[Picnic dosirak_소풍 도시락]il pranzo al sacco per picnic

[Picnic dosirak_소풍 도시락]il pranzo al sacco per picnic

Today is my daughter’s picnic day, so I woke up early in the morning The sun is starting to rise I have to prepare the picnic lunchbox My baby♡ even today I hope you can be happy

25 thoughts on “[Picnic dosirak_소풍 도시락]il pranzo al sacco per picnic

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  2. 참으로 정갈하고 예쁘게
    도시락 을 만드시네요,
    아이들이 너무좋아하겠어요,
    거기에 도시락통까지 왜이렇게
    편안하고 여유로운 밤 되세요~???

  3. Wooow ? tutto troppo figo!! A partire dal video che è bellissimo e anche rilassante ?poi i contenitori e le cose che hai preparato sono il top ? troppo carine e simpatiche???

  4. This was such a thorough presentation, well done. 🙂 You're very creative! Thanks for this great share. Continued success!???

  5. 간단하면서도 귀여운 도시락이네요^^
    저희 아들램 소풍갈때도 저렇게 한번 싸줘볼게요♡♡ 소통해요??

  6. Oh my! Your video is soo relaxing and beautiful. Everything is amazingly done! Loved the recipe looks so delicious! ??????Really Good Job ??‍?big thumbs up??14

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