one of the best views of the entire island is on top of the hill
where it’s located. Sometimes monks perform special religious ceremonies here. From up here you can see so much of Phuket
– when the sky is clear it’s even possible to see Phang Nga Bay, the island’s most
famous sea cave. But just directly in front of us is Chalong Bay and that’s where you
can find one of the best attractions here in Phuket, besides the Big Buddha of course.
It’s called Siam Safari. Siam Safari offers some of the best eco-friendly
nature tours in all of Thailand. They’ve won many awards for not only for showing visitors
around, but also performing conservation project in Phuket’s wildlife parks such as Hat Nai
Yang and Khao Phra Thaeo. But what Siam Safari is best known for is its ecotourism when it
comes to helping elephants. Siam Safari was the first company to start
elephant trekking in Phuket more than 20 years ago. Now many companies in Phuket and the
Thai islands offer this special attraction, but unfortunately not all of them provide
a good life for these sweet, endangered animals. That’s why Siam Safari focuses on conservation
and they have a program that gives medical checkups to all the elephants in Phuket. So
if you want to support a good cause, but also have a lot of fun, check out Siam Safari.
The Big Buddha is nearby, so it’s easy to go see both!

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