Places to visit in Ooty in 2020 l Pykara Dam, Lake, Falls l Sterling Elk hill l Tamil Nadu Tourism

Places to visit in Ooty in 2020 l Pykara Dam, Lake, Falls l Sterling Elk hill l  Tamil Nadu Tourism

I, Saurabh, welcome you again on my channel Wandering Monk. In the last video, you saw that I reached Ooty via Adiyogi from Coimbatore. We did sightseeing in a couple of spots. Like Rose Garden & Botanical Garden. If you have missed watching that video, then the link is up here, you may check this out. It was a little late when I reached my resort, My resort is Sterling Resorts, Elkhill. There are 2 resorts from Sterling group, Elkhill & Fernhill. I am staying at Elkhill. The setting is very nice. as you can see. I am standing on an open corridor in the resort. You can see the racecourse and the valley from here. I got the starting category of room for 3,500 Rs per night including breakfast here. But I got lucky and got upgraded one level up by the front office guys. First time I got a resort in India, where there was a microwave in the room. apart from having all the regular amenities, like kettle etc. But Microwave was a new addition. for any resort in India. Let me quickly give you a tour of the resort and my room. After having breakfast, we will go for a tour of Ooty. If you have not subscribed to my channel yet, then please subscribe quickly and hit the bell icon. So that you don’t miss updates on my remaining videos from Tamil Nadu trip and other upcoming trips. This is the number one rated resort on Tripadvisor in Ooty. The setting is nice and the views are great, beds are comfortable, and the room size is adequate. You can try this if you are coming to Ooty Right now I am in the activity center of Sterling Elkhill, there are many activities for kids as well as adults. Table tennis and other board games are here. like carrom etc. Some are paid and some are free. They plan some activities here in the evening, yesterday it was a bonfire, today there is a plan of some fun games. This is very big and people from every age group can get involved and enjoy here. in this activity center. In paid activities, there are PS4 & VR gaming, water pellet guns & archery. There are many activities for which you need to pay. There are many free activities like carrom, Table tennis. and the kids play area. This is the main restaurant, Cafe Blue in Sterling Elkhill. Here the breakfast, lunch & Dinner Buffets gets served. You can also have a la carte lunch & dinner here. The menu is very elaborate, although, for obvious reasons, the South Indian foods are dominating the entire buffet. But no complaints as the taste is very good. If you have not taken the breakfast included package then the charge for breakfast is 500 Rs + tax, lunch is 700 Rs + tax, dinner is 800 Rs + tax. The prices of a la carte dishes are also decent, The vegetable prices were around 300 Rs, Daal was around 200 Rs, Roti was around 20-30 Rs, it’s not exorbitantly priced but decently priced. This is the watchtower in the resort, There is a telescope, by which you can white walker coming If you have watched Game of Thrones, then you know what are white walkers. Just joking, you would not see white walkers but only the lake & valley. I liked one more thing in this resort that if you need a professional hand for capturing these beautiful landscapes then there is a photographer available in the resort’s studio. You may take his help in getting your photographs done in this beautiful setting. We are going for sightseeing now, going towards the first spot, Pykara lake. This is around 25 KMs from our resort. Raja is still with us, he will be with us till Rameshwaram, as I told you earlier. On the way to Pykara Lake, there is one Pine forest, our driver stopped the car suggested us to go and click some pics. There is an un-named lake also. Quite a nice setting for photography here. The entry fee is 10 Rs per adult and for the camera, it is 30 Rs. It’s a fun thing about hills, that you don’t feel anything while going down but going up is really fun. This is the 2nd sightseeing stop on the way to Pykara lake this is a shooting point. Many films have been shot here, mostly Tamil. In hindi films, you might have seen this place in Raja Hindustani & Bombay We come from back there after hiking a bit, reached almost the top, I am saying this almost because top is somewhere there. or probably further up. We are not going there, the views are amazing from here itself. Very awesome, Mudita is amazed. That dam in the background is the Hydroelectricity Power project. It’s Pykara Dam. It was on our way, stopped and showing it to you guys. It’s an amazing place Now Mudita is saying to go down, but it is not allowed. You may enjoy the views of the river from up here as much as you want. We have finally arrived at the Pykara lake, this is the Pykara lake. A lot of people are boating here. There some options of boats here, 10 seaters, 8 seaters and there is a boat for 2-3 people also. Unfortunately, I rely more on cards and E payments, was running short on cash. Hence I have not been able to do boating If you are coming here, then you must carry cash. They don’t accept any kind of e-payments, like a card or Paytm I will also urge the Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation, please bring the option of e-payment, many visitors might not be carrying that much cash. From the Pykara lake, we have come to see Pykara waterfalls, There are battery-operated cars, which charge 20 Rs per head will take you the waterfall from the entry point. The entry fee here is 20 Rs per person and 30 Rs for the camera. There are 50 steps till the waterfall, as it is mentioned on the gate. When Mudita heard that this falls name is Pykara falls, Then Mudita said, what did you say, Niagra Falls, Name is similar sounding, it’s not less in beauty in my view.

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