Pilates Workout Challenge ♥ Get Ready For Summer In 14 Days | Padar Island

Pilates Workout Challenge ♥ Get Ready For Summer In 14 Days | Padar Island

hey welcome to beautiful radar island this is part of the komodo national park in indonesia and today I’ve got a pilates challenge for you now all the description to the challenge is right below of this video so please go ahead and read it through but were going to be working the entire body your core your legs your arms you’re going to feel amazing at the end of this challenge so if you’re ready grab a mat a water and lets do it

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  1. Hi I am really excited to begin this challenge… I do have 2 questions – 1) I am a beginner and I have lower back problems will this 14 day challenge help reduce the back pain & 2) on the web page where you have the breakdown written you have in some part written Day 1 ♥ This Video & others you have This Video x 1 — I take it as doing the 14 days video once thru only… am i correct? Thanks & have a great day Tina

  2. I'm so thankful I've found you….I'm 53 years old and have been looking for a workout I can do at home when I get off of work. I love your workouts…it's the first workouts I've stuck with….I've been doing them every night for over a month. Please keep bringing us your videos. You're stunning!!

  3. I am so much in love with this challenge! You have done a great job and day and day I feel my body stronger. A huge thank you!

  4. Your videos are the best! I really needed to find something fun and challenging so I could consistently take time to care for my health. I stopped doing everything else and exclusively use your Youtube channel to work out and I've never enjoyed working out more! Thank you for helping so many people with your positivity and amazing workouts <3

  5. I love all your videos. I'am myself a teacher. Just to tell you that you did a mistake on that one, when you started your bridge lift you did it one side with the leg to the sky bend and on the other side you did with the leg pointed to the sky extended…other than that, beautiful! Namasté

  6. OMG!! Great, great workout! I love all your videos! I already quit following others workout channels. You are the best! You are so beautiful and your voice so calm, that helps me to continue through the workout. Greetings from Houston, Texas!!

  7. Just wanna say that i'm on day 18 and I FEEL AND SEE AMAZING RESULTS! my body feels and looks leaner, more toned and def stronger and energized! What a GREAT CHALLENGE! Highly recommend! Thanks for much for all the joyful healthy vibe you spread around the world! you guys are epic! 😉

  8. So I noticed on Day 8 and 9 you specified “This Video x 1” does that mean do the video once?? Or to do the video and then repeat? Because on the other days it just says This Video … which I have been doing one time through

  9. The challange is done today by me!! Im very praid of my self. Its a very good thing to do for gett amazing fast resaults on only 2 weeks! Im recommend strong!
    Thanks for helping me to got in shape🙏<33

  10. Dear Boho Beautiful! I really want to do your yoga and Pilates workouts, however, I have a swollen knee these days, because I slipped on an icy surface when jogging in the streets over the weekend. Can I still do your workouts with a swollen knee, or should I wait till the swelling subsides? Sincerely, Michael

  11. Your channel and workouts are incredible as well as your message. But another reason I like to come here are the lovely and positive comments. <3

  12. Oh how I wish I found you 2 years ago! Or more!! I'm 56 and have always been very active. Just did this workout and it was killer good. My glutes are very week and need muscle tone. My chiropractor says it will help my lower back to strengthen my butt muscles. So we will go on!!  Thanks, my new friend,

  13. I do lots of yoga and you guys are a great combination ..well done I love the yoga and Pilates and I'm a 53 yr old women who loves being fit and healthy…

  14. So I am definately out of shape lately and this one I was shaking in parts trying to hold positions lol. And I had to stop durring some parts. But my body feels good afterwards. Thanks. I will need to keep at it so I can do this with ease.

  15. I am 52 years old and have always been a fanatic about some sort of exercise. I foolishly took a year break and OMG. That was the worse mistake. My arthritis got worse, hips hurt, and lower back was a killer. I have been doing your 20 or 30 minute pilates M-F starting my second month now and OMG in a great way. I feel awesome. I am getting back into shape with your help. I'm a follower for life. Thank you so much.Plus I pretend I'm in the beautiful places as you are.

  16. So good and energizing! I'm slowly recovering from deconditioning due to a neuro disorder and I needed this! Thanks!

  17. Hi Juliana,

    Instead of doing this video for the pilates challenge every day, can I change it up with your other pilate challenge videos and alternate?

    Lots of love and light to your side of the universe <3

  18. Sorry for the stupidity, I am new to the yoga and Pilates world, but on Days 8 and 9 you have 'This video x 1' does that mean I am actually supposed to do it twice? No other days have 'x 1' so I am a little confused.

  19. I LOVE your workouts. I feel awakened! They are so uplifting and fulfilling. Thank you for helping me feel like a better me.

  20. You can also add ads(the small 20 30 second ads) between your workouts as breaks. It will benefit your business as well as the people to take a break, drink water or just breathe.
    P. S. Your videos are the best.

  21. Challenge: done!
    Why I loved it, because it is only 19 min long, that I was doing before work, and then additional ones (usually yoga) after.
    But that was not the only reason. Another reason was that every time I was doing it in a dark (6 am) app, I imagined myself being right there on the beach and my mood for the day ahead was just as sunny as the background.

    Results: muscles from quite bulky got much leaner. Reminded my body what stretching is (due to other videos from the challenge). Got used to it now and will be doing morning exercises always with you. The base way to start a work day!

  22. This girl is such an inspiration. 😊 since I have been practicing with her on these videos and watching her diaries I have learned so much about myself. And have learned to love ❤️ myself again. 😌 thank you boho beautiful 🌸

  23. This girl is such an inspiration. 😊 since I have been practicing with her on these videos and watching her diaries I have learned so much about myself. And have learned to love ❤️ myself again. 😌 thank you boho beautiful 🌸

  24. It isnt pilates until they add the hundred. 😂 I love this channel! Only yoga channel I enjoy following!

  25. Juliana, I LOVED this!! You make Pilates seem so manageable and so fun. I have chronic back pain and a really short attention span for workouts, but I want to work my way through all your videos as the time involved and the reps are totally doable. You're helping me get back into shape and l really appreciate it. Thanks so much!! 😀😘

  26. Just finished the 14 day challenge. It was tough making it to the end but my core is feeling stronger! I would love to see more pilates classes added to the channel

  27. I did the 3rd day today and I already see the results! I do this challenge and yoga in the morning and I feel incredible!

  28. I started my Yoga Practice 6years ago. Different Guides, Different DVDs, Classes…. I thought I would never Practice in my home. I have tried waisting money on " The Best Videos ". I found BOHO BEAUTIFUL by mistake. It is the BEST mistake ever. Juliana EVERY BIT OF YOUR VIDEOS ARE AMAZING. I now Try to Practice with you every day. You have gotten me excited about Taking care of me. THANK YOU. I have to say with ALL HONESTY YOU ARE THE BEST GUIDE I HAVE EVER HAD. Scale 1-10, Infinity…Always Blessed, Jo Ann

  29. I have tried a lot of your videos, but this one by far is my favourite one. I look forward to the next 13 days and to seeing results! Kisses from cloudy London. Thank you for bringing the sunshine 🙂

  30. Love love love this and getting better at the stretching – long years of no yoga after knee job! I thank you for bringing wellness and flexibility back to my body. Love to you both!

  31. Thank you for making these videos! You both are amazing. I’ve been following you for a long time and we even met in Miami, unfortunately I was late for the class. I do your workout and yoga videos Monday thru Friday in the morning. It is just the best way to start my day 😁 keep posting!!

  32. This is one of my favourite videos from you. It's like a combination of the best from your other workout videos ❤

  33. hey juliana and mark! great job as always! <3 i have one request…can u guys make video about proper breathing in pilates and yoga ..and also how to activate ur core…it would be awesome ! :)))))

  34. Actually I really like this work out and you are amazing!! Thanks for sharing. But there is one thing very annoying is the background music is too loud, so when I try to listen to it and keep the work out my mind almost can not relax and focus…..music is nice but too loud .

  35. I had a very bad day but just stared this challenge yesterday. Still I am pretty proud of myself that I whiped my tears, got up and did day two of this challenge. It's kinda a therapie for me to sweat out my stress.

  36. I just following your yoga for a week, and damn it I can see the result so fast. I love youuu and thanks for motivating me!

  37. Its been two years i am following you guys . Really appreciate your workout . What is the best again for us to support you ?Pierre

  38. Пипец у тебя ноги и динамика.. кое как сделал 30% упражнения 😫😁

  39. Hello !
    It was so hard for me to find exercices with my sensitive knees, but those ones are so perfect, and when I feel it's too hard, I just drop it and slightly modify it.
    * Day 1,2, 3 Done : I thought my body wouldn't be so sore, but hell yeah !!! I'm normal composition (1.60m – 58KG) but i'm fluffly and i feel my entire body burning ! Each video is so worth it 🙂 I can't wait to finish this wonderful challenge and see results ! I also starting eating healthier and following your guidelines + adding sport activities with friends (climbing – scootering).
    *Day 4 – good
    *Day 5 – nice sweat – I can go further in some exercices and I feel stronger in some exercices
    *Day 8 -> I can see the back of my legs a bit leaner
      <3 Thank you so much for those videos ! <3

  40. just wanted to say 2 years later and I still come back to this challenge when I need my stomach to tone up fast, or I want a full body feel good sweat. Guys this challenge actually works if you do it for the full two weeks, I'm talking like actual noticeable changes in the look of your stomach and the back of your legs. Somedays it's seriously the last thing you want to do but just remember how much better you'll feel 17 mins later! Thank you Juliana for your amazing commitment to this channel and for sharing this wonderful lifestyle you've made. XOXO

  41. My day isn’t complete until I’ve done at least one of your workout videos. 💖 thank you for your posts and your positive message. You add a level of spirituality to fitness! And that is a beautiful movement.

  42. Sitting in the last position, looking up only to see you blowing a kiss at us and I know WE ARE DONE and I can't believe I got through it all, AGAIN 😂❤

  43. 2 years later, still coming back. This has to be one of my favorites of yours! Never ceases to push my boundaries, but man does it feel good! Sometimes I like to hold the plank at the end for an extra 30 seconds just to end off on an even stronger note! Thanks so much for continually making content for us:))) forever fan

  44. OMG! I just realized that she posted this video on my birthday lol! 2 years later and i barely notice this… Damn what's up with me? Im not so rad anymore LMAO! 🤣🖤🤣😎🙊🤤

  45. This sounds silly, but i'm actually really so happy that we share the same name! (I'm commenting with my husband's account, mind you) My name is Juliana too 🙂 and I love your workouts. They're short, but so impactful. Thank you for making them!

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