Picnic At Hanging Rock: Launch Event

Picnic At Hanging Rock: Launch Event

I’m Lily Sullivan and we are at the
Foxtel launch of Picnic at Hanging Rock the first world premiere and we are actually at Hanging Rock. I was naturally just pulled to the scripts like
I think everybody was. The writing was just exceptional and the creative team
behind it was really incredible. I was also just really excited to work on
a show which I think joins that new wave of feminist TV shows seen through a
really strong female protagonist. We just watched episode 1 and already you can
see and feel people’s response is fabulous. Each and every ensemble member
brought their absolute best to the table and so when you get to see it
finished and all those different parts playing together like a tapestry it’s really exciting. TV is on a par with feature films creatively, visually, conceptually and I’m just feeling very hopeful and excited about working back
in Australia more and more. It just feels like another awesome step for Australian
television and the platforms it’s being released around the world on and through
Foxtel and the level of art and creativity that’s gone into this is just
exceptional and I hope audiences love it.

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  1. This looks so lovely and like so much fun to have created! Thank you for doing this. I have always been so drawn to this time period, the soft and highly feminine style, and the great mystery and tension. What a treat this series is! I just visited "Enchanted Rock" here in Fredericksburg Texas and thought of Hanging Rock.

  2. @ 0:30 I don't think this chick knows what she is talking about.

    Anyway check out Missing 411 book series and video documentary to learn more about the phenomena of missing people around the world.

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