Places to visit in Ooty in 2020 l Doddabetta Peak l Eagles Dare l Ooty Lake l Tamilnadu Tourism

Places to visit in Ooty in 2020 l Doddabetta Peak l Eagles Dare l Ooty Lake l Tamilnadu Tourism

While going from Pykara to Doddabetta, you have to through Ooty town, we have reached Ooty main town and going to Doddabetta peak We have arrived at the highest peak of the Nilgiri range, Doddabetta mountain peak. Just like all other tourist attractions, the walkway here also is full of food stalls and people selling other items like souvenirs, toys etc. This is Doddabetta peak, the highest peak of Tamilnadu & Eastern Ghats Height mentioned here is 8640 feet, this is at the junction of eastern & western ghats. To reach most of the peaks, you have to trek, you don’t have to trek to reach here, you can come here in your own vehicle You can enjoy the views of Ooty and the surrounding area from the peak, if it is not cloudy like today. Today it is cloudy, not much of view. You can enjoy the weather and hot tea. On the board, it is mentioned as Kethy valley view, but the clouds are obstructing all the views. When you are coming here, just pray to god that there are no clouds, so that you can enjoy the views. This is Ooty town’s view you can see it a bit. It’s telescope tower in the background, there are many telescopes put in there. If there were no clouds, you could enjoy the views from down here as well as from the telescopes. The telescopes are closed since it is cloudy. Go up and enjoy the same clouds, which you were enjoying from the ground. Enjoying this hot lemon tea in this cold weather it’s heaven. Finally, the clouds have sorted and you can see some sort of view. It’s written Karnataka-Tamilnadu view here, I am not sure, where is Karnataka & Tamilnadu. I am telling you that it is the Karnataka Border view since it is written here. A lady was making this chana masala on the way back, it looked interesting. She is also making peanut masala from the boiled peanuts but I took Chana Masala. In the tea factory, I have Richard with me, he will explain the tea making process to you. The scientific name of the tea is Camellia sinensis. We came here to see tea & chocolate factory the chocolate factory was very average. In the tea factory, there was a gentleman named Richard managing the things he explained the process in detail. That you might have seen also. There are many counters of chocolate, tea bakery & spices. It is a factory cum shop. In front of the factory from the same company Benchmark, there is a tourism center. There is a 5-D cinema, aquarium & games. It’s an entertainment center. If you are free then you can spend your time here also. This is an adventure activity center by the name of Eagles’ Dare. This is a fantastic place for adrenaline junkies. you can dare to select from many of the adventure activities here. Q: what’s your name? A: Mudita. Q: where are you from? A: Mumbai. Q: Which class do you go to? A: 2nd. Q: Do you like adventure? A: Yes. My adventurous daughter is getting ready for ziplining. They charge 500 Rs per person for ziplining. The tower that you are seeing there in this adventure center. They claim this to be the tallest adventure tower. The height of this tower is 105 feet, now Mudita will share her experience of ziplining with us. It was very nice, but in the end, there was a bit jerky but even that was fun, I was laughing. Mudita enjoyed the zipline a lot, The views are awesome from the zipline If you are coming to Ooty then you can come to Eagles Dare and enjoy the zipline. It’s very nice as per Mudita. The views were amazing, you must come here. This is the last stop of Ooty sightseeing tour, Ooty Lake. Boat club. If you remember Maine Pyar Kiya movie and the song Dil Deewana Bin Sajna Ke Maane Na. Then you can recognize this place very well. Dil Deewana Bin Sajna Ke Maane Na was shot here only with Salman Khan & Bhagyashree. The entry fee to the boathouse was 15 Rs per head for camera, it was 30 Rs, a total of 75 Rs. For this boat ride, we paid 290 Rs. For the paddle boat. Motorboat’s prices were a bit higher and in the range 800-900 Rs. We have not taken the MotorBoat but the Paddleboat. Mudita is enjoying the Paddle Boat a lot. Yesterday, we had our dinner in the Resort only, today we thought of exploring, There is a restaurant by the name Place to Bee. We came here. It looks like a private dinner kind of arrangement. There are not many people to disturb. The ratings of this place are very high, both on Google & Tripadvisor. I will comment on the taste after tasting the food. We have ordered Pasta Arrabiata and Spicy Veg Pizza made in wood fire oven. The crust is very soft and well cooked. The topping is very well loaded with veggies. After talking to the staff, I got to know one more thing. This Restaurant is being run by an NGO, by the name of the Eastern Foundation. And all the ingredients used in the food material 60-70% of that is being grown Orginacilly. I liked this thing very unique in the case of this restaurant. After dinner, we have reached the resort. The day is over and I am closing this video here only. Don’t forget to press the Like Button if you have liked the video. I always ask to put your suggestion, queries & feedback in the comments. I will take you on the journey of Nilgiri Toy Train in my next video. If you have not subscribed till now, then please subscribe quickly. And press the Bell Icon Button. Bye for now. Stay healthy, keep smiling, keep traveling. If you can’t travel, keep watching my videos You will enjoy.

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