Picnic Recipes : How to Pack a Romantic Picnic Lunch

Picnic Recipes : How to Pack a Romantic Picnic Lunch

Alright. So that’s it. We’ve got all our food
is done. And I’ve picked out this little basket and you can see I’ve sort of chosen my color
scheme, the rustic brown paper and the straw of the basket, and some red and just a tea
towel. I mean that’s all you really need. So I’m going to put in my fresh corn salad,
as well as the cous-cous salad, nice color of the carrots and the sweet raisins and the
freshness of the lemon juice and the dressing as well as in the cucumbers. And I’ve got
these little red plates that we can spoon that on. Remember to bring your spoon. And
our grilled vegetable sandwiches in their little totes. And remember they’re wrapped
up as well so that they don’t, as you bite into them, how often does that happen where
you bite into a sandwich and the whole thing is coming out of the bottom. So no problems
there because it’s dressed in the parchment paper. We’ll put the little bags like that
and of course everybody’s favorite. Little chocolate chip cookies. Gosh we’re not going
to have room in here, there’s so much stuff. Just tuck it in I guess, however you can.
And of course our utensils. I’m not bringing the wine. The other guest is but remember
to bring the corkscrew. I mean if you’re having a bigger party, too, don’t be afraid to delegate.
Somebody bring the sandwiches. Somebody bring the salad. But as the host remember to bring
the blanket. Remember things like corkscrews. Remember also to check out if you can actually
have wine in your park. It’s happened to me before where we’ve been told you can’t be
having it. So, anyways keep all of that in mind. And I’m Marieve Herington with Expert
Village and I hope you enjoy your picnic lunch.

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  1. If i have food like this it feels like i havent had food. You have such boring taste buds! Or maybe its cos i'm ethnic

  2. when i scrolled down and got to your comment, i couldnt stop laughing and keeped trying to push myself to look at something else but my hands wouldnt move and i sat here laughing like hell, oh im stoned by the way 🙂

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