Transcription – Hey guys, it’s Sher and we’re
on our way to…Pigeon Forge! Thanks for the help, thanks for the help Ryan. Um, no, we’re on our way to tennessee, or
actually we’re already in tennessee because we’ve been driving for awhile. I’m a bad vlogger because I was supposed to
vlog like in the very beginning of this trip, packing and stuff, but I didn’t because uh,
you know, yeah. Um, so we’re already in tennessee and we’re
going on a week long trip to tennessee. For real? Is it gatlinburg or near gatlinburg? Okay well we’re going to gatlinburg for the
week from today until saturday and then we’re coming home so I thought I would vlog a little
bit and I already vlogged once before but it never made it to the internet because it
was just really boring so. We’re just really boring people. Yeah. Um, but yeah I wanted to vlog this time and
hopefully it will be a little more interesting. Look, I don’t know the itinerary of this trip,
um, yeah we’re going to the cabin first, we’re checking in, and then we’re going to walmart
and then we’re coming back and unpacking everything and getting settled in and then I’ll show
you guys what the cabin looks like when we get there. Well, conveniently located right beside the
cemetery. That’s ominous. Ohhh fancy. Are you serious? Your destination will be on the right. On the right? Girl, where? ‘Cause there’s no cabins on the right. Do you feel it sliding off? Are you serious? Are we sliding? I’m not moving it, its sliding. Ew. I look bad. Oh my gosh. Hi TooYube, I mean youtube. I’m going to sit down and see if I can get
some better lighting ’cause this is just rough. Nope, even, just gets worse. Okay, lets go back over here. Okay, hey guys I’m back and we just got to
where we’re staying. We’re staying in this really huge cabin, no
thanks to me. Come here. For those of you that don’t know, this is
Ryan and he is my, well, he’s really just like everything like he’s my boyfriend and
my best friend all that stuff, so he’s the reason I get to do nice things. I’m just kidding, but no, seriously. Anyway, so okay, let, let me show you guys
around and show you where we’re staying ’cause it’s..kinda crazy. Okay this is what scares me. Like people think I’m silly for saying this,
but like, I just get really scared that this is not going to hold my weight. Anyway, this is like the first um, like the
bottom story deck. So these are our neighbors and some rocking
chairs. Aaand I kind of want to step out and give
you guys a better view, but I’m scared so I’m just going to go back in. It’s a big place. I think we’re done. And these are locked. See thats kind of suspicious like is this
where they hide the dead bodies? Well, I think we’re oh. I think we’re, surprise zoom, I think we’re
going to go to walmart now, so. Kroger. Oh, Kroger. Yeah. Okay, I’ll check back in later. Hey guys, it’s day 2 of our tennessee vacation. We haven’t done much today so I’m just now
turning on the camera, but it’s been a pretty relaxed, chill day. Sooo that’s all that we’ve been doing which
is nothing. We hooked up the xbox because we found out
how to do that and we haven’t really played much because we just now figured out how to
get internet..not that long ago. And now Ryan’s doing….something. What are you doing? Looking at franco-provencal language. Sounds interesting. It’s not. We made cookies that are like, actual rocks. Hey babe, one of these tables has like a wobble
in it, so I’m going to use one of these to prop it up so it don’t wobble anymore. And now we’re going to cook dinner. So I ran out of memory really suddenly on
my camera and now I’m just going to have to go get a new memory card tomorrow, but um,
I just missed all the action. There was a literal grease fire when we tried
to use the grill. Wow, there is like so much smoke. Is it in here too? Um, yes. Not so successful dinner, huh? They’re done! If they don’t look like real burgers, that’s
’cause they’re not. Hey guys, day 3 of vacation and we actually
got some stuff done today unlike uh, all the other days so far. But um, today we had to go out so I could
get another memory card because yesterday when I was vlogging, it ran out of memory! Oh, I just got done filming a video. That was a mess. First of all, how about this crazy camera
angle? On the table. And this mess of clothes over here. Behold, the aftermath of a try on video. So that’s what we’ve been doing and now Ryan’s
cooking dinner which is about the time I always turn on the camera. I’m going to try to do better tomorrow and
vlog alot but, I think we’re going to the titanic museum tomorrow so that will be interesting. That’s vlog worthy! They probably don’t allow cameras in there,
so. I don’t think they do. Great. Never mind. I’ll check in later if we’re doing anything
else. This is such a boring vacation vlog. Oh, frozen drink time. It’s taco night! Or quesadillas, or whatever we end up making. Done! Hey guys! Day 4 of tennessee vacation and we’re on our
way to the titanic museum. There it is! Oh wait, here it is. Here it is! I’m pretty sure that taking the camera in
here is going to be a no go, so we’ll check in after we’re done. So we just got out of the titanic museum and
I thought it was really cool. What’d you think? It was cool. This was my third time there. Oh okay, that’s why he’s not super excited
about it. I’ve been to a titanic museum before but I’ve
never been to the one up here because I’ve just never been here. Um, I thought it was cool, although I am going
to go ahead and say and I didn’t, I didn’t realize this when I was younger and went to
one of these. I totally appreciate like the history of everything
because I mean, I’m kind of a nerd and I appreciate anything and he’s definitely like a history
nerd, so you know, he likes all that, but I appreciate the history of the retelling
of the story, but I feel like alot of it is a little bit like, commercialized so they
can sell it back to you. You get what I’m saying? Like the boarding passes they give to you
in the very beggining…I died by the way at the end and he lived, of course..um, but
they give you a boarding pass in the very beginning and say like, you can like take
this to the end of the tour and then you find out if your character on your boarding pass
lived or died right? Um, I don’t know, I feel like that’s a little…do
you think that’s a little exploitative? Maybe a little morbid. Yeah, a little morbid because they’re real
people, they’re not like made up characters, they’re not fictional. They give you like a backstory on the person
and everything, like where they’re coming from and where they were going and I don’t
know, I feel like that’s a little weird and just a little morbid but like…you know,
talking about the whole tragedy and trying to sell it in a way, but other than that I
thought it was really…I thought it was really cool. Anyway, we just got out of that and now we’re
going to drive around and I’m going to test my new camera shooting some pictures of nature
and I don’t know, try to get some cool shots and that’s what we’re going to do now. The mountains are really, really pretty. Last place! This is a little blair witchy to me.. Aaand we’re back, and its hot tub time! Day 5. Day 5 of vacation vlog. I’m sad because it’s almost over and we pack
up and leave tomorrow. I’m even more upset because the camera won’t
focus on my face. I can fix that, there. Oh there we go, that’s, that’s more like it. Alright, I’m over it. You got something else you need to say? I’d like to raise the issue of the continued
sound of car doors shutting outside this cabin. We’ve got neighbors the last day we’re here
so they’re being kind of loud. And if there’s anything I hate more, it’s
loud car doors and neighbors. But like, it sounds like they’re inside the
house with their car in the living room shutting their door inside this cabin, like…it’s
like their right outside. Yeah, I know. So we’ve been doing nothing today, we’ve been
playing xbox. And I’d just like to correct the record, I
actually went to wal-mart today. We had a lot of refrigerated stuff, so like
I had to go buy this igloo cooler and if I had to recommend a cooler to get… It wouldn’t be this one. It would not be this one. The isle was pretty sparse, but I done the
best I could. So anyway, it says made in the USA, so I guess
thats a good thing. It actually means I paid more than I should
have for it, just keeping track. I also bought a pizza pan at walmart today. That was part of it and I used the self check
out isle. There was a 20 items or less, but there was
only two of them open. I don’t know why walmart does that. Do you want your own vlog channel because
I feel like you’re really comfortable in front of the camera all of a sudden. Where has this comfortability been this whole
trip? And now we’re going to make a pizza. I’ll show you the pizza when its done. I would show you how we cook it, but um, everytime
that we’ve cooked something, its been kind of a disaster. I’m just playing, it’s, its actually turned
out really good considering neither of us know how to cook, but um, there’s been a couple
instances where we thought there was going to be a fire. Um, there was, there was one grease fire,
one fatality. The grill. There’s going to be alot of stuff in there
that I think we should have cooked but didn’t if that makes sense. It’s not going to be wasted ’cause we’re going
to take it all home and eat it um, whenever we see each other again. Oh and here’s another hint or another tip
if you ever like rent one of these cabins. Don’t. Well, do ’cause its fun, but if you plan on
using their grill. Don’t. We need to have a talk, so. Do you want to hold the camera, vlog master? If you want like, uh, the grease fire not
to happen, you might want to get like some type of fire extinguisher if that makes sense. Yeah, ’cause they don’t stock anything in
this cabin, not a thing. Not one extinguisher. So like, if you know, it would have developed
and like the flame was getting pretty high, I won’t lie I was a little intimidated, I
felt very intimidated by this grill and thats no joke, like I mean that in the most serious
way possible. So, so there’s that. Just make sure you pack something to extinguish
a fire of sorts if you come here because it might happen. Otherwise, bringing an electric griddle is
a good idea. Yeah because that’s come in handy alot. Yeah it has, it was like the one thing on
this trip that wasn’t wasted. Are you dated? Now you want it back? Are you done talking? Um, I reckon. Alright. Uh let me rephrase, um, I don’t use the word
reckon alot, I think its being in tennessee but back to sher. Ohhhh woahhh, um another thing I’ve realized,
I don’t know if I already said this when we first got here, but its always christmas here. It is perpetually christmas 24/7 all days
of the year, example A. There’s a christmas tree and it’s like, the middle of january. Stuff like that. And for the mis-advised person who’s watching
this vlog, uh, we’re actually in pigeon forge. Just a little disclaimer, so if you’ve been
told we were in gatlinburg, we were for like ten minutes at one part of this trip, but
for most of it, we’ve been right outside of sevierville, and I don’t know if I’m pronouncing
that right. Well, pardon me for not knowing where we are! Slash pigeon forge, so I just wanted to throw
in the facts, I like to keep it straight and back to you. Okay, Sevierville then, sorrrrryyyyy. We’re really close to…What?! Really more pigeon forge than sevierville. Okay, we’re in pigeon forge..I’ll title the
video correctly so nobody wonders where we are Ryan. I’m just looking out for the people. All 16 of them. All 16 of them. When you don’t have a pizza cutter. Well, here’s our pizza guys, yayyyyyy! Oh and Ryan stepped on and broke my glasses
the other day while we were filming so that’s a thing that happened. So we just got back to my house and we’ve
been unloading stuff from his truck for awhile now and it’s raining so that’s nice. Anyway, I’m going to go ahead and end the
vlog here and say bye to you guys. Anyone who made it to the end of this video,
congratulations because I don’t even know why, but um, thanks for hanging out with us
this week and I hope you had fun…because I had fun. And don’t forget to like and subscribe. And don’t forget to like and subscribe! Bye guys! Are you down here? Ryan? Don’t jump out at me. Oh god, this is going to freak me out all
week! I’m just jumpy, it’s just really big and echo-y,
like its already freaking me out a little bit. Did you see the other hot tub? Oh. Oh. my. gosh. I have some bad news. I think you spent more on this cabin than
what you think.


  1. I love your sense of humor even though the video was blahhh. your poor friend definitely didn't help your video… I actually laughed out loud of some of the things you said… You had me cracking the f… up about your comments on the food that was cooked I'm going to Pigeon Forge Saturday… hopefully my video isn't as boring as yours… just kidding…
    Snapchat: chapchao

  2. I'm going to pigeon forge in about 3 days and I almost stayed at the same cabin as y'all! But I think it's a different cabin but still in the same neighborhood….like it's still under the same company but that cabin didn't have enough rooms so we upgraded to the bigger one.

  3. The whole Titanic is commercialized because of the movie I guess. I went there and it was depressing to me and boring since I was a younger kid. This was a great vlog! I love coming up to this area and filming videos for my channel! I subscribed! Keep up the great work!

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