Picnic lunch with basic Karaage

Picnic lunch with basic Karaage

hey Ronnie it’s gainful get here from London we’re going walking soon in Japanese melons we were wondering if you could make a SPECT Lance thanks hi [Music] everyone today I’ll be making Pat brunch with Nick basic color a fast AB sucker soy sauce egg bread eat garlic grated ginger salt and pepper [Music] sugar and flour collage it must I tuned for lunchbox it’s one of the most popular item for bento box set aside for at least 20 minutes after 20 minutes you can discuss half the liquid ask all starch and it’s ready to deep fry [Music] until golden-brown [Music] [Applause] Greenwell to excess oil put some salt on boiling water press the F founder for one to two minutes put them in cold water drain [Music] clean down one side of the bread like this roll out to prop them a little bit not too much press spread some mayonnaise rice teeth smoked salmon and F Fargo wrap it tightly until it’s set so today’s customer was K and Volker from UK thank you for me [Music] no just ogia what I call yourselves are [Music] clogged it [Music] sorry pulled I’m here way to put it up dog hey granny told you that I’ll go apologize oh you shut up this could take a hike let’s go pickle let’s go on the picnic [Music]

87 thoughts on “Picnic lunch with basic Karaage

  1. Arrigato Runnysan!
    I have been looking everywhere for recipe for this item,
    I have followed your channel for years, please would you someday make
    #Gatatan (Miner Stew)?

  2. 余分な油は切れや(命令だ) 笑ったw


  3. runnyrunny999 I really enjoy your videos! I saw your comments below. If you are more comfortable making videos without speaking, I hope you'll continue that way. Do whatever works for you best. I enjoy hearing you speak also, but I will still enjoy the videos. Thank you for your videos! 🙂

  4. man I remember when Rolirap first happened

    you're going to cut blahblahtime? maan I love it, but it seems you're too embarrassed. it keeps getting shorter.

  5. Noooooo … please don't stop this segment ! We really like it when you talk ! The no talk is boring and we like this series of ordering food recipes !

  6. Roll it up! It was already years ago, we are getting old!! Keep it up Runny-san, great as always! (Please don't stop the blabla time! If you have nothing to say, even a short one is better than nothing!)

  7. I love the bla bla time but you don't have to do it if you don't want to. Always rolirap, Runny! Lots of love from Puerto Rico

  8. 唐揚げを揚げる音‼️美味しい音ですね?秋田はこれから桜の時期なので揚げ物は後片付けが面倒だけど、これ作って外でランチしたいです♡

  9. WOW,,, that looked very tasty,,, love the rolled smoked salmon sandwich,,, GOTTA try and make that one for sure,,, and the crispy,,, golden chi Ken bites,,, YUM,,, thanks for sharing RunnyRunny… ???

  10. I don't like where I think this is going. Please tell me you are not ending this program. What can we do to change your mind?

  11. Food ASMR has been extremely popular lately and doesn't require talking or anything so I can imagine it would be better to just produce those. I do appreciate these videos, getting to know runnyrunny personally because he seems like such a nice person. Will look forward to future content

  12. A bit disappointed that there won't be anymore voiced instruction and blah blah time (especially since I usually watch these while multitasking) but if you are more comfortable with the no talk ASMR type videos, then I'll adapt.

  13. I made this immediately after watching this video yesterday.
    I forgot the sugar and didnt have any corn starch but it still came out very good.
    Thanks Runny!

  14. 美味しそうԅ(¯﹃¯ԅ)ですね‼︎
    参考になりました。ありがとうこざいました((。´・ω・)。´_ _))ペコリ

  15. Hy @runnyrunny999 I found 3 videos of you making karaage, and only this one using egg. Which one taste better for you?

  16. Hello Runnyrunny999. I just discovered your channel when i was searching how to make ramen. I watched one of your ramen videos and believe me. I suddenly can't stop watching your videos. All of your videos are amazing,comforting and nice. Plus,i love your smile 🙂

    You my Friend, are my #1 favorite youtuber and i love love love love your channel!☺ stay smiling and always be happy 🙂

  17. we'll miss all the orders that people send and the blah blah time 🙁 we love listening to you but we'll still support you in whatever you choose to do!

  18. runny i always try your recipes and they're always so easy to make I tried this but instead of fish I put ham and I also added avocado it was delicious thank you very much

  19. rolirap = roll it up! hahaha I looove hearing you say it ? keep making your torturing videos, they make me so hungry

  20. I made this yesterday to surprise my wife with a picnic. I substitute sake with Zubrowka (since we can't buy sake where we live), and also couldn't find smoked salmon, so I bought salmon paste.
    Let me tell you it was AMAZING, according to my wife it was the best food she ate since we came home from Japan last month, so I encourage everyone of you to make this at home 🙂
    Go runnyrunny999 GO! 🙂

  21. These are fun to make and eat! You can use thinly sliced ham instead of salmon, and sub green beans or carrot sticks if you can't get asparagus. Even sliced cheese and nori is nice.

  22. The new professional video is good. But I miss this interaction. Good job, I've been watching for a looong time now, glad that your still making videos.

  23. Runny, I learned and used your old version of cooking Karaage. That video was amazing, but you removed it. Please re-add it.  The one where you said, you have to smell it. 🙂

  24. I'm sad you removed your Christmas fried chicken video (with the terrible Santa beard). It included a delicious karaage sauce and I've not been able to find the recipe since T^T if you ever see my comment, could you post the recipe again?

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