Picnic 2000

Morning miss Phyllis Don’t be tense you don’t want to look tense it pinches the face. Well, I think she looks pretty good This goes on the front page wouldn’t mind a mention Elgin five-and-dime We designed the float Give us a quote a quote. Yeah, I’m told this is a first to need while the Queen’s in the same family Well, I’m thrilled Okay, smiling happy relaxed on top of the world Just like that beautiful Don’t move There’s someone inside Standing right over here holding a shirt It’s jitters Boys got a point Think about it Maji front page of the Kansas City Star Everybody in the state’s gonna know you are which is why she belongs with me. I Got my own that car match. It’s got a radio and everything Just a couple more weeks. It’ll be mine. Come on. Let me just take Will you run around that one Benson that’s because Alan and I are going steady The guy is only interested in your superficial beauty. I mean, you need a guy who admires your soul Everything is holy. Everybody’s holy everywhere is holy Victory Forget your underwear. We’re free Fine go home. Freak bother ordinary brat. Just Just Like a Man Can have your sister be the center of attention I hear less about your Neanderthals rituals Hi It’s 20 years since I wore this dress I’ve waited so long for this Mama what did you doing? It was over. What do you mean? Well, is it just a day like any other day I? Had such a clear picture of this. I never thought about what happens next whatever you want Tonight’s your night magic the world. It’s your fate Yeah, awfully nice to be mrs. Alan Benson Charge accounts at all the stores Come on trips Be invited to parties by his friends in their houses convict all up if you want it You make it sound easy It is tonight Every man wants a wife like you Somebody can prize for the rest of his life because once one night she was Queen Ellen’s no exception How am I supposed to do that exactly? Went over to his house know what played some records. Mmm, Dan what? Do you ever let him kiss you Of course. I let him Does he ever want to go beyond kissing mom? Well heaven sakes I’m your mother. These are things that have to be talked about There won’t be many more opportunities like tonight at the picnic Busy busy what? Man, pretty girl doesn’t have long Tomorrow you’re just another girl working at the five-and-dime you might as well throw all that britainís away Only 18 and tomorrow you’d be 19 and then 20 and then 20 140. Good lord One more pep talk like that and I’d be afraid to face the day rosemary Anybody seen Howard he was at the photo session Don’t suppose you mentioned picking me up Not to me. Well on the bright side, I might find a date with more hair Look what the cat dragged, huh? Me That’s the first part. This is how Carter he’s a friend of mine. I’m the old maid schoolteacher How do you do miss Sidney boards with us? Normally they keep me inside? Hal just arrived from New York City Staten Island actually He lost his wallet. Oh Now that is a tragedy better. I bet you offered to help why wouldn’t I? Mildred I’d like a word if you don’t mind How’s a friend of Alan Vincent? Mm one surprise after another? Lily there said you might have some work for me What? No, I’m sorry Millie was mistaken Mistaken you heard her My word did I hear somebody say they wanted to work? Helen Potts Imagine taking him in off the street. I love mrs. Potts. There’s a heaven I bet everyone there’s just like her One of these days your little pranks are gonna get someone in trouble Pranks Boy doesn’t know Alan Benson any more than he knows the Pope. They were in college together How many college graduates do you know rake leaves for pocket money? No need to I’ll go girls I’m self-conscious that there’s any danger in that I Told myself you leave that boy alone. The last thing you needs are distractions Nothing. Yes. Thank you We don’t get many visitors around here Kind of wakes people up Makes them pay attention You family friend? Oh I Couldn’t help overhearing you come from, New York In Staten Island My late husband was from New York upstate His family was in paper He came through here and just stayed He said he liked the mood of the place How about you I’m coming mother Listen to me prying Alright you just make yourself at home. Thank you He did go to college Where did you get that never judge a man? So you take the resemble bad million? Right on the back anybody can buy a football jersey You give that to me now or I’ll tell Check up on me Well, there’s no need to take a tone I think it’s too unreasonable with somebody’s rifling through your things Oh Your sister gave these to me Well, Alan never mentioned you soon so you check up on everybody in this town So was you in the store You don’t know Alan beds I don’t think you know who I know I can find out Oh Somebody turn down the lights what I call her though His name is Hal Carter says he’s a friend of doors Friend that’s Carter Hanson How’s the fraternity brother Really? He was a football player football came on scholarship fraternities like to pledge guys, like how you know for the publicity see How was a star player all the colleges recruited him? He could have been all-american. Well, you chose a very exclusive school Did you have difficulty fitting in it? Wasn’t bad All the girls loved how they called all the time What did you do after graduation I didn’t graduate he took off In middle of the night right before final exams. No kidding Don’t get any ideas mess every year they send a talent scout from Hollywood to screen test the big athletes most guys don’t have the guts to to take him up on You don’t like him nice He’s pretty wild but he’s a good guy. He told me some of the things he’s been up against pretty tough You wanted to go Depends what you made my one don’t worry. Mrs. Owen though. I’ll make sure he behaves Race you to the car? Why did you come here you could be in Washington 25,000 people marched there yesterday protesting our presence of Vietnam Notices in our paper front page Under a family towards the state There was an editorial debating the best way to eat a tomato chilled fresh from the vine, what do you think? Go where tour of the city I’ll provide the critical commentary now you won’t You’ve got a lot to do Don’t worry Mellie, you’ll see him again Hey tonight he could be your date That’s how you drive a sports car Well, how’d you control my life somebody better do it because you can’t seem to control yourself why am I out of control Because I don’t sit around my hands folded waiting for mr. Moneybags to propose. No because you throwing yourself at a perfect stranger He’s more interesting than anyone else in this town Keep your voice down. Mrs. Potts to join the fight All you care about is your stupid hair He wouldn’t kill Millie to do some cooking might kill the rest of us No, it’s hard to believe that that boy knows Alan Benson Those towels Milly gave him Black is dirt How come you’re not a big star He’s gonna work out. I loaned you 100 bucks. That’s a deficit for yourself No beds and I was taken He’s thinking about you in school and how you always had things under control me Note she never cooked classes. I always wanted to be like that Wiki last night The one here of the school handed me the arrow between the goalposts You were the only guy in the whole fraternity treated me like a human thing His other snob brat so he’s watching the series for KY views We still only have about You own this 37 all over the state whoo What a life huh bad So, where’d you go after California? No, I went home Who works for my old man in a gas station for a while? No, I wasn’t gonna last So one day I walk into the office I’m ready to quit and fed up Sitting right there is a cash register it’s wide open so I took 500 bucks took it I Figured just until I got set up Oh What do you mean setup? Oh Come on, after graduation. We used to talk about it. He’d bring me out. You showed me the ropes Give me a big office across the hall, but you didn’t graduate That’s right Because I got in trouble doing a favor for a friend of mine. You remember who it is you Helen Benson Yeah, I can’t leave here. Anyway, I got rolled. I got no money. I’ll lend you the money I can’t go back to eat in Greece for the rest of my life. I can’t do it I need a job. Come on. Give me a jar. I know I can do Match hmm. How do I do my right hand? Well, maybe if you did something nice for someone they do something nice for you Well, you could have helped I had to make two dozen sandwiches I had to dress for the bottle I had to bathe and Dumped my limbs with powder and slip into my frock How do I look tell me the truth There comes Millie opens great beauty of all the times be prepared to How do you doctor boys Just talk What do you say? Whatever comes into your head, but if nothing comes into my head well Sure didn’t have a hard time talking to him this morning Yes Now I have a date with him Meli I think he’s in trouble Ssam steal a shirt from the store this morning. I know Not everyone has their life handed to them on a silver platter Ten You better close your mouth young man you catch flies Unfair advantage I do the family sedan. I thought nobody could drive that curve at you Lily Owens. I Never knew you could look so beautiful Thank you I haven’t been this excited since you were crowned queen Chocolate crown. Yes definitely worked away Dum dum da dum dum da Alan Do you see now? I’m sorry missing knee. Well, maybe I’ll just stay here. I missed the coronation Howdy ladies, well don’t just stand there. Let’s get this show on the road Thank you, Dave folks on behalf of the chamber of commerce in the city of elgin It is my distinct pleasure and privilege to present this year’s neewollah queen with this lovely crown Marking the first time in the 65 year history of our festival And we will have had two lovely Queens from the very same family Make this proud Big day Alan seems quite taken by I Guess that’s the best part about being young. Everything has that storybook shot. And the worst part is you can’t choose your own destiny He’s a little testy about leaving leaving you didn’t know we’re sending him to law school I’m sorry. I have to go back to school Stan’s idea. I know that What was he nice to you when we were talking back there? Oh, yes. He was nice. Oh, he’s nice and very polite He explained to me how sorry he was that you have to go Are you sorry of course? No, there will be a lot of pretty girls at school. Yeah, that’s true Honestly knives my entire four years, I never I never met a girl I like I Don’t believe it’s true. They’re all so effective. You know, you’re gonna call a month in advancement just to get a date That’s just hard for me to say this I Never thought it’d feel like you’d be careful. I hope you do carefully that Later tonight maybe you like get away from water. Take a boat down the river Okay wanna see if you look real in the moon look Really not it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen just the same I’m real Ralph your brave man ready one two I think it’s lovely. Well, it came to me like a vision In the middle of the night I said myself Howard Bevans I said you’re crazy. You never made a thing in your life This calls for a toast Howard So should be ashamed of yourself a goon pit What happened to you well on your way level boy, yeah, who are you what’s that matter? I’m bigger than you are. Yeah. Yeah Here This is a lovely spot Should never have let me go with that boy. Oh Whoa, you can’t hold onto the forever That’s what mother did with me Now look at me I’m all alone. All I can do to get attention is bake pies. I Love picnics, I always feel like something exciting is going to happen like what? nobody knows No, I have a bad feeling So how jump off the float and bomber took off like you it’s being chased by a posse careful Cowboys a peace-loving town Take a shot Yes I’m gonna pay for shirt as soon as I get the money Come on, I didn’t want to show up at the pensions looking like a bum Well, if you want to impress the Bensons you need a lot more than a shirt No Come on I got a few good tricks up my sleeve you know, I can identify salad forks by 2 plates and I think of all is that so He made me smile I tell you, you know, you can make you smile Okay, you want him to Mrs. Hatch think that house should stay here It stays and live. He liven things up. Oh, it’s a good business town He could join me up He doesn’t strike me as the time We don’t want the elephant Allen dragged away Don’t Speak to me baby like me You can take it and break it into I Feel just like Ginger Rogers All the boys you’re gonna fall in love with her. We have taken a vote young man, and we’ve decided you should move here. I Think I might take you up on that Are you insane? You’re staying Oh Alan said he’d get me a job. I sided try House a pretty big dreamer thinks if you can run with the ball that world owes your living Well, what I think is you shouldn’t let your circumstances get in the way of going after something. Does that include something? That doesn’t belong to you Wanting somebody else’s life doesn’t mean you’re entitled to it Give the kid a break. I’ve been giving him a break ever since we met I Think you’re way off. I don’t want your life. Yeah, huh You Sorry about that, don’t be Howard always has towns like this are dangerous People are nice as long as you behave, but you better not cross that wall. I’ve seen worse Ellen is just scared It seems like when most people look at Allen what they say is this king with everything laid out of his feet What I say is this guy who never gets to make his own decisions? most people don’t but If you look you really look hard you can you usually find them and that person of the Most Wanted today? Our opera singer Roseberry taller derby queen and millie wrestles alligators. I Wanted to end up in a place like this lace curtains in the windows tire swing out back and maybe even a harvest I was afraid of you No So hungry Mike Tonight marks are in 1966 me What’s waiting for you, I’m coming Out of the occasion we’re joined tonight by Miss Clara Hawkins one of our very first queen I’m going to sing for you tonight. The star-spangled banner. I Knew that was Wrong, what do you mean? I saw the way he looked at you Everybody looks at me. Yes, and there’s not a girl a lot wouldn’t trade places with cuz I’m pretty There’s nothing wrong with being pretty Questions, I mean it Pretty things are rare in this life. But what good are they? No all pretty things pretty flowers some stats Rubies pretty girls – they’re like the pit bulls doing this life is good and Where do I come in? What do you Mean pretty just happens to you. It’s not something that you do It seems like when I’m looking in the mirror, it’s the only way that I can prove to myself that I’m alive that I exist What were you talking about? Do you think you may need things now? Passion excitement or something? But whatever it is, it doesn’t last I could have any boy in this county Or is even richer than Helen Benson But it’s not what I chose. I chose your father He was magic He wasn’t going to settle for an ordinary life You loved him Love doesn’t put food on the table You loved him I was swept away by a lot of empty promises Daddy wasn’t empty Where is he now? Look Where is he? You get one chance match One chance Whatever you decide Searches MLS, it’s not waste anymore time Every day, I look Wow, I’d love to do Please do good and everything’s Sure got the legs for Oh, honey, no good at dancing. Oh, that’s what men say when they want to get out And that’s getting you to dinner I Was leaving Said leaves me Well, excuse me I thought it’d look nice looks better than it feels Shades of its Teeth by lighter In the day I’ll hear you my dear Deepening Stuck up with everyone Hey, you said you were going People yeah Suppose you think there’s something wonderful, don’t you? Hey, I Had a boyfriend, here’s a trouble and he was in love with me because I was elder in a new movie I don’t feel like oh, how do you nuts you trash? That’s enough Meldrick oh and she’ll get back here right now It’s your fault You were supposed to be looking after Milly but she’s too busy trying to make it with men what you do You think you can just stop in here, please Take whatever you want touch Let’s go He didn’t do anything for you. No Sure Go You’re shivering I’ll take our I mean it this has nothing to do with being Queen. Hello Man Coming Right Is that your car You shouldn’t have said those things he’s just a boy Why did I do it our what made me act that way? I’ll take you home Stolen That’s what I said Well, yeah, he took off down the highway about uh miles an hour All right. Let me get this straight You lend him the car. You’re given the keys You doubting me What Me with a guy like me go back Bingo Just you yeah just And my wife how about good time no, that’s okay we’re fine This isn’t like ER I know You’re not gonna let go are you I have heard just about enough from you for one night Maybe she doesn’t want to be mrs. Allen Vinson did that ever occur to you boy as a Hoodlum he stole Alan’s car. He didn’t steal a car Every sick and suffering person is a saint to you whether or not he deserves it you Know you do well to take care of your own problems. You could start by fixing that hair. You know what? I might not fix my hair for the rest of my life Somehow I used to be jealous of Madge now, I just got sorry for her Ow I Don’t care I didn’t leave Why because I got into a freight Helen Allen needed a place to bring a date I said hey you can use my room When I got back Her old boyfriends waiting for me him and three other guys from the fraternity the next thing I know I’m sitting across from the Dean With a head full scrambled eggs, and he’s saying no in this place We don’t use our fists and sorry to do this and that was it Getting fine, I stole money from my old man. Okay $500 It’s not gonna work I’m not leaving Check the tracks, maybe jump the Train Millie and I used to come here all the time watch the trees get scared Mrs. Wilkins when she died of a heart attack the day they brought the trains Scare right now You We are back where we started I Can’t go in there Not after tonight What do you mean It’s no way to live Rented rooms coming on the loan That parts to every life there’s too much bad in man every year I keep Hoping it’ll change it doesn’t change except I get a little crazier all the time Can’t we talk about this later Marrying me Howard Merrick He said we get married at the end of this summer summer’s over What are we waiting for I got a big week at the store How many more chances do you think we’ll get to be happy Howard? hmm You’re not yourself tonight I am I Am I’m more myself than I have ever ever been rosemary I’m almost 50 a person form certain habits. You have to marry me You could at least say, please Please Please marry me Oh God We could get a preacher good I’ll come and see you in the morning Now don’t come don’t you come Not unless you change your mind Come with me Hmm Look you don’t have to say now. I’ll come by in the morning If you’re not on the porch I’ll just go Just me good night Then we’ll just start all over again kiss me good night anyway One You have to promise not to hold me Fucking my hands my side Your mother was worried about you I’m sorry. I disrupted things. It’s not like me Hello ma’am, I came to get my back Where’s Matt At home. Oh You don’t want to cause trouble son. No, sir. I don’t why don’t we go for a ride? I brought the car back Go on check it’s right outside. You didn’t think you could get away with it Get away with what Alan you used me how she doesn’t belong to you You couldn’t stand to see another guy with a pretty girl come On buddy, let’s go Oh The car You It’s not so bad what he did And I mean Milly acted worse than anybody I had quite a reputation, you know Even had a boy kind of like healers now Alan’s a cog in the machine I’m talking about a boy. I met on a train On the way to Teachers College Who’s a ranch hand he was poor as a rag picker, but His heart was as wide as the world. I Spent two years sneaking out in the middle of the night just to be with him and in the end he gave me this He said The moon would be our preacher And the stars with their guests what happened I Left but I should find somebody more respectable Every old maid has a story, you know I Messed up you’re just giving me an update or you want to come inside? Big trouble Alan Benson Judas Priest you can see that wouldn’t coming the first time he doesn’t get what he wants He’s gonna go up in a little puff of smoke like the wicked witch you set yourself up. Thanks for the tip so you you started with a short day, so You’ve still got choices you can act like a bum or you can treat yourself with respect It’s not what you get. It’s what you do with it But you need that on a pillow somewhere Why’d you take that shit Payback for this shirt. That’s not what I asked You took the shirt. I heard you took money from your father He owed me that money, then you didn’t need to sneak away like a thief All that big talk Inside you nothing, right? Huh? You know what I was gonna do when I was your age. I Wanted to go to Borneo tropical paradise last unexplored Corner of the world and I have it all worked out. I had written to the travel agency. I had put aside my paychecks Hey you you can’t go to Borneo who’s gonna run the store You give up on your life enough times Before you know it you are pushing 50 and you are looking for the best way to get through the rest of your life Stand up for yourself. Why don’t you still can before it’s too late? It’s a trick of the mind You’ll be halfway across the country bang you Still have to get match Match is about to marry the richest kid in town Do you think she’s gonna drop all that to jump on a boxcar? How much money do you take 500 bucks Give it back a kid. I never made it to the back You make something of yourself What the hell are you doing goodbye Night telling me me that kid put up quite a fight Kids Ya Know keeping them down You didn’t see anybody around here have you You know what I read What’s that? 1300 demonstrations of some two months You don’t say what get some so upset huh good our You’re up early a lot of crowd founded by the tree Man sorry things got screwed up for you Select the gown in the closet, which means she came home mister Can’t imagine where she went. Thank you One more word from you and you’re grounded. I never go out What do you think you’re Going ladies I was driving right by I Hope I’m not disturbing your breakfast I Thought I could call but then I was just driving by so I thought I could of course would you like some breakfast No, actually, I’m I’m in a bit of a hurry. I just wanted to make sure that man would be at work Shame about that Carter boy What about oh the cops chased him out of town Alan Benson said he stole a car Are you sure? Yep my song myself is headed towards the tracks? Put me in mind of that woman, um Mrs. Wilkins you and Miller used to tell stories about her remember Funny How something just pops into your head that old ghost haunting the trains Welcome Howard Would you like some coffee? Oh I really don’t have time Howard rosemary Hello, I never thought you’d do it It’s alright, I don’t mind you can tell them Howard Bevans you all Romeo No, it isn’t we don’t We are No wonder you were acting so strange Oh They’re getting married Rose Marion Howard mother wants you to buy rice rice She couldn’t find me in the kitchen We’re down gave you some money get straight with my old man, then we’ll go upstate You need a way out of town I want you to take the car what I Can’t leave Why not Look we had one night. That’s it one night. Is that what it feels like you can’t base your whole life on feelings? Some people well people make mistakes, why’d you come back then? I Want to help you Wonderful Howard Bevans Oh Nylons, and this dress is brand-new and it’s blue. Oh and I borrowed your half Fox if you don’t mind, don’t worry I left something from Madge upstairs I Still have to pick up license You are gonna change the world millions, I know it Oh, Gotta get married sometime People like doing business with a married man, yes, they do. Where are we going I Have a cousin he and his wife own a tourist camp in the Ozark. I love the Be happy I Been waiting for you Trying to find the right words then I saw you drive up and I thought maybe they’ll find me Yeah What happened last night it’s it’s alright no I Shouldn’t let him stay in the first place He had some bad breaks I felt sorry for him, you know, he’s always in trouble, you know one screw-up after another I remember this one in college What are you talking about I can’t I know I called the police you lied to them Do you know what his crime was? He made us afraid Forget it, I don’t need to be treated like this Match Gonna be back at Christmas time. They’ll take you to the dance of the country-club. He’ll forget the whole thing My bus leaves in a few minutes mom. Wait, listen, listen to what I have to say You think you love him now in a few years, you will a the day he set foot on our porch It’s no you smile. He’s no God He’ll never be able to support you When he does get a job, he’ll spend all the money on booze and after a while he’ll be women There’ll be other women. I know that was your life You’ll get hurt maybe if you never feel her never feel anything at all Go you won’t find him It doesn’t matter if I find them Matters if I try So many things I didn’t tell her You

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