1. Thalita How is been married with an American guy (Ronzito) and have to talk both language at the same time?

  2. Ron, can you cook sweet stuff like desserts? And thalita, someday try to cook a meal and record it to us, it would be so much fun to watch!

  3. Ron I would like to know if there is any place that you really want to visit here in Brazil with Thalita? ps: you should go to Bonito, its a beeeeautiful place or Chapada Diamantina. Xoxo

  4. I know what happened Ron, you did put the right amount of salt. What happens is the salty in Brazil is very strong so you have to put just a little bit, the same happens with sugar you don't have to use much like in the US because it gets sweet very easy. in the US you have to put way more salt and sugar ✌

  5. Great video! I was just thinking, I don't know of any "couple cooking" show on TV or the internet; why don't you start something like this??

  6. Coloquem legenda em Portugues, porque a legenda que o youtube oferece é muito doida, fala umas coisas nada avê com o que vocês disseram.

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