Picnic Recipes : How to Make Sandwiches for a Picnic

Picnic Recipes : How to Make Sandwiches for a Picnic

Alright, time to assemble our sandwiches.
You remember our tapenade, the olive paste. And when I had made it initially, I said it
didn’t add too much salt because I wanted to see if it was salty enough. And you know
what, the capers and the olives make it, I don’t need to add any at all. In terms of
bread, I mean, slice bread so over right? I got a beautiful French baguette here. And
the way I am planning out how big I want to slice the bread, is that I got these really
darling little bags that I found at the craft supply store that I am going to package it
in. I want to be able to, that they just peek out. So a generous sandwich. So about there
right that looks reasonable.
It will be a big sandwich really. But I always prefer having more that less. Try to saw through
the crust. And now what I am going to do because I don’t want to to much bread because it it
pretty thick on the bottom; what a lot of places will do and that what I am going to
do like restaurants and what not, will actually hollow out some of the center; just to make
room. It almost creates a cavity that your grilled vegetables will be housed in. Okay.
Then I will take the tapenade. If you don’t like olives also another spread might be;
I have a sandwich once it was so good, very garlicky, pesto on one side and tapenade on
the other. So good. You could do a garlic hummus. You could home make your own hummus.
An iolie I found a little bit too strong for this just because you want to taste the delicate
flavors of the vegetables. Its a nice moist spread. And then I am going to layer my various
vegetables. Nice and thick, those chitakes are so tender. Many another piece, a little
piece of egg plant on the end there. Another little piece of zucchini. If you like, since
I didn’t put salt on the vegetables when they were on the grill, I like a little salt on
my vegetables. But if you are trying to stay away from it, by all means, leave it out.
And there we go. So how there is room for it. See how it?s all colors there. And on
the other side you could add a little mayonnaise or some other dressing. But really, the tapenade
has a strong enough flavor along with the vegetables. So that just great. I am going
to make a second one and we will be ready to pack them up in those little bags for the

17 thoughts on “Picnic Recipes : How to Make Sandwiches for a Picnic

  1. errrrrr….
    yeah!…It definitely IS a sandwich. So?
    Thank you expertvillage for showing us how to make a … whatever.

  2. Oh my god. It's a video for the McDonald's Generation. Billions of bored housewives are out there that know nothing about cooking for their own damn families.

    Hell when I was a kid I was lucky to get to go on a picnic, PERIOD…much less eating some dumb shit like this, rofl.

    I think expertvillage is really, REALLY stretching it now. I mean, how to make a sandwich?

  3. I make them better. Slice the baguette into 2 pieces, put on some cheese and pineapple in the middle, put it in the oven. 10 – 15 minutes. After that put on curried chicken salade.

  4. i also take some of the inside of the bread out. KInda sad tho.. bc it tastes so good and feels like a waste. but, the fillings are much better in it that way, and u dont get stuffed by all the bread 🙂 baguette is def the best bread on earth, besides danish rye bread. Have u seen danish sandwiched?

  5. I alway tolerate of more bread. Hehe.
    What are those terminologies she spewing out: iolus, humus? wth is she talking about. I don't understand.

  6. What is nitakes? look like Medit culinary..they liked to fried their vegetables.

    It's a dehydrate culture, imo. Too much desert living? Lol.

    Make sure you bring your jug of honey and milk to go with this. And bit of wine if you are not driving.

  7. There is something a little sad about buying a 'darling' bag from a craft store for a picnic. To me a picnic some sandwiches wrapped up like cute little presents in wax paper, and vacuum bottle of kool-ade; but then I used to live next to a trailer park and would sit on the stoup the apartment building looking posh drinking cheap jug wine.

  8. Yea I just wanted to make a sandwich for my boyfriend and I watched this coz everything I touch in the kitchen turns to shit…… Yea I don't think this is what he had in mind too many green things :/

  9. I hate that bread…it's really hard, and if I use that bread it will make awkward to eat. I don't want my date to be yanking the bread with his teeth

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