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  1. I cannot lock destination (lock is done but still got no destination lock info) and stuck in the training travel forever.

  2. I really hate the way these BLASTED tutorials keep saying "use the key you have bound to such and such to do this". I DONT KNOW WHAT BUTTON THE DEFAULT IS. SAY WHICH IN THE BLOODY TUTORIAL VIDS FFS!!!! I cant get out of the supercruise because I dont know what default button to hit AND IT ISNT C like the forums say!!! AAAAARRRGGGG!!!!!!

  3. "Next I'll retract my landing gear and scoop by pressing the buttons bound to landing gear and scoop, respectively." Thank you Frontier, I don't know where I would be without you here to tell me about all these obscure points.

  4. How do you get out of supercruise on XBOX1 is this bugged out everything is on default and I cant get out of it

  5. fuck is it just me…. or is this game kind of scary on a big monitor….. riding in hyperdrive then next thing you know a bigger the life size star is staring you in the face…… very scary….. 🙁

  6. Awesome, just got it on the xbox one and could't figure it. This helps me understand it a lot better now.

  7. For some reason when I hyperdrive on that Travel tutorial mission, it slows me back down to 20km/s, not 0.17c to get to the target station…

  8. all ready regret buying this game.
    controls are unclear when setting them in options ,, tutorial ?  there is none just a freaking video on you tube ! 
    Star Citizen only has a test part out and they have in game, good tutorials all ready in place.

    i'll be giving the key / joystick binding setting one more go next weekend… it got me irritated within like 30 minutes after buying this shit though only bought it to elapse the time being that Star Citizen get's launched

  9. yes this video its all nica and dandy but in reality it takes 4 billion fucking years to get to a station, its ridiculous, i wish there was a demo before i bought this piece of shit

  10. Question… Say a system has two stars and one is roughly 300,000Ls away from the other star. Whenever I jump to this system, I drop out at what I assume is the default star but I need to get to the other star. Instead of flying 300,000Ls in super cruise, can you jump straight to that second star? I've tried going into the system map before jumping to hyperspace and selecting the second star as my destination but I still drop out at the "default" star. Or does it always drop you at the same star no matter what?

  11. The tutorials are awful, and the learning curve on controls in this game make me not want to play. 4 hours now, and I have not clicked start yet

  12. "Slow down" is not a warning about appraoching a target too fast – it is an indicator that the ship is experiencing a slow down from slipping into the gravity well a stellar mass.

  13. What is the default button for frameshift? It doesn't even show up in the button assignments
    I'm using a xbox controller

  14. Wtf is the people's issue with default keybindings here? Is it SO HARD to just check them yourself from the control settings in-game? Certainly wasn't for me…

  15. Does anyone know why the ETA marker, or whatever it is, has to display 0:07 for ideal throttle? What exactly does that marker represent?

  16. Game is renown for very hard learning curve. (Message for non-simulator fans) expect to invest  at least 50+ hours in this game just to learn the basics, after which you will get constantly pwned by high skilled veterans because they removed the single player.

  17. Totally useless tutorial, I mean its like a twat explaining how to piss.I need shortcuts, keys to press to get from point A to a point B!!! This game is least friendly game to play for a new player, doesn't bode well , you over complicated the game that didn't needed to be. You're lucky for star citizen isn't out yet!!!

  18. the supercruse is great if you don't' select you destination, since it'll just keep accelerating (if you watch the video at one point he's travailing at over a million meters per second), but if you select another planet in the same system your destination, then the supercruse is limited to 30Km per second forcing you get spend the next 20 hours watching stars go by

  19. Is elite dangerous physics engine the actual game with all the features and updates? On Xbox one ps reply thanks:D

  20. Oh god i did the travel training mission on xbone and when i tried to deploy my landing gear i held b for to long and boosted straight into the landing pad

  21. I'm on xbox one. I can't find anywhere how to open that menu on the left he has with distance reading.

  22. Somehow I was able to understand this stuff after playing for just 2 days, on Xbox One even. Did the tutorial, though I didn't even really need that either

  23. I would just like for them to explain the whole time thing….. so I come at places and try to keep it at the 7 sec mark, makes it easy to do…. But WHAT DOES IT MEAN>???? 7 seconds to target? no, because it can still take 3 min to get there… I'm confused.

  24. I hate to sound like a dumb idiot but would it hurt to mention the default keyboard buttons? I mean that is probably the hardest part, having to check them on your own in the settings 🙂

  25. main problem that game got awful audio quality and no subtitles.. friendship drive engaged.. your stance should be in glue zone.. wtf

  26. i can see why people are mad and is totally understandable. When making a torial Elite Dangerous, you need to go easy on us, you need to explain to use from point A to B, meaning you need to be more clearer, saying ''i press the assigned button'' is not help, you need to say, ''by default pressing the button ''D'' or ''E'' or what ever the button is, ''will bring up this menu, from here if you press the button ''L'' will make you select it'' that is an example….

    These are useless tutorials as none of us have any idea what each button does and im sitting here, trying to figure out how on earth did you do what you call ''super drive'' or what ever it's called, its silly. its a TUTORIAL, make it like one bro.

  27. after many days like 15 I cant get this tutorial of how to do this any help would be appreciated……or better yet since thsi video seems to not fully tell ya how to do it correctly maybe somebody else can make a video to do this also I have a game controller and dont use the Keyboard so with constanly having to Hit J and what not with all the controls it gets dull very quickly so maybe on e can do a tutorial with a game-pad

  28. whenever I am in frame shift drive and I try to switch straight to supercruise, it just disables frame shift drive and reverts to normal engine speed, someone please help me. 🙁

  29. A real confusing problem with the official, in-game tutorial for this mission is that it doesn't tell you that you need to be mass-locked (within 5km of a station) before you can either request docking permission or extend your landing gear. So you're 10-15 km out and the tutorial voice is constantly telling you to "get landing permission" when it's not even possible at that point.

  30. What a physically incorrect, infantile bullshit again. Seriously considered to buy this game a few minutes ago… but after this faster-than-light idiocracy and stars' or planets' gravitation miraculously stop your super-dooper-whatsoever-cruise instead of having you crash into them… no slingshots are necessary to use massive stars's and planets' gravitation or to even avoid it and stuff like that, but instead you can go 'faster than light' unscathed through an apart from that obviously empty universe… hitting nothing, no 'faster-than-light-particles' which easily shoot through your hull… No thing there you have to avoid while 'faster than light' – lol! Wow… that's what I call mere magic! Thanks, but no thanks. Wondered, why it's PEGI 7. Now I know.

    Still waiting for an enjoyable, adventurous space exploring game that does not insult players' intelligence and violates every law of physics… and yes, I know Kerbal and Orbiter (got them already), but those are a completely different ball game and not what I'm looking for… There simply seem to be none. Also Eve is full of inexplicable magic, the otherwise closest game to what I'm after, if there weren't also this ripp-off subscription payment model to get (and remain) full access to the game.

  31. Still have no idea how to play the game. I don't want to learn to fly a real space ship I just want to play a game.

  32. Why did you guys have to make the fucking tutorial so fucking difficult my god couldn't figure out how to jump couldn't figure out how to land it was pissing me right the hell off.

  33. feel like i could pilot an actual space shuttle or a jet in real life better then i could a with a ship in this game…. Really fucking annoying TUT is horrible

  34. Probably way late to the party, but feeling confident with my first un-docking today. I guess the real fun starts here, eh? Probably going to focus on smug– I mean trading : )

  35. Why do you always get shoot out of the sky when you try to leave Dahan gateway. My brother doesnt even get to land there, despite he got clearence. I got to land, but when i tro do leave the station, they just start to shoot at me…. I didnt do nothing?

  36. Your tutorials suck. I'm more confused than before watching. I wish Freelancer hadn't been the last space sim. Hell, I miss X-wing and Wing Commander. I didn't need a wiki, and a 13 part video series to teach me how to play them.

  37. OH thank god. An instructional video that starts with the instructions instead of endless irrelevant blather. THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU

  38. Really great videos. Extremely helpful. And to the folk who keep complaining about what the key bindings are (and of course they will be different depending on what platform you are using and whether you've amended them from the default controller setup), simply hit pause and go to options/controls or options/controller layout.

  39. Your game crashes in training and sometimes in game play online and offline, the advertising video seems quite exciting unlike the actual installed game.
    The game has no real storyline or no real in game tutorial making it really hard to play not really game player friendly, due to its crashing and poor setup it seems a lot like a beta demo quite unfinished, I've worked as a game tester and tested better beta demos in the past, there are too many controls spread over a single controller this game is more designed for a PC.

  40. Really hard work to play fix the Crashers with a patch update because I'm so sick and tired of restarting my game system every time this game has a problem.
    I feel that I have to play this game for now because I do not want to feel that I've wasted my money.
    Sorry but the game is what it is and I'm sure people that have installed this game will feel much the same.
    I really want to like this game but I'm finding it really difficult.

  41. Once you create your captain's name and your ship's name, you'll find yourself at the Maint Menu.
    Step One: Left-click "Options".
    Step Two: Left-click "Controls".
    Step Three: Left-click each "+" sign to expand the details of that specific control then read every single detail and write down every key binding you find and the function it affects.
    Step Four: Design your own cheat sheet of those functions and their assigned key.
    Step Five: Look for all the beginner's guides for Elite:Dangerous on YouTube that you can find and watch them.
    Step Six: Watch the one(s) you consider best at least 3 more times.
    Step Seven: Now…run the game and try to leave the dock the first time.

    There you go.

  42. i have to say youtube tutorials are annoying especially if the default subtitles are set in german, russian and french, while the english subtitles are generated automatically, so the translation its not very good and the pronunciation of this guy its too fast and it sounds like he is chewing a dick, its enough hard try to understand this game controls, at least he could take that dick out of his mouth for the tutorial

  43. Ok, I can understand why not actually saying the key bindings as you press them can be frustrating but can I just say: I DID NOT KNOW ABOUT THAT TINY PANEL IN THE BOTTOM LEFT THAT LETS YOU GAUGE DISTANCE AND SPEED TO YOUR CURRENT TARGET. The in – game tutorial does NOT explain this effectively at all, I spent an entire hour trying to complete the hyperspace tutorial yesterday until I just gave up completely. Thanks for making this clearer but at the same time FIX YOUR FUCKING TUTORIALS THEY ARE USELESS

  44. Why would you not retract your landing gear and cargo scoop first? I can understand if it worked as it should in space, since there's no force to create drag, but landing gear and cargo scoop do apparently slow you down when deployed.

  45. "SLOW DOWN" doesn't mean that you should slow down!!! It means that you was slow down because your ship is Mass-Locked! What a shame FD! And this should be an official Tutorial???!!!! Wtf!

  46. For those who wonder: Thrust is not thrust up or down. That is a SEPARATE KEYBINDING – there is no one telling you that, you have to find the keys (that were unbound), like the trust keys that were unbound, then adjust the speed as you get closer to your target. Once distance and speed is ok, hit J (default key for frame shift drive) and out you pop near the space station. Obviously on the wrong side so you get to navigate around it at 5 cm a second… while your life drains away.

    Space Shuttle Simulator on the Amiga is 100 times more complex than this, but the tutorial was also 100 times better.

    And why can't i bind accelerate and decelerate to SPACE and shift (like original Elite) without ending up in the chat window? :oP

  47. If you're going to have external tutorial videos that are basically mandatory might as well have the default keybindings mentioned for these functions.

  48. it just says increase throttle to engage and i have been sitting here increasing my throttle for 10 hours and nothing is happening please help me this is really annoying me

  49. I played Elite on the zx spectrum 128k in the 80`s and loved it But this new version I have TRIED to play is too technical for me.
    I build computers systems as a hobby(i7 8700k 5ghz watercooled) but this game bewilders me and it is a pity.
    I am a person who learns from experience and learnt to play the old Elite from close friends and computer clubs(BBC users lol:)
    This video is fantastic but i am still at a loss:(

  50. I can have throttle set to zero, and it still wont let me safe disengage many times. Trying to get close to fuel scoop stars, but have to emergency disengage almost every time recently. I dont know.

  51. Ps4 controls are fucking horrible, supercruise is crap, never comes out of it when trying to go to a destination. None of buttons do anything. Mapping keyboard controls to a ps4 pad to do the same just doesn't work. Controls is what spoils this game on consoles.

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