Picnic Familiar

Ready Hurry up everyone This is the perfect spot And I’ve prepared a surpri… What? David? My David? No gadgets today! C’mon, Mom! My relationship with David depends on that chat He´s the love of my life Give me a baby I got a great deal from a friend on the shirt print This day is also for me For our family, so we can be together Besides, I’ve got a surprise for everyone No, Damn it no! They scored a goal! No gadgets today! I understand perfectly my love, but Why today? Today El Ballenita plays the final match My beloved team! I got a great deal from a friend Because sundays are for family And I’ve got a surpri… Sis. Where, how, when and with whom did you see David with? Bastard! Honey, I can’t connect to güifí Why can you? It’s wifi, dad And I’ve got mobile data Then, can you share some? I want to hear the match Only if I have permission to go out until 3am -12 -1 -2 -Done! Hold on… I said no gadgets We’re gonna share some time together as the fami… Ice cream! Get some ice cream We have coconut, vanilla, and chocolate No thank you As the family we ought to… We also have passion fruit Naranjilla and taxo No, thank you They are really inexpensive… I said, no thank you! Chiii… poor folks *soccer match on the radio* But… What’s a picnic without dessert Let’s buy some ice cream My treat, ok? Fine, ok. But you do it and be quick about it Yes, my love Be right back Lucho! It’s Ballenita’s final match, right? How many ice creams are you buying? -One -Two -Three – Done! Hold on… Keys? Why this? They are the keys you asked for mom Cheese! I said cheese and kernel Kernel? What are we doing with the turtle? When I said to bring penne… What did you do? I made it, mom Penne What a weird name for pasta You scared me! For a moment I thought you brought… Mom, Damn… Shh! Cristina Pinzón Yánez Where do you get that language from? [Cheers a goal] Goal, Damn… Arturo! He didn’t have any change… Yikes I’m asking to leave those gadgets for 5 minutes I’ve been trying to tell you that I have a surprise for… Sandwiches! Tasty Sandwiches… For all the family! No, thank you A surprise Hey, weren’t you selling ice cream? Yeah, I need to make ends meet How many are you buying? No, thank you! For all the fam… There are ham sandwiches No sir, I said no! Chii… Hashtag #PoorFolks But… but mom, what are we eating? Let me make it up to you for the sandwiches Ok, Fine. Go, but be quick about it! Hey, can you lend me your phone? How many sandwiches are you buying? -One – Two -One, I’m not my dad Don’t tell me, “He had no change” Goal! Goal! We’re nearly champions… Enough! You can do whatever you want, both of you! I kill myself working hard Since you were fired for watching soccer matches in the office I have no time for myself So I can buy you things that are trendy And then you tell me they’re not trendy anymore I’ve spent months Planning this pic nic, so we can share time together and give you a surprise BUT YOU DON’T CARE! Sorry, mom. I’m the worst daughter any mom could have And I am the worst husband But you are the perfect woman for this family and… and this family is the only team we should care about I got a great deal from a friend *Kisses* They’re cute mom Yes, my love. What a nice surprise! That’s not the surprise It isn’t? No, it’s a souvenir Souvenir for what? For the family The shitty family that ends today because I want a divorce Sign here and here to split all property and the kid’s custody *Soundless scream* Hi, I’m Diego If you liked this sketch, leave a like so I can see it Here are more sketches so you can waste your time instead of spending it with family And click here to subscribe

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