Pir Ghaib | Most Visited Tourist Attraction | Balochistan | Pakistan | Vlog # 21 |

Pir Ghaib | Most Visited Tourist Attraction | Balochistan | Pakistan | Vlog # 21 |

کتنا خوبصورت ہے بولان، کتنا حسین ہے ساراوان
How beautiful is Bolan, How beautiful is Sarawan کتنا خوبصورت ہے بولان، کتنا حسین ہے ساراوان
How beautiful is Bolan, How beautiful is Sarawan خوبصورت ہیں سارے کھیت اور میدان
Beautiful are all fields and lands Asalam-o-Alikum (Peace be unto you) With new travel vlog of Balochistan: Land of Beauty welcome all of yoiu Today travel vlog is about another most beautiful place of Balochistan. We can tell you about it, you can see in my background this place is know as Peer Ghaib In this whole travel volg we tell you that how you can reach her, it’s distance from Quetta what is the history of Peer Ghaib ? what facilities are available for tourist ? and what activities you can perform here ? Kindly, Subscribe our Channel Balochistan: Land of Beauty and press bell icon to able to get notification of new video’s. Pir Ghaib is situated at a distance of 75 kilometers from Quetta Where you reached in two and half or three hours The road of Pir Ghaib is metallic and you get here easily 40 km from south-east of Quetta you enter the Bolan Pass through the route of Kolpure. As soon as you enter the Bolan Pass The natural beauty of that area bond you in such a way you are temporary worries were vanish in a moment And you forget everything and lose in the beautiful views around you The name of Bolan Pass is attributed to the name of a prominent personality of Kurd tribe “Bolan” جی لڈے لاڈے لاڈے۔
Jee Laday Ladai Ladai جی لڈے لاڈے لاڈے
Jee Laday Ladai Ladai بولان جا رہے ہیں۔
Going Bolan محبتوں کا شہر ہے۔ ۔ ۔ بولان جا رہے ہیں۔
City of love – – Going Bolan جی لڈے لاڈے لاڈے
Jee Laday Ladai Ladai Camels, road and rail combinations make this scene very interesting. This Pass (route) was one of the most important route of subcontinent (Pakistan and India) For centuries Bolan Pass has been passing route of caravan to travel from Iran and Kandahar to India. The British constructed a railway line in view of the importance of this pass route, which was completed in July 1886. In the Pass you see nomadic were traveling with their herds from cold areas to hot areas Covering 65 kilometers on Quetta – Jacobabad highway the sign board of Pir Ghaib appear on your right side Traveling more than 10 km from where you can reached in the beautiful area of Pir Ghaib Asalam-o-Alikum (Peace be unto you) this is, we reached in area of Pir Ghaib they say us that waterfall is located onward from here We go there and show you that place. There are some attractions in Pakistan that can not match any tourist destination of the world One of these areas is lush green and heart-fierce area of Pir Ghaib which is located in Bolan district of Balochistan. When, we reach this beautiful area, it appears that we have come to heaven. Anywhere, you look, remains stuck for a few moments. Beautiful brown mountains in your surrounding and and transparent clean water fall from it and cold water flows in form of waterfall. This beautiful waterfall falls into two different parts and present an attractive view The water of both sides of the waterfall flows toward downhill and it comes in a huge pool. The area was named on reference of a saint (elder) According to the tradition, he come here with his sister “Bibi Nani” for preaching of Islam to the local people. The idols were settled here, who became the enemies of both of them. and Pir sahib hid among the rocks to avoid the attackers. Then a few days later he disappeared and no one know about him. That’s why this area is known as “Pir Ghaib” This is the shrine of Pir Ghaib Pir Ghaib was disappear her. This is the place, where he sit used as Astana This places is construct that if If a believer comes here offer pray here otherwise, where he will stumble. where to offer pray ? Some respectable say that he come here quite early approximately 1800 – 2000 years ago most of the people come here for picnic, they made it a picnic point few ziarati people come here if the came far away area, they stay at night we can do everything for them, we arrange food, tea, bed and everything for them Now, we are going to the main stream of the waterfall. From where Pir Ghaib waterfall start the depth of water is not to much high here, If you eager of bath, then you can take a bath here. there is small tuck shop from where you can purchase you necessities now we ask them what they offer ? you can purchase chips from here, ranging from Rs. 100 to Rs.10 each have different price people purchase cold drink from her, small and big size we sell drinking bottles you can purchase all basic items from here There is no excellent hotel around Pir Ghaib Due to which the tourists face lot of difficulties Due to non-existence of hotel in the area, people bring food with them. We also decided to make our meal here Here is the oven (tandure), from where you can buy hot bread Around the pool, the high date (palm) trees swing with power of wind Just saying welcome to you now we are going toward main waterfall. Waterfall comprise in two parts. First part is on top of it main waterfall flow from there water flow down from a height of 20 -25 feets. we are going at that area. in between there are lot’s of stairs. now we are going to the main waterfall we can see people rush, lot’s of people are there there are some instruction for tourist It’s a deep stream، swimming is prohibited here These scenic scenes take us away from the troubles of life, to the valley of peace You can see in the background, I have not come alone along me Mr. Mohammad Asif Kosa sb, Mohammad Khan Buzdar sb and our beloved friend Lal ur Rahman We came here early in the morning lot’s of enjoyment her It’s evening now and we are trying to get back. we are going back, walking stairs is difficult feel that we are walking on the stairs of mandar Like you see in the movies With me, Mohammad Khan Buzdar coma her he come here first time in PIr Ghaib Let’s ask from his option that how about his opinion about this picnic point or Pir Ghaib astana How was it ? It’s great. As I heard. I have found it, more then that beautiful place, waterfall is here, you can swim here, adventure is there, nature is here you can find natural beauty here its a beautiful place Return, if you thirsty, so drink fresh water pitcher at Pir Panja people call it healing for cause But few people know about this place If you are tired of all day trips Then on return at Polpour the milk tea of MasAllah Hotel, is sufficient to eradicate your fatigue. کتنا خوبصورت ہے بولان، کتنا حسین ہے ساراوان
How beautiful is Bolan, How beautiful is Sarawan کتنا خوبصورت ہے بولان، کتنا حسین ہے ساراوان
How beautiful is Bolan, How beautiful is Sarawan خوبصورت ہیں سارے کھیت اور میدان
Beautiful are all fields and lands حسین ہے ساراوان
beautiful is Sarawan

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