Place where tourist never been to ! The best cafe to visit near seoul travel

Place where tourist never been to ! The best cafe to visit near seoul travel

hi guys I’m Travel Reader and I’m gonna
bring you to a special place nearby seoul there called Paju heyri village
there is kind of village for chillin and drinking coffee or something 30minutes to 45 minute far from the seoul buy a car if you get there you must be
feel kind of relaxing and chilling yeah something like that
so let’s check this out hey guys I’m here Paju heyri village
today so sunny it will be great time to spend here
so anyway I’m gonna recommend some place for you first of all I will go to Hwang, in yong music space it is kind of a place for listening music with a coffee
and unlimited bread anyway I’m gonna show you let’s go here we are Hwang in yong music space as known as camerata it’s one of the best place in Heyri village I
think let’s get in ! first you guys will get the
menu in the first place after that check the beverage whatever you want and hand
over to a bartender actually “In yong, Hwang” is the owner of this place and also
radio actor in this place you can face to beautiful artworks and interior here
is the main steps in this place vintage antique speakers that’s the things and also feel free to have some Bread
here cuz it’s unlimited it’s already include of the fee of the beverage so have
yourself as you can see I spent such a great time here with coffee and bread
and my request classical music if you have some specific song that you want to
hear I mean listen you can request it through the paper and pencil like this
yeah that’s it here comes my request if you want to drive to somewhere not that
far from Seoul or if you want to discover unique place nearby seoul, Heyri
village is the best option I think I’m sure of it 100% if you guys like my
video please tap the subscribe and thumbs up and I’m so grateful with a comment
please let me know your opinion any comments anyway see you on the next
video thank you

4 thoughts on “Place where tourist never been to ! The best cafe to visit near seoul travel

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    오늘은 외국인 친구들을 위한!!
    한국여행, 그 중에서도 서울근교의 파주 헤이리마을을 소개해봤어요!
    기존 구독자 여러분께서는 자막버튼을 눌러서 한글자막을 보시면 조금이나마 편안하시지 않을까..구글이 바보같이 번역해놓긴했지만 ㅜㅜㅋㅋ
    오늘도 시청해주셔서 감사합니다 🙂

    Thanks for watching this video, and also have a good travel in Korea 🙂

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