Picnic Area 11

Picnic Area 11

RUSS: Morning.
JAMES: Hey. RUSS: What’s up? You got work tonight?
JAMES: Uh, yah. I think so. But not till later. How about you? I noticed you got in pretty
late again last night. You still working on that big meeting?
RUSS: it’s a business proposal man, and yeah, I have been working on it for weeks. But…It’s
finally going to be all over with today. 9am man. 9am proposal and then….well, depending
on how it goes…we’ll see. All this work…but, this is determining my future in the company
and hell, maybe the next twenty years of my life.
JAMES: Wow, good luck dude. Beers tonight? RUSS: HELL YES! Hopefully we’ll be celebrating,
but either way, I’m finally going to be able to relax…so yes, plan on it, we are definitely
grabbing beers tonight! [they clink their mugs]
JAMES: Great! Oh, we should check out Pistols, I heard they have a hot happy hour, Peter
said we should check them out. Oh my god! Peter, that reminds me, I had the strangest
dream last night! RUSS: Uh, I have to get ready for work, um,
I don’t have a lot of time, so… JAMES: No, no, no, it’s not that long of a
dream, but you HAVE to hear what happens. So much crazy stuff happened in it. Oh, You
were in it! RUSS: I don’t know James. You know I don’t
really like hearing about dreams. I mean, they never make sense unless I actually HAD
them. JAMES: Yeah, I know, but this one was just
like a movie, yah, no honestly man you have to hear what happens. So much crazy stuff!
Crazy because your ex Danielle was in it! Honestly man, just like a movie!! That’s how
it started actually yea, you know, now I remember, you and Danielle were at a party, I think
it was some kind of masquerade party because y’all were like wearing masks. Yah, yah. Oh
and Peter was there. But Danielle was wearing a football helmet. Well, I’m not sure why?
Well anyway, I arrived at the party, and then I have to step over all these slimy, weird
corpses to get to you. And they were steaming, but it wasn’t cold so-
RUSS: Steaming Corpses? What the hell man? I’m trying to eat!
JAMES: Sorry. So anyway, I finally get to you-
RUSS: Uh, I’m sorry, how long is this dream man? Like I said, I need to get going, I need
to get ready for work. JAMES: No, no. It’s not long at all, but honestly
man, you have to hear what happens because I was blown away! So I finally get to you
from across all the corpses, and then I realize that the party is in our old apartment. Yah,
remember the one on Morrison Street? Yah, yah well but I mean but obviously this place
was much bigger because it looked like a mansion, yah, and there were tons of people…
[PHONE MAKES A CHIME] JAMES: Well and, all the corpses on the floor.
And then there were also all these red flags…But somehow I just knew it was that old apartment…
RUSS: SHIT! I, I, I got to go! JAMES: Wait, I’m almost done…honestly man,
you have got to hear this! JAMES: I didn’t really understand why, but
the Chinese woman that looked like my old boss at the brewery said that we couldn’t
eat in the area we were in. That we had to eat in picnic area 11 with everyone else.
even though I, I had section 4. And you were still wearing that weird sequined coat, I
mean, I don’t know why…but somethings telling me, you liked it…
JAMES: So Peter is now bleeding, and you’re out because of that thing… and Danielle
can’t even help him. I mean, I’m not even sure if she really wanted to help him, you
know how sometimes you can just tell that someone isn’t really passionate about what
they are doing. It’s one of those things. Well, so Danielle goes flying down the stairs
to get to that wax figure…. JAMES: Weird, I know! But we had to kiss in
order to save the kids in the mousetrap. I mean, don’t think this is weird, but I didn’t
mind it, you know, in the dream, to save the kids….it was totally worth it!
JAMES: So there were all these stairs. And Beth says, “NO WAY”, she won’t take the monkey.
But she was with my Dad, and even though she looks and talks like Beth, I really think,
she’s Erin from Vegas. Yah! RUSS: Really?
JAMES: Sorry. She gave you crabs or something, right? Well anyway, you know how it is? Someone
seems different then they really are, happens to me all the time in my dreams, but I know
what’s really going on… JAMES: This is the best part, no it’s almost
to the the end it’s almost done, it’s almost to the end, but you have to hear-
RUSS: James finish the story! I have to go!! I’m going to be late!
JAMES: OK, OK, well, we’re back at the mansion. Um, and I don’t know how we got there, but
well, the Monkey is there and uh it smells like cinnamon, so, now I’m thinking, um, well,
the monkey is there…. RUSS: Uh-huh….
JAMES: And I’m worried, but I don’t know why, so-
RUSS: Just tell me the end! JAMES: OK.
RUSS: Tell me what happened! JAMES: OK! Uh, well after the mansion, uh.
God, this is so weird. RUSS: What?
JAMES: Well, with all your chaos this morning, I forgot the end! But if I remember I’m gonna
give you a call at work. Have a good meeting. RUSS: AHHHHHHH…
[Russ breathes heavily] DANIELLE: Hey baby. You OK? You have a bad
dream? RUSS: Something like that…
DANIELLE: Well, it’s over now. There must be something in the air, oh, because I had
the strangest dream last night! [End Credit Music Starts]

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  9. Heh, a great piece of work and directing.  Content was so typical of a normal day in the life of many. I enjoyed the concept and humor. Rick Jey

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  15. These clips totally draw me in!!!!!!!!!! Are you making a show over time with small episodes every week? Let me know what your going for? Loving it so far! 🙂 Awesome content though!!!!! Great acting and awesome beard! 🙂

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