Picnic at the Stockmann window

Picnic at the Stockmann window

We’re going on a picnic! This is A Kind of Adventurous Life! What we’ll do on the picnic?
– We play with this elephant. Sound really good idea! Hey! That looks like a good place for a picnic! Hi! My name is Kirikou, and we’re having a picnic here at the Stockmann’s window! Yoghurts are for dessert. I’ll give you the food. These greens are for you. These blacks are for me. And what are those? These balls. Balls? You can eat them. We have grapes! We have grapes! We have grapes! And then a cookie! A cookie! Soap bubbles! Let’s jump to the sea! It’s dumb!
– What is dumb? This video play. We’re at the Stockmann window. Chocolate. This was a fun picnic.
– Can you say it in English? No. Do you remember the end speech? My name is Nanook! It works in the end too!
– Yes it does. My name is Nanook. My name is Nanook. Thank you for watching! You can also see us in Tubecon at 16-17 August, here in Helsinki!

54 thoughts on “Picnic at the Stockmann window

  1. Kirikou you show such patience and love to your little brother Nanook. He will always remember this about you. 🙂

  2. nanook do you know "Wind the bobbin up" (that's wind like you do with a fishing line or to make an old clock work with a key. Not wind like that blows in the sky)

    if you don't know it, that's a cool English kids song from the north where the children used to work in the cotton factories and wind up the bobbin full of cotton. It's got some good actions. I think you might like it…

    here it is :

    if you want the words it's :
    wind the bobbin up, wind the bobbin up,
    pull, pull, clap, clap, clap
    wind it back again, wind it back again,
    pull, pull, clap, clap, clap
    point to the ceiling
    point to the floor
    point to the window
    point to the door
    clap your hands together, 1 2 3
    put your hands upon your knees

    ….it's a lot of words but it's a fun song if you don't already know !

    love from a mum who likes to be called Fred on yt 🙂

  3. It’s so heartwarming to see how you two brothers interact. Kirikou, you take good care of Nanook. And Nanook, you listen to Kirikou. The love between you is obvious. I liked the idea of a picnic in front of a store window, it’s very creative! Keep up the great work!

  4. Love the vid! Missed you guys. Looking good. Nanook, your English is getting so good. You sang our favorite song!

  5. Hahaaa! Nanook also has got a "second voice" as I call it, like my son when he's joking around, saying "My name is Nanook" in that deep-level, scary tone?
    Peaceful, magic scenes with the bubbles, love it ?

  6. Hey, will you guys have merchandise at TubeCon?
    I am in the US, but I have a friend attending TubeCon. And I will have to ask him a favor if you guys do have merchandise. 🙂
    Hope it's a great adventure. ❤

  7. Kirikou, you are such a lovely, kind patient big brother. When he is older, Nanook will remember how kind you were to him when he was a three-year-old, I hope that you both will always share a very strong bond of brotherly love throughout your lives. Enjoy your time in Helsinki! Best wishes from Ireland.

  8. Good to see you both again! Both of you are such great brothers! Not completely sure what the window at stockmans is all about.

  9. No way!!! There was a girl on the window yesterday when we passed by and I thought if you were going to be there too!!! Maybe we will join next year hahahaha

  10. My two favorite super stars…I love you both. Kirakou – new haircut? You always make my day. Love the sweet heart touching videos.

  11. What a fun video! Kirikou, you are such an amazing big brother. Nanook, you are too adorable. I loved hearing you, Nanook, singing 5 little monkeys jumping on the bed? Take care, my little Finnish family❤ Love, from California?

  12. I don't really understand how you got to have a picnic in a department store show window…or whatever "Stockmann" is. (Sounds German.)

  13. The thumbnail looks like you're angry at you brother. "Darn whippersnapper. Always taking all the attention." ??

  14. YouTube just allowed me to see this despite being subscribed to your channel for years! I hope you aren't facing financial insecurity because of YouTube's shady algorithms!

  15. Thats cool that you can be in the store display window having a picnic, jumping on the bed or whatever and not be ran off. Hi Nanook! You are the cutest Big Boy. Enjoy your gwapes❤️

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