Picnic at Inspiration Lake, Disneyland | Pakistani Youtubers

I’m going to Disneyland today we are
going there don’t be so sad. We forgot to put the
battery of our vlogging camera. it was her mistake. are you feeling guilty? we are going
to the inspiration lake today. it’s an artificial lake constructed by
Disneyland. it’s a ten minutes walk from Hong Kong Disneyland. our plan is to do
paddle boating and we are also planning to do a hotpot lunch there. so for that
we have brought some vegetables with us meat and fish are on the way. actually
our friends are bringing meat and stove after reaching here we realized that we
forgot our camera battery at home and now we have to shoot everything with
iPhone and a GoPro let’s see what we can come up with our friends have arrived. No our
chicken has arrived. Security guards have forced us out of the park so now we
have to find another place

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