What’s up Tangerineys! We are on our
very first Mexican bus now. We have had a fabulous time in Tulum but it is off
to a new city, Playa del Carmen. Playa! And we are moving! So we didn’t get to tell you guys this
yesterday because getting off the bus and trying to find our hotel was a little
bit hectic with vendors and sensory overload. But Jordan, what did you think
about the whole experience? I thought it was super easy, pretty reasonably priced
at 84 pace as a person, and nice ride, lots of legroom. Yeah, way easier than
I expected and much cheaper than the one cab driver who quoted us from Tulum to Playa was, his lowest price with 600 pesos. This was way less hassle, less to deal with than doing that, so I’m glad we did So we just got to our hotel, we’re gonna check in here really quick, take a breather, put our stuff down and I’m pretty stoked to
go out and explore the streets of Playa! We’re gonna give you guys a little tour
of our hotel room before we totally mess it up with our stuff. First of all
there’s air conditioning so I’m so thankful for that it’s pretty hot and
humid here as well, just like Tulum. We have a view out here to this main street
where in just a few minutes we were bombarded by all sorts of vendors and
stuff so to me it’s like the beach Vegas strip. Oh my gosh, this bed is gigantic!
And then we have the bathroom over here, big shower so I can do some handstands
and cartwheels. I think we’re really gonna enjoy it here. And of course, if we
ever get bored we just step outside. Can we step outside? We might not be able to
step outside. We can, oh we can step outside for some people watching. Wow,
so we have three doors here must be for noise. Noise control. Wow, this is awesome! Okay, so with a little bit further
reflection I definitely think this double door thing is to protect from the
sound because it is pretty darn loud out there and I can hear absolutely nothing.
I don’t even understand how this is working, what sorcery they’re using but
it is peaceful and quiet yet we get to see all the hullabaloo happening! So
Jordan, it’s our first time in Playa del Carmen, you want to go explore? You ready for some margaritas? I love the way you think. All right so we just started
walking on this main street, what is this street called? I think it’s Fifth Avenue. What are your thoughts so far, maybe we’ve been walking like 15 minutes? So it’s a walking street, no cars whatsoever, lots of vendors, lots
of shops, people, tons of stuff going on. Things are pretty expensive – the beach is
one block that way, you probably have to go like two blocks that way and they’re
1/3 of the price. And then the price drops down, yeah. I’ve noticed that the vendors and everything are just as pushy as they
were in Puerto Vallarta. Oh yeah. Another popular tourist destination. And if you’re
looking for drugs you’ll have no problem finding them because in a few
blocks, we’ve probably had 10 people offer us drugs. [Dude listing off all the drugs he has to sell] [Laughter] Don’t do it kids, don’t do it. Our very first interaction though was like “You wanna buy some weed? No, do you wanna buy some coke?” No! [Laughter] Oh wow, what you got there? I was feeling like some churros and
there’s tons of churro vendors here so the first person I asked said 35 pesos,
it comes with three of them. I was like nah, I’m gonna scope it out. Then the next person
I asked said 50 pesos. Then the next person said 40, I said no, then they
immediately lowered it to 30. I’m like okay sold. How’s it taste? Do you like it? Yeah they’re
pretty good! Worth 30? My first churros in Mexico. Ahhh! Yeah worth the 30. They smell good! Good morning Tangerineys! This is our
first full day here in Playa Del Carmen, land of the tourists, so we’re doing like
the tourists do – starting off our day at Senor Frogs for a free margarita with
our order here because we were able to get that from Hotel Lunata where we’re
staying which is super cool, and the ocean right now is so high. This was once a
beach club but now it is just, we’re right up on the ocean, which is not bad either.
Spectacular view, it’s gorgeous outside especially in the shade! I’m excited to
see what we’re gonna do today although we don’t really know what that is yet. Sadly, we never found this in Tulum but
guess where we’re going now!? El Centro del Centro! This is the first Centro we’ve seen with a view of the ocean which is pretty cool! This is amazing! I am super excited to go to the beach! We
only spent a wee bit of time there in Tulum but we’re right next to here, let’s
do it! Let’s go! They’re coming from the in and they’re coming from the out! If you remember that reference,
you’re a true tangeriney! Okay, you guys, it’s super windy. I hope that doesn’t ruin this but we are [SCREAMS] We are walking on the beach right now, we decided from Senor Frogs that we wanted to get a little sand between our – Oh Sh#@ [Laughter] Wanted to get a little sand between our toes. And we’re getting attacked by seaweed and waves. The sargasm here is a lot more… I don’t, I don’t think that’s actually what it’s called. I don’t think it’s sargasm, I think it’s like sargazo or something. Sargazo. The seaweed stuff here’s a lot more prevalent than in Tulum. We are just leaving Lido Beach Club, the first restaurant that we’ve experienced in Playa Del Carmen that did not try to add something extra
to our bill. The drinks were amazing, the food was awesome, we’ve had quite a few bad experiences here, like people trying to take advantage of tourists it seems like.
Take our recommendation, go to this place if you’re here. After a long day in the sun, coming back to this room at the hotel, awww! The air conditioning – it feels so nice in here! So now we’ve been in Playa del Carmen for two days, what do you think of it? What do you think like
comparing to Tulum maybe and like the vibe of the city? It’s definitely more
touristy than Tulum but in Tulum we had a different experience in many might
have if you’re staying right on the beach versus in town. Yeah. It’s very
very different, those two things. I was a huge fan of Tulum. Playa del Carmen, it’s
probably a bit too touristy for me. At the same time, you’re right next to the
ocean. If you don’t speak Spanish you’re not gonna have any problem at all. what
about you, what do you think? Playa it’s nice, the beach is great, I think this makes a
great vacation spot but not a spot that I would probably come back to. One of the
downsides for us in Playa is that it’s a way more expensive than other Mexican
cities were used to. Oh yeah! It’s double triple the price of what we’re used to
paying in Mexico. And in our experience so far, there are always things sneakily
added to the bills so that’s something to like watch out for. By the way, we’re
back at our hotel it’s called Hotel Lunata. I’m super glad we picked this place because it’s right on the main street (Fifth Avenue), so
close to so many restaurants, and all the action-ey things that are happening.
You’re not on the beach but it’s a fraction of the price because of that
and the beach is one block away. One block away. And even though we’re right on the main busy
street, it’s super quiet back here! It’s like a nice little relaxation station. A
relaxation station. Weee! So we’re not usually after dark people but we’re setting out in Playa del Carmen almost after dark so we shall see what happens! [Laughter] Vamanos! So we just left the Tequila Barrel and
that was a hoot and a half! Yeah that was fun! I’m not a late-night
person, anymore at least, but that was a good time and you’re not a late-night
person either – not at all. What did you think? I’m well past my bedtime right now but it was a lot of fun. And now we’re walking down Fifth Avenue seeing what there is see. It’s 11:45 p.m. and there’s
a whole bunch of people on the beach we’re like oh maybe there’s a turtle laying an egg or something? Not the case. There’s tons of people surprisingly, but as we continue to walk
along the beach it seems like completely all Mexicans, as if smartly, all the
locals go to the beach because there’s so many tourists during the day, the only
time they can actually enjoy the beach is at night. We’re heading back to the
hotel now. Time to get some sleep. It’s time to get some shut eye. Good morning, this is day three in Playa
del Carmen. We are sitting here at this highly recommended cafe Madrez [Maddie’s struggling to pronounce the name] Madrez. We stayed up way past our bedtime so we’re also kicking off the morning with a
healthy dose of caffeine! I’m excited for this breakfast, it’s like gonna be a
waffle with eggs and stuff on top of it. Ooh yeah! We’re back here once again for the
second day in a row at Lido bar and restaurant right on the beach,
because good food, some of the best prices we’ve seen in Playa, and you have
this awesome view! Well, as much as we were really enjoying having view of the
ocean, and having some drinks, and food. Mother nature had different plans for me.
My uterus is currently trying to kill me. Heading back to the hotel room where I
can at least die in air-conditioning. [Laughter] [Maddie talking to the cat. Meow!] Ahh! We are back at the hotel, it feels so good to be in air-conditioning and this bed has my name on it. Hoping that in like an hour or 2 this goes away so we can continue our adventures in Playa del Carmen! She’s alive! I’m alive! It’s a few hours later now but I feel much better after resting a little bit and lavender essential oil and peppermint essential oil helped a lot. We’re going to
try to rally. We’re now walking around some type of a fancy pants mall. Oh there’s hotel rooms above here. Steve Madden, there’s hotel rooms above here, No way we can afford anything around
here! Are you trying to kick him to make sure
he’s not real? I saw someone get fooled yesterday. So if you want to do any
shopping – Playa del Carmen is great place to do it. There are tons of stores for
souvenirs, we’ve run into a couple of malls with major brands like Victoria’s Secret
and American Eagle. If it’s like other malls we’ve been to though, for US brands – expect to pay higher prices than you would in the states. Yeah, the import taxes will get you. I just realized, you get on an escalator and you become
like the laziest person in the world. You don’t even take another step. Do do dod do do do do! Wow, this is exhausting, when will this ever end? Earlier I mentioned that we thought Playa del Carmen was quite a bit more expensive than the cities we’ve become accustomed to in Mexico, and
I know that if I don’t put this disclaimer in here I’m gonna get a whole
bunch of comments saying “well you have to get out of the tourist areas.” Yes, yes.
But comparing the tourists centric areas of each city we’ve been, this is the most
expensive, for sure! And Puerto Vallarta, I think was like a sister city to Playa del Carmen, however even though we thought Puerto Vallarta was expensive at the time, this
far surpasses that. We found more swings! I don’t know about you Jordan, but I’m a little bit disappointed with myself that I ever
went to a bar that didn’t have swings and consented to that. [Laughter] Drinks are coming. Our drinks are coming! [Laughter] Miss, can you please take the drink from the top? Can you? I don’t know! [Laughter] Okay, grab the beer, just the beer. Just the beer? Just the beer. [Laughter] Ready? Yep! And the red eye for the guy. [Laughter] [Laughter] Margarita. [Laughter] You’re very talented! Thanks a lot! [Laughter] Thank you! That was super super cool! That’s one more place we can recommend to you guys – Carboncitos! The food was really good and they didn’t try to screw us over or anything, so that’s always a plus! The
service was pretty cool too, bringing drinks out on his head added a nice
extra touch to it. Thank you guys for watching up until
this point! Tomorrow you can look forward to our video from the island of Cozumel
wherever we’re snorkeling in the ocean, and you get to see Laska’s reaction
when we come back to Ajijic. At that point we are going to be moving – going to a new city. Then we’re going to be going to Día de Los Muertos, and if you’re as
confused as we are about where the heck in Mexico we are, let us know in the
comments! Please give this video a thumbs up if you liked it and subscribe our
channel to see these upcoming videos we have for you guys! And GONG THAT BELL, so you get notified the next time we put out those videos and we’ll see you there!

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