Places to visit in MANALI | Best Time to visit Manali for Snowfall | Guide to Manali (2020)

Places to visit in MANALI | Best Time to visit Manali for Snowfall | Guide to Manali (2020)

Now that you have come to Manali, You will
obviously visit the Mall Road, Solang Valley and Rohtang Pass. But is that All that Manali has? Does Manali not have any better places to
visit? Today, I will take you to the places that
you must visit when in Manali. Paraliding Point
River Rafting Point Shawl Industry
Vaishno Devi Temple Manikaran So basically we are going to Manikaran and
will visit the rest of the places on the way! This is Trishla Shawl Factory
There are some weaving machines that we will understand on our way back. There are jackets on the first floor and shawls
on the second. This is for 700 INR, but will cost 490 INR
after discount. what is the material? This is made of Lamb’s Wool. What? Lamb’s Wool. Ok. This is for 1000 INR and will cost you 700
INR after discount. This is not printed, it has been woven. See the threads. Let me show you the weaving process. They are doing it right now. Now I have reached Manikaran, and there are
stairs going down to the Manikaran Sahib Gurudwara and the temple. You can find the cleanest water here. So the most special attraction about Manikaran
is that we get hot spring water coming from the earth. The moment you enter the gurudwara, you have
a Sarovar of hot spring water in which you can take a holy bath. One thing that I always do is that I take
Kada Prasad twice. Langar sewa goes on for 24 hours a day, and
whenever I enter the langar hall, I realise how selflessly these people are working for
the community. It feels very good to see this. It makes me wish to do Sewa as well. Just after langar hall, we have stairs to
the Mandir. You can also take the holy water from here. Now I will go to the temple as well. The temple is just beautiful. This is Nandi Bull. I have taken the prasad and have done the
tikka as well. You can take Jall from here. People dip rice potli in this water and the
water boils the rice for them. If you can see properly, there is a beautiful
statue of Lord Shiva and it is just so mesmerising. The mandir and gurudwara exist together so
beautifully, it feels so good to come here and sit for sometime. Meow! Meow. Now I have come to Vaishno Maa Temple, which
is not in Manali, but in Kullu, and is on the way back from Manikaran. If photography is allowed inside, I will show
you the temple from the inside as well. It was fine till now, but feeling cold after
removing shoes. We have a small cave that we have to pass
through to enter the temple. This is just similar to the actual cave that
we have in Vaishno Devi. There is a statue of Hanumanji In the stairs,
and after that we have three floors. There are statues of Maa Kaali, Maa Saraswati
and Maa vaishno on all three floors respectively. On the top, we have a shiv gufa (shivji’s
cave). This is the view from the top and the temple
was actually beautiful. There is a club house as well where you have
some sports like table tennis etc. This is Old Manali. This is river crossing, which I will show
you in a while. South Indian Cafe. Hadimba Food Corner. This is the river crossing let me show you. You see this rope, you are hanged on this
with harness and the swung up and down. This is a small yet enjoyable adventure. I wanted to show you this clear water. This is shallow but pressure is very high. This is very nice and very exciting. I feel like bathing in this water. People say that you can drink it as well. But still i will not drink it. Now the next destination is the Hidimba Temple. Its not that cold now and feels pleasant. I still remember I came here with my family
about 13-14 years back, and the temple was exactly the same. But now it has become a tourist spot and is
developed alot. It feels so good to visit different places. Especially the places that are close to nature. You get peace of mind here.

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  1. In this video, I will take you to:
    – Shawl Weaving Industries : 00:50
    – Manikaran : 01:57
    – Vaishno Devi Temple : 05:44
    – Old Manali : 06:47
    – River Crossing : 07:07
    – River View : 07:47
    – Hidimba Temple : 08:24

  2. Amazing video😍 will visit manali super soon. Especially manikaran. Thanks for telling us the best places to visit in manali

  3. Hey amazing video. Recently I visited Manali too and made a cinematic trailer. It will be nice if you and your audience checkout my video 😄

    Manal i- A Beautiful town in India

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